MERCURY in VIRGO (Aug 29 – Sept 14): Practice IS Perfect

28 Aug

Dear Astro~News Buffs & Newbies,

Here comes another noteworthy & effective cosmic (Sphinxy!) shift:
MERCURY the swift Messenger (its GEMINI side) and crafty Alchemist (its VIRGO facet) goes from LEO (“Show Time / Heart Time”) into VIRGO one of its Zodiacal homes.

Have you noticed the whole spectrum of the LEO expression on your and others’ minds, over the last weeks (Aug 11 – 29, even end of June to mid-July when MERCURY first ‘hit’ LEO before going retro)?
With expressions of joy, playfulness, natural strength, confidence, and ideally: Being in the Heart and communicating from there…
Yet also lower vibrations of egoic self absorption, confidence as a facade to not ‘lose face’, maybe even narcissism – mostly an over compensation of actual lack of self confidence and living from the Heart….?

MERCURY in LEO has shown us once again how the mind can be too me-me-me selfie-oriented, and lack detachment / perspective / the ability to witness in a bigger system.
That’s prob why it’s considered ‘in Fall’ in LEO (while ‘exalted’ in AQ).
Hopefully you and many people had a chance to turn it around and come from the Heart-of-Hearts.

Now – exactly overnight today – Aug 28 – 29, MERCURY crosses over the mysterious and oracular ‘Sphinx Point’ to VIRGO where the Planetary Archetype of ‘Mind’ can help us be aware of the Self and its function ‘in the World’, and be in alignment with the ‘cosmic assignment’:

Who are YOU?
And what are you here for?
How can you bring your strength & love into service?


Mercury Rules Virgo, by Johfra Bosschart

MERCURY is the last Planet to enter VIRGO, adding to the full dose of SuperVIRGO energy at the New MOON on Aug 30 (SUN, MOON, MERCURY, VENUS, and MARS, all in VIRGO).
Wellness in Wholeness is the theme.
Stay tuned for the New Moon article here on this blog channel 🙂

Our Yoga teacher brought up yesterday the theme of (unattainable) perfection – which is so VIRGO.

Having a sense of what works and is ‘in order’ (i.e. in cosmic order) can make the VIRGO mind so frustrated about the ‘imperfect self’ in an ‘imperfect world’  which appears full of mess and problems… lots of them un-fixable.
What to do about this predicament?
Alignment with / as our ‘Higher’ / True Self helps – and is an on-going practice.
One of the VIRGO themes / my mantra in that regard is: Practice IS Perfect.
To realize: We do our part / what we can, yet we’re not the doers’ on a spiritual level – and ‘even’ quite practically: How do you ‘make’ your lungs breath, your heart beat – nothing ‘to do’ about all these ‘autonomous’ body functions that are quite miraculously happening without conscious intervention.
Something NEPTUNE in PISCES ‘on the other side of the spectrum’ (yet all-encompassing and all-connective) shows us.


MERCURY in VIRGO (Aug 29 – Sept 14) nicely-precisely frames the phase from the VIRGO New Moon (Aug 30) to the PISCES – VIRGO Full Moon (Sept 13).
How does that happen?

See: There’s cosmic order – without any ‘doer’ involved!


MERCURY in VIRGO will go into contact (which is an important function of the communication and Alchemy Archetype) with almost all other Planets.
An important concentration of these contacts occurs Sept 5 – 8 when MERCURY meets several other slow moving Planets that are in their own ruled (‘natural’) Zodiac sign this year (and some beyond): JUPITER in SAG, SATURN in CAP, and NEPTUNE in PI.
I call this phenomenon Contacts in Rulership.

Let’s see what they ‘tell us’ via MERCURY, and how that helps with Alignment practice 🙂


Image: From Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry – a French medieval work (from 1416) that became famous for the Zodiac associations with body parts and functions – still / timelessly valid.

MERCURY’s contacts with other Planetary Archetypes while in VIRGO – in order of appearance

Yet there’s a ‘halo phase’ around the precise alignment – they’re in effect a few days before and after.


AUG 29
MERCURY crosses over the ‘Sphinx Point’ to enter VIRGO (until Sept 14), and is met / initiated by the dark-to-New MOON in VIRGO (AUG 30).
Practice IS Perfect.


AUG 31
MERCURY in VIR quincunx CHIRON retro in ARIES.
Even if it’s awkward and you can’t rehearse, just make the first step to talk, and be authentic.
Very healing.


MERCURY in VIR in Earth Trine with URANUS retro in TAU.
What grounds you, when it comes to hands-on work and enjoyment?
What does your body say? Which physical place do you feel in alignment with and comfortable at? Your mind might be surprised…


MERCURY meets MARS and the SUN (this is their ‘inferior conjunction’ – furthest away from M-r, and swiftest now) in VIRGO.
MARS in VIRGO (Aug 16 – Oct 2) helps us put energy into Competence & Service, actively discern, and even assert, what works for us and what doesn’t, and to work diligently on what we’re passionate about.
Find your Voice, let them know what you’re passionate about and what you do about that.
Overall, let Consciousness speak.


SEPT 5 – the Contacts in Rulership (Sept 5 – 7) start with:
MERCURY in VIR in Earth Trine with SATURN retro / stationary (going direct Sept 18) and the South Node in CAP. While MERCURY is swift & straight-forward, SATURN is still retro and extra slow, in turnaround mode, together with the South Node.
Lots to organize and get ready for. Don’t judge / be hard on yourself and do things the hard & heavy way.
A good time for late Summer clearing (incl inner ‘house cleaning’), and for getting the pieces together to build a foundation for projects to come. Always good to remember: Practice IS Perfect.


Seeing the ‘conflict’ between the small world and the bigger picture?
Where there’s a problem there’s a solution – and a vaster perspective of seeing the situation.


MERCURY in VIR opposite NEPTUNE retro in PISCES.
We’re doing our human thing while the Universe is arranging the Web of Life.
Communication happens via so many channels. Even if it seems overwhelming and confusing, never mind, and trust the flow. Let yourself be mused and inspired.


MERCURY in VIR in Earth Trine with PLUTO retro in CAP.
Practical things happen here-now, yet deep & old connections get you into the Soul.
Energy from the Ancestors and from the Earth support what you’re doing.


SEPT 13 – Day of the PISCES – VIRGO Full Moon
MERCURY at the end of VIRGO meets VENUS before both go into LIBRA the day after, Sept 14.
You are beautiful, you are perfect – just the way you ARE.


Zodiac Clock in Switzerland – photo from a friend

Where in your chart is VIRGO?

That points to the area in life where being in Alignment and doing your Work & Practice is important for Wholeness and Wellness.

MERCURY freshly in VIRGO in your… House helps you turn your mind towards these areas of your Life:

1st House:
Your Presence and Sense of Self

2nd House:
Your Values, what you own, literally & metaphorically, your Business

3rd House:
You in Your Local Environment

4th House:
You and Your Home, Origin, Ancestry

5th House:
Your Creative, Playful, Inner Child and Lover

6th House:
Your Work, Wellness, Lifestyle

7th House:
Your Partners & Significant Others

8th House:
Your Involvement and Sharing with Others, Your Transformations

9th House:
What gives you Meaning, Your Wisdom, Inspiration, Path and Travels

10th House:
Your Purpose incl Career, Your Public Self

11th House:
Your Social Side – Engagement with Society, Groups and Friends

12th House:
Your Transcendent and Spiritual Self and Union with All-that-Is.


Wishing you a fruitful Harvest & Wellness Time with MERCURY in VIRGO!



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