Aug 11 is a Big Shift Day for JUPITER & URANUS – all about FREEDOM!

11 Aug

Noteworthy, and I’m sure you’re noticing:
Two Planetary Players changed directions on the same day, today AUG 11!

Plus, MERCURY goes into LEO, also today Aug 11 (until Aug 29).
Stay tuned for a special art-tickle!

JUPITER in mid SAG (retro since Apr 10) went direct again on Aug 11.
URANUS in early TAU went retro (Aug 11 until Jan 10, 2020).

Sooo, August is a stationary month for both JUPITER & URANUS
– giving both Archetypes extra attention as they’re in ‘U-turn’ mode, and hence moving slowly. 
If you got any Astro features in early TAU / mid SAG you can’t miss it.
Both JUPITER & URANUS have to do with Freedom – a big theme this month.

For JUPITER in SAG (until Dec 2) that means:

  • Freedom to move, grow, see the World, and see things the way you do.
    Goes with perspective and understanding while generously live & let live.
  • Dropping the low & old vibrations of JUPITER = ‘Truth’ turning into Judgment & Righteousness.
  • After many inner Journeys to understand Life and see the bigger picture, maybe also Journeys to ‘old happy places’, under JUPITER retro since April 10 it’s time now to move forward-onward-upward, and elevate to ‘higher ground’ on all levels, with JUPITER in SAG going direct.
  • What’s possible and calling?
  • Where do trust & adventure, generosity & freedom come in?

Maverick Planet Uranus (NASA)

For URANUS in TAURUS that looks like:

  • Liberation from sticky attachments.
  • Awakening from ‘fake’ security, and into your true Self.
  • EmBodying Freedom.
  • Maybe even (as J. Krishnamurti put it): 
    Freedom that has no opposite(!)

Over the last 7 months of URANUS going direct / forward, we had lots of liberating paradigm shifts that set us free – maybe ‘involuntarily’ / surprisingly / shockingly so.
Now, under URANUS retro (until Jan 10, 2020) it’s time to integrate the experiences, and find unconditional Freedom within.


Both Planetary Archetypes are about Freedom & Liberation –
Wishing us all a truly liberated Time, and maybe some breakthrough gifts along the way!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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