LEO Initiates Day Out of Time / Mayan New Year of the White Magnetic Wizard (July 25 / 26)

23 Jul

Dear ASTRO~NEWS Friend,

What a vibrant week – with bright Cosmic Goodies:

The SUN Rules LEO. Painting by Johfra Bosschart

  • Starting with SUN having entered glow-rious LEO, yesterday JULY 22, while the MOON is now in bright, sparky ARIES (until Wed afternoon). 
  • Followed by the Mayan Day Out of Time, on JULY 25, and Mayan New Year of the White Magnetic Wizard(!) on JULY 26.
    That’s what this post is about.
  • Next week, on JULY 31 / AUG 1 will be the LEO New MOON (with MARS & VENUS also in LEO).

Shine ON & Radiate the Heart Light, Friends!

Creativity rocks & skyrockets nowadays.
Let’s lead from Love & Inspiration!
Let’s show our Light and our Colours, allowing ourselves and supporting others to be seen and loved.

Let’s be warm-hearted, joyful and playful – raises good vibrations, and de-lights the World.

(So, why again would we hold back????)


Here they come, ushered in by LEO:

Day Out of Time & Mayan New Year of the White Magnetic Wizard (July 25 / 26)

Did you know? The Mayan New Year starts on July 26.
And the preceding day, July 25, is the Day Out of Time / Dia Fuera Del Tiempo.

This is what the 13-Moon Calendar / Foundation for the Law of Time says:


The Day Out of Time is the Day to celebrate: Time is Art. 

And since Art is the basis of constructive Peace, this day is also celebrated as the International Peace through Culture Day.

Peace through Culture is a fundamental premise of the 13 Moon / 28-Day calendar. When you celebrate Time is Art you are promoting Peace through Culture.

(13 x 28 = 364) plus one extra day – July 25, the DAY OUT OF TIME.
The Day Out of Time is observed annually around the World as a day to celebrate Galactic Freedom, promoting Time is Art, and Peace through Culture. 

Biospheric Triad: One Earth – One Time – One People

The Banner of Peace is a key symbol of Galactic Culture.

The three red spheres of the Banner of Peace represent the Unity of Art, Science and Spirituality.
Red is the color of the blood of the one human family. The red circle around the three spheres in the centre represents the unity of culture and the cyclic nature of time.
In 1935 in Washington D.C., 22 nations signed the Roerich Pact, created by Nicholas Roerich to declare Peace through Culture.
As the saying has it, “Where there is Peace there is Culture, where there is Culture there is Peace.” 

This day is also marked by ceremonies of universal forgiveness; it’s a way of starting the New Year off on a clean, compassionate footing.


The 13-Moon New Year’s Day occurs on July 26 (Magnetic Moon 1).

Why is that?
This date was originally correlated to the conjunction of the SUN with SIRIUS Rising. The 13-Moon calendar is not just a SoLunar orbital measure, but is coded to galactic timing cycles, most notably the SIRIUS cycle. Through the 13-Moon calendar, human consciousness can enter into galactic consciousness.”

I couldn’t agree more:
TIME is CONSCIOUSNESS is what my work and mission is all about.
And Astrology represents also: TIME is ART.


“The Original matrix is woven on Nature’s intelligence.  Intelligence implies a perception of patterns.
The 13 Moon calendar offers a simple daily system to track multiple patterns of time. The effect is the increase of order, awareness and intelligence in your daily life.

Daily use also helps you to enter into a Universal Consciousness that transcends dogma, religion, race, economic status and gender.  Synchronicity will become your normal every-day experience.”

“Just as air is the atmosphere of the body, so time is the atmosphere of the mind. If the time in which we live consists of uneven months and days regulated by mechanized minutes and hours, that is what becomes of our mind: a mechanized irregularity.
Since everything follows from the mind, it is no wonder that the atmosphere in which we live daily becomes more polluted, and the greatest complaint is: ‘I just don’t have enough time!’
Who owns your time, owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your own mind.”
-Jose Arguelles, A Treatise On Time


We’re coming out of the Year of the RED COSMIC MOON (July 26, 2018 – July 25, 2019).
Has this been resonant and relevant for you, in the last year?
(Quoting again the Foundation of the Law of Time)

The invocation of the RED COSMIC MOON states:

“I endure in order to purify.
Transcending flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of space.”


And now for the…

Mayan New Year of the WHITE MAGNETIC WIZARD (July 26, 2019 – July 25, 2020).

Kin 14 White Magnetic Wizard

Here’s the invocation: 

 “I Unify in order to Enchant.
Attracting Receptivity.
I seal the Output of Timelessness
With the Magnetic Tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own Power doubled.”



Noticing White Wizard Magnetism already?

 I do – right with the start of the LEO season – with co-creative purposeful, timeless Magic that’s guided by Soul Power.
Plus, MERCURY Retro (until July 31) – in a high & light vibration – is very wizardy, and loooves to attract synchronicities.
The White Wizard year is also very apropos SATURN / PLUTO in CAP – the end of an old Era / old ‘Empire’, calling for Co-Building of the New, lighter, and brighter World.
The exact alignment of the two Planets will be on Jan 12, 2020 – a big highlight of 2019 / 2020 (only every 37 years!). We already had a flavour of it this Spring, when they almost linked up. 

And yes, the Mayan New Year leads over to the LEO New MOON!

More about the LEO New MOON on July 31 / Aug 1, its Astrology and this SO inspiring Sabian Symbol, in the next Astro~News post – stay tuned!



Cosmic Blessings for the WHITE MAGNETIC WIZARD Year!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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