CHIRON goes retro in early ARIES (July 8 – Dec 12) – Healing through Inner Medicine and Authenticity

7 Jul

Can you feel it?
It’s a CHIRON-ic week and month, dear Astro~News Reader!

Quick flash-back for context:
After some back-and-forth last year, CHIRON crossed over the Spring Equinox a.k.a. ‘Emergence’ Point on FEB 18, to ‘Come Alive’ in ARIES.
Here’s a link to the blog post for CHIRON’s entry into ARIES – The Medicine of Being Authentically YOU.
CHIRON in ARIES connects us with the Medicine of being authentic!
And in Society, we see brave Young Warriors showing up for their Future, showing us:
The Time to act is NOW.


Howzit going thus far, with CHIRON in ARIES?

Here are some themes you might recognize, esp. if YOU have early ARIES SUN / MOON / AC, or Planets – or even CHIRON (born 1968 / 69):

  • All is fresh, raw, and NEW in ARIES.
  • Doing something for the first time – setting a precedent for yourself – try it on!
  • Even if you don’t have partners or allies, going ahead by yourself anyway can be healing.
  • Being in a New World.
  • Finding the Medicine of being Authentically YOU!
  • Emerging from the Collective Consciousness.
  • Taking Initiative.

Which all can be scary, and / or hugely liberating.


CHIRON the Centaur turned Warrior

CHIRON brings up ‘wounds’ and awkwardness, and we feel like an outsider – in ARIES when we show up or stand up for ourselves, and for what matters to us.

It might be also awkward if we didn’t have role models, or their teachings don’t apply to THIS. 

Yet, what the heck? says ARIES, It’s my life, this is ME.
Early ARIES is a Warrior / Survivor.
All about the NOW.

That’s what ARIES is all about: NOW THIS!
Alive, alert, letting life force emerge in every moment. Time for fresh beginnings – or for simply being present with what’s always NEW.

Show up in a new way, try out what you haven’t before, not in a long time, or don’t have a ‘model’ or comparison for. If it ‘doesn’t work’ try something else (ARIES doesn’t mind starting anew). The essence of being innovative.
Anger (an ARIES expression) can be your vulnerability (incl. passive-aggressive modes if anger isn’t / wasn’t ok) yet also guide you to your Medicine.
MARS, the ruler of ARIES now in brave and self-loving LEO (since July 1), and in the first half of July close to MERCURY (which is retro since today July 7) can help with bravely facing old anger (maybe where there hasn’t been enough self love).

Those of you born with CHIRON in ARIES (Apr – Oct 1968, and Feb 1969 – March 1977) know a bit (or a lot) about the CHIRONic side described above…
For you, round age 50 CHIRON will make its Return, and your ‘original wound / Medicine’ comes full circle.
All of us (independent of age) esp. if we have SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in early ARIES (or triggered by it, in LIBRA, CAN or CAP) we’ll get a CHIRON ‘kick’ too, to step forward, authentically as we are, esp. in the area of life related to our ARIES House in the chart:

ARIES in your…

1st House:
How You show up –
BE Yourself.

2nd House:
What you have and Value –
Innovation, Originality, Courage to go ahead.

3rd House:
Your Environment –
Dynamic, never boring, assertive?

4th House:
Your Home –
Ever new, and ‘on the go’.

5th House:
Your Creativity –
You’re a Pioneer? – Try yourself out in a new way.

6th House:
Your Work and Health –
Assert Yourself in a healthy way. Do your own thing.

7th House:
Your Significant Others –
Do you attract dynamic, assertive, aggressive People? What does that say about you? Where is now the Medicine in relationships?

8th House:
Your deep Involvement and Transformations –
Be the Hero in this.

9th House:
Your Travels and Worldviews –
You go, Grrrl / Man!

10th House:
Your Calling and Purpose –
Autonomy and Newness

11th House:
Your Community –
Warriors and Individualists

12th House:
Your Oneness with ALL –
Always in the NOW.


With CHIRON now going retro (each year for 5 months, nowadays July – Dec) we’re called to go backward to trace early wounds (ARIES relates to the beginning of Life – even literally Baby state) that we might have internalized. 
And to find the Medicine that meets those wounds.


  • Feeling left alone – being all by yourself.
  • Needing to assert yourself to be noticed.
  • Being in an aggressive-stressful environment – possibly experienced by the baby like a ‘war zone’.
  • Being with a family / parent who’s all new to parenting and ‘makes it up as s/he goes’ – which can of course be stressful for the baby.

This is the month (also with MERCURY now retro and going back into caring CANCER) to meet and dialogue with the ‘early YOU’ with compassion, checking in how his / her Start in Life has caused wounds that still inform his / her present stage, what is needed to heal those wounds, and how ‘walking with the wounds’ have brought Medicine for yourself and for others.

Susan Boulet – Shaman

What I’m also learning is that CHIRON in ARIES, esp. in its retro movement, has to do with Healing early stages in Humanity that created the seed of what needs to change now.
As well as re-connecting with the Medicine of earlier phases in History, as in: Ancient / early Shamans.

How does that resonate in you?


Many Blessings for the Medicine of / in YOU!


Check out the Astro Experiences & Creations in the next while – all good Medicine: 

You’re welcome to join us!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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