Total SoUlar Eclipse in CANCER with Sirius (July 2) – Initiation into Liberation!

2 Jul

Dear Star Beings in Human Form,
Let’s welcome the SUN SIRIUS Days of the Year!

Did you know that from Earth perspective early July every year the SUN in mid CANCER lines up with SIRIUS, the beautiful bright ‘Dog Star’?

The SUN meets SIRIUS (‘located’ between 14 and 15° CAN) round July 5 – 7. This year – today! – even as a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (its path goes over South America, esp. Chile & Argentina)!

Interesting that Canada, the U.S., and France all celebrate their ‘birthdays’ nowadays… July 1, 4, and 14.
Liberation is an important theme with SIRIUS.

Wishing us all Sirian downloads for deep liberation from old conditionings and restrictions that don’t serve us anymore!

SIRIUS is such a majestic blue / multicoloured star…!

Some of us had the privilege to view SIRIUS via my friend Stephen’s telescope a few winters ago, when it was visible in the night sky.
Quite the download and connection for me.



‘Blue Star’ Sirius


Presently, SIRIUS is from Earth perspective next to the SUN / invisible in the sky which Ancient Egyptians considered the ’70 days in the Underworld’.

As the SUN ‘moves’ further in the Zodiac, from CANCER to mid-LEO, SIRIUS will rise again in the morning before Sunrise, calculated for 08 / 08 – the time of the Egyptian New Year, with the flooding of the Nile.
We’re also in the SIRIUS ‘Dog Days of Summer’ between now and then…

Here are more SIRIUS star lore stories, and descriptions of the astrological influence of SIRIUS, and themes of conjunction between SIRIUS (in mid CANCER) with SUN, MOON, and Planets – check it out: Do you have anything in your birth chart in mid CANCER? That’d be close to SIRIUS.


The TOTAL SOLAR ‘SEED’ ECLIPSE at 10°37′ CAN today July 2 activates SIRIUS – what a ‘Powerhouse’!
And at the Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE on July 16 the MOON in CAP will be with PLUTO, and close to SATURN and Vega, and the SUN with VENUS and SIRIUS!


Here’s the TSE SIRIUS Eclipse chart: 


Uhhh – what a strong activation of the CANCER – CAPRICORN axis – which we’ll see again at the Full Moon / Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE on July 16 – via SUN / MOON / Planets, wrapping around karmic Nodes!

Yes, when Full Moons / New Moons happen in the ‘seasons’ of the Nodal signs – 2019 in CAP – CAN – we get Eclipses.
The TSE ‘Seed’ Eclipse today July 2 in CAN with the Lunar North Node & SIRIUS “Initiation into Liberation” is the complementary one to the PSE / ‘Release’ Eclipse on Jan 5 / 6 in CAP with the Lunar South Node (“Let the Old Empire Expire”).

SATURN & PLUTO this year almost united, and wrapping round the SN this Spring / early Summer (their exact union is scheduled for Jan 12, 2020!) make sure we can’t miss where the ‘Old Empire’ sits and has destructive effects that have to transform – in society (esp. via irresponsible and destructive exploitation of the Earth’s resources, climate crisis, disregard of the concerns of the Next Seven Generations – see Fridays for Future Movement) and in our own private & inner lives – where is your ‘Old Empire’?!

The TSE ‘Seed’ Eclipse brings relief and a new approach:
Rather than bumping up against power / authority structures we say NO to, with low CAP vibrations of judgment, resistance and frustration, we’re invited to start with a liberating approach of going where compassion,,love, care and gentleness invites us in – an energy of the ‘Good Mother’, and find liberation in tribal (of all kinds) togetherness.
When we belong together we create together – the CAN – LEO continuum.
And Mother Goddess energy is here for us – we can always call upon her – and emBody her!

As MERCURY goes retro / back into CAN, and almost exactly opposite SATURN retro / PLUTO retro in CAP we’re reminded of how important our inner Self Talk is, and what the Inner Child has to do with it. Let’s not perpetuate dynamics of authority and control (SATURN / PLUTO) that have run their course and don’t serve anymore – if they ever have… And focus on what love and care would say or do.

What would be a breakthrough, a liberation for you at this point – likely starting with your internalized dialogues and thoughts?


On that note – very apropos… let’s tune in with a master & model for Compassion in Action (despite having been subject to totalitarian regime):

HH the 14th Dalai Lama will have his 84th birthday (and hence close to his URANUS Return – the Planet of Awakening) on July 6 – so close to SIRIUS too!

Dalai Lama

HH the 14th Dalai Lama


Here is a beautiful quote by H.H. that a dedicated Buddhist Friend sent me years ago – big gratitude, dear Heather!

Also very apropos the upcoming CAP – CAN ‘Powerhouse’ dynamic, activated by the Eclipses, and a ‘good use’ for the persistent CAP energy – coupled with Cancerian compassion:

Never give up

No matter what is going on
Never give up. Develop the heart.

Too much energy in your country
Is developing the mind
Instead of the heart.

Develop the heart.
Be compassionate.
Work for peace
In your heart and in the world.

Work for peace.
And I say again:
Never give up.

No matter what is happening,
No matter what is going on
Around you,
Never give up.

HH the XIV Dalai Lama


Blessings for the SIRIUS Initiation into Liberation!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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