VENUS in GEMINI (June 8 – July 3): Midsummer Night’s De-lights

3 Jun

The GEMINI New Moon (June 3) initiates VENUS to take flight in GEMINI too, just 5 days later.

The GEMINI – CANCER Cusp – a Fairie Vibe

Leading over to the airy-fairy energy of charming VENUS in GEMINI right over Summer Solstice (June 8 – July 3) welcoming us to sail through Spring-into-Summer on a light breeze like a gorgeous butterfly, while alchemizing what we encounter.

So many really attractive things to learn and talk about!
VENUS in GEM will inspire chatting, flirting, learning languages, day trips, and the alike.

GEMINI is the Alchemist of the Zodiac – bridging polarities and dualities.
The shortest bridge between people can me just a smile and a kind word. 
The springy-light, ‘pollinating’ vibe of GEM comes into the foreground now, via delightful VENUS – bringing a breeze of fresh AIR into the picture of an otherwise not much airy year in the Astro~Weather


If YOU have GEMINI in your chart (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets), enjoy being a magnet this month, like a flower to butterflies!
So much to learn from nature and people… and they can learn from you.
A nice time for writing, in loving, relational ways (VENUS), and for l’art pour l’art.
And for those Springy reads under shady trees…

A few ‘chance / dance encounters’ for VENUS in GEM:


  • June 13
    VENUS in sextile with CHIRON in ARIES.

    Be YOU – in the Medicine of your own Being, connect with and learn from others, with joy and charm.


  • June 23
    VENUS opposite JUPITER retro in SAG, and in quincunx with SATURN retro, and the South Node in CAP.

    ‘Unbearable'(?) Lightness of Being. Fickle, flighty?
    Too many attractions – what does your Heart say?
    Watch your judgment, and ‘simply’ be in your own integrity.
    Plus: Traditions need Fairies… esp. round Summer Solstice.


  • June 24
    VENUS square NEPTUNE stat / retro n PI.

    Anything goes, in the Springy Air, in the spirit of lightness & flow. And if you fall in love be unattached to it ‘going anywhere’.


  • June 27
    VENUS quincunx PLUTO retro in CAP.

    Alchemy needs a Soul Container.
    And new love interests can be catalyst for your core themes…


  • July 3 – one day after the July 2 CANCER New MOON / TSE:
    VENUS will enter CANCER.
    Drawn to home and family, gentleness and care.
    Being magnetized to where and with whom we feel we belong.


Much Love and Cosmic Blessings to YOU!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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