CAP New MOON / PSE on Jan 5 / 6 – Let the Old Empire Expire!

4 Jan

Dear Astro~News Reader,

We ‘made it’ (always such a CAP statement) into 2019!

And the first New MOON of the year, in CAP of course, on JAN 5 (in the Americas, 5:28 pm PST) / JAN 6 (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand) is on the doorstep.
(The next New MOON btw on FEB 4 heralds the Chinese New Year of the Yin Earth Pig, starting on FEB 5).


This one’s rather an ‘OLD-to-New MOON’ though, I’d say – Why?
CAP is old and mature energy, that too, but mostly:

  • Because it’s a Partial Solar Release Eclipse with the South Node, and also:
  • The Eclipse New Moon is sandwiched between SATURN (closure, endings) and PLUTO (the power of evolution and transformation)…

Where’s the release, closure, and transformation?
In CAPricornian matters, of course.
As in: 


  • Dropping what we’ve taken on – heavy duty burdens, guilt, old ‘inherited’ ‘shoulds’, jobs that aren’t ours, other people’s business, ‘paying’ for others’ BS, being a scape goat….
    Maybe a slow process, but so worth committing to, checking in, noticing, and consciously removing ourselves from those energies and adopted roles.


  • Giving wayyy too much Time and precious Life Energy to complaining about structures that ‘rule over us’ – whereas we keep disempowering ourselves.
    What can we constructively-creatively DO instead?


  • Judgment and resistance. Which are often linked.
    With awareness, recognizing and tuning into the energy of judgment, and how it pretends to protect you but automatically separates you. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?
    How can you direct the energy into something constructive, like modelling what you do want to see, and not cluttering your time with mulling over ‘their shortcomings’ and feeding your righteousness? 
    Plus, let’s be compassionate. Everybody is on their Soul Journey. We never know what people go through and what their history is, leading them to show up as they do. And you might even have a ‘Soul Contract’ with those ‘challenging people’ – what’s the teaching – for YOU?
    NEPTUNE in PI in triple sextile with SATURN in CAP (both planetary Archetypes in their own ruled Zodiac signs – very pure and effective that way) this year helps with Spiritual Teachings – leading to karmic (SATURN) release (NEPTUNE).


  • All in all, releasing the Shadow and Redundancy of the Old World that we might be still (at least residually) conditioned by, and dragging along:
    Authority issues (esp. giving it away and blaming others for our misery – sounds like residues of the Piscean Age to me too…). What would it look like, and what’s required and possible to show up in our own authority? The SUN passed SATURN in CAP on New Year’s Day, bringing up Authority themes, and calling us to be consciously and creatively in our Authority.
    Fears – which might be related to old trauma that of course needs to be processed, or they can be an excuse for procrastinating, holding ourselves back, and putting our life on hold. Time for inner inquiry in that regard…
    I like the acronym for F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real.
    And the 3 questions from The Work by Byron Katie (which can be applied to other mental constructs and restrictions as well of course): 
    Is it true? How do you know it’s true? Who would you be without this?
    Unnecessary Restrictions, as in: scarcity mentality, loyalty to the past, living by redundant rules…
    Guilt – uhhh, another one that can get us, and often related to upbringing, authoritative / religious conditioning about ‘thou shalt / not….’ and psychological control. Often linked to shame. As always with these symptoms, key is to identify, and notice they’re just another attempt to keep us small, separate, not good enough, in a box, etc…
    Judgment (see above).
    Yet, natural inner Authority and Maturity, the conscious and resolved CAPRICORN gifts, lay beyond those CAP phenomena in the shadow, on ‘higher ground’ that SAG (‘before CAP) can take us to, with JUPITER in SAG this year helping to raise big awareness, and outgrow the old and small.


  • What can these energies transform into / be re-purposed for a Higher and the Greater Good? That’s where PLUTO in CAP comes in.
    Like: Finding our ‘Mountain’, and consistently walking with / on OUR Purpose.
    Naturally, it’s easier with less ‘old baggage’. And intrinsic Power-of-Nature / Soul Power is the fuel that sustains us.

    The SUN will align with PLUTO on JAN 11 – shedding light at this inevitable transformation and evolution that’s already happening.
    Life is easier when we join the River of Change…


Call of the Mountain – Photo by Melanie


These themes have been obviously already ‘upon’ / within us, moving their way through us personally and collectively –
ever since PLUTO (since 2008), SATURN (Dec 20, 2017) and the South Node (Nov 16, 2018) moved into CAP.

This year however, they’re clearly compounded and ‘sealed-off’,
with three South Node Eclipses:

JAN 5: PSE / New MOON in CAP 
JULY 2: TLE / Full MOON in CAP – CAN
DEC 25: Christmas New MOON / Annular Solar Eclipse in CAP.


Before taking a look at the cosmic patterns in the New MOON / Eclipse chart,
here’s a very apt quote / contemplation by Canadian Poet Laureate and sage Ann Mortifee, from her book In Love with the Mystery, adding important pieces round steady patience and chipping away….



…which is also – literally – very much apropos MERCURY entering CAP today JAN 4 – more notes about that move below.
And MERCURY will be in the CAP New MOON Team of 6 (yes, SIX! Check it out on the Eclipse chart!)!

Yes, time to look into the area of life that’s prone to chipping and sculpting – chances are it’s mostly related to where CAP is in your birth chart.
Where dropping and cropping and pruning is ‘up’ – only to bring relief, and bring us closer to our real self.

And I’d add, in accord with the Release Eclipse, and with NEPTUNE these years (2012 – 2026) in PISCES, in mutually supportive triple-sextile with SATURN in CAP this year – exact on JAN 31, JUNE 18, and NOV 8:
Allow Life, circumstances, the Universe to help you let go of what you might still carry but what isn’t YOU (anymore, if ever).
A Cosmic Blessing to continuously release, receive, re-orient.


Here’s the Astro Chart of the Super CAPPY (yes, Group of SIX!) New MOON / PSE!

The NEW MOON will be exact on JAN 5 at 5:28 pm PST, and the maximum Eclipse at 5:41 pm PST.
The Path of the Eclipse goes over North East Asia and parts of Alaska.
On a mundane level it affects the countries it crosses over.
Yet not as strongly as a Total Solar Eclipse (last one on Aug 21, 2017 on the ‘Sphinx Point’ over the U.S.).


So there it is – the whole CAPPY Party:

  • MERCURY (freshly in CAP from this eve JAN 4 on).
    I’ve written about the period of MERCURY in CAP (until JAN 23), and how the energy can be well used – interested?
  • SATURN now making its way to central CAP which it activates this year in the 3-year curriculum (DEC 2017 – DEC 2020). Here’s the SATURN-in-CAP blog post from the time of its entry a year ago. Can be referred to over the whole course of this important phase.
  • The NEW MOON at 15°24′ CAP. 
  • PLUTO, now 2/3 into CAP, since 2008, until 2023.
  • The South Node (NOV 16, 2018 – JUNE 5, 2020) – with the North Node in CANCER.
    The Nodes are ‘co-responsible’ for Eclipses in the CAP and CAN seasons, in 2019.
    Here’s the CAP-CAN Nodal blog post from NOV if you’d like to read up their Astro themes.

Yes, the emphasis of the CAP New MOON / Solar Eclipse is for several reasons on release, closure, and transformation of old CAP sides
…while ‘filling our cup’ from the CANCER side (What are our needs? What nurtures us and how do we nurture and care? Where do you belong?),
…from which place we have fresh energy to be present and just-in-time with our CAP Purpose and Priorities – which would have likely renewed through the process anyway!


Let’s take a look at the 

SABIAN SYMBOL for the Eclipse New MOON!

The NEW MOON at 15°24′ CAP. 

16° CAP: 


KEYNOTE: The need for physical activity and play, especially in adolescence.

Society has learned that a balanced combination of intellectual study and physical activity is necessary for the harmonious development of the human personality. Adults often forget this under the pressure of money-making and other duties, and this symbol reminds us of it.

This is the first stage of the fifty-eighth five-fold sequence which begins Scene Twenty of the cyclic ritual. It shows how we normally depend upon physical stimulation and EXERCISE for the maintenance of our health, and therefore of an equally healthy society.”


Yes, the old-style exercise and drill, emphasizing on performance, even fear and punishment, at least carrot and stick in the olden days, has come a long way…
Nowadays, the Sabian Symbol in contemporary Western pop culture looks rather like a Yoga class for all of us Young-at-Heart. 
Yoga is such a perfect CAPricornian way of sustaining and maintaining overall Body-Mind-Spirit wellness, without much equipment (not much to carry, ha-ha). It can be done almost anywhere (even pranayama breathing while sitting…, standing literally in Mountain pose, perhaps while waiting somewhere…).
So here’s to the Yogic regeneration and evolution of ‘exercise’ (nowadays rather called Practice)!
And it can also provide super important balance, given the ever increasing degenerative sedentary lifestyle via modern-day ‘conveniences’ (shadow of the CAPitalist CAPricorn world).
Loving the massive evolutionary come-back of this ancient practice (CAP) in our modern time, with an even bigger trend in the last decade since PLUTO’s been in CAP (2008).

Pragmatic CAP could say: Exercise increases our productivity and overall performance IN the system.
Ha, good for the economy (incl. all the Yoga classes, gear, etc…) – yes, true. And LOTS of CAPitalization shadow also in the world of Yoga, whereas some on ‘top of the pyramid’ reap the benefits while others pay the tickets, and most  ‘spiritual programs / retreats’ on the market aren’t accessible to most, and other shadow elements like sexual abuse too, for sure – CAP says: I use, and abuse of power, energy, money, people is the shadow – in all things organized (CAP).
But that’s hopefully you don’t fall into the shadow traps.
From a CANCER side doing Yoga and other physical-spiritual practices consistently (CAP) makes us feel good and nurtured, and we can be more creative and nurturing to others, simply-purely…

I’ve been on the Yogic path for ages, and have no intention of dropping it since it’s done me and my wellness so good, from the inside-out.

Even if you don’t have a Yoga class nearby or are travelling, there are options of doing Yoga online (yes, with some more CAP self discipline but also freedom). I love and recommend DoYogaWithMe out of Victoria BC! – with a huge array of classes, and a big portion of them filmed outdoors! If you do the classes from home / travel abode a la CANCER you don’t need any fancy Yoga gear / commuting time, plus it costs you very little.

Whether it’s Yoga that sustains you, or other Mind-Body-Spirit practices – this is to our overall Wellness and Energy Resilience & Regeneration in 2019 and beyond, in our own Authority (yes, we know what’s good for us…), and for the Highest Good!


What Poses and Movements are the other Planetary Players into, and up to these days…

…activated by and activating for the Eclipse New MOON?


First things first:

MARS entered its own sign ARIES, on Dec 31 / Jan 1!

Let Your Super Hero Emerge. Initiate something New & Fresh. Assert Yourself, and be Authentic!

With MARS now freshly in ARIES, and the SUN in CAP just past SATURN (since New Year’s) it’s easier to move with a clear and conscious Spirit past what appeared as obstacles, fears, judgments, and old blockages, and to stand in our authority and have agency.

This is OUR Time & Life.
Let’s not postpone or give up, but do what matters, with the Time and Energy we have here!

Read on, in the ASTRO~NEWS blog post for MARS in ARIES.


Image: Caduceus Staff of Hermes / Mercury (photographer and location unknown) – also very apropos MERCURY in CAP – classic / neo classic architecture… and needs to be in structural integrity.


MERCURY crosses over the ‘Integrity Point’, and enters CAP – this eve, Jan 4.

Communicating from Integrity is on now – incl. in connection with the Partial Solar Eclipse in CAP on JAN 5.
No more putting up with BS, disrespect, ‘takers’, abusers, and thoughts / communication that drain or waste your time and energy (shadow of CAP, to be released with the Eclipse, also via / from our Mind).
Being clear and stating simply what’s in Integrity for you and what isn’t. Plus, walking away from a situation can speak louder than 1000 words. Walking instead of talking / trying to educate / reform them about what they’re not cap-able of…

On JAN 8, MERCURY freshly in CAP squares MARS freshly in AR.
Angry words and arguments can be ignited, frustration about what doesn’t work can come up.
Channeling the energy into clearly, responsibly stating what you do want and what works for you, and not making it about others is a purer and cleaner way of going effectively with that combo.

Read on, in the MERCURY into CAP blog post.


The Planetary Archetype URANUS is associated with Prometheus, the Greek Hero who capturing the fire of spirit and creative inventiveness from the Gods for Humanity. 

The Big News around the Eclipse: URANUS in late ARIES makes a Move –

…from retro (since AUG 7, 2018) to direct / forward, the day after the Eclipse, JAN 6!

‘Wild Card’ URANUS end of ARIES (already since NOV, and continued throughout JAN, then fading) forms a T-square with the Nodal Axis of the Lunar South Node in late CAP, and the Lunar North Node end of CANCER!
Can you see the red configuration in the chart? (also marked on top of the wheel).

Sounds / looks / feels like Liberation to be authentic and free, as in:
Freedom from old burdensome heavy, taxing, systemic fear and control structures (CAP South Node, close to PLUTO) which we might have also internalized.
Freedom for being true to ourselves, taking care of our needs, being gentle, compassionate, and playfully-creative (CAN North Node) rather than productivity driven and always running out of time while being enslaved to the system (CAP South Node).
And even a Freedom beyond ‘from’ or ‘for’ – which is still conditional, and simply Freedom (without opposites).
Cuz, Freedom from or for is still dependent / conditional, and not really free (loved this pointer by J. Krishnamurti, suggesting, true Freedom is Freedom without an opposite.


With URANUS changing direction, there’s a climate of wake-up calls, unpredictability, surprises, even shocks, paradigm shifts, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. The URANian ‘station’ and activation of its Archetype is in effect and noticeable all through JAN, activating both Eclipses on JAN 5 / 6 and JAN 20 / 21.
Re-invent yourself!
Awaken from a CAP mode of being slave to a system that eats up our time and energy, and into full-on Presence with what IS. Presence in the NOW.

URANUS is also related to weather patterns – and shows when all kinds of systems are ‘out of whack’.
Yesterday, when I was writing in my cozy home there was a wild and intense rain storm going on outside. And today it’s fresh and clear again. Things can shift fast – and free up energy, and URANUS in ARIES is all for it.


Retro Free Phase!

Once URANUS goes out of retro (on JAN 6) there will be a phase without a major Planet retrograde until early MARCH (when MERCURY goes retro again) – woohoo!
A good time to start the year with outer manifestations which can accelerate quite magically these days (propelled by MARS and URANUS in ARIES).


VENUS comes over the ‘Phoenix Point’ into SAG, on Jan 7!

A ‘long time coming’ for VENUS the Love Goddess who, due to ‘her’ Retro ‘Underworld Journey’ in Fall 2018, has been in SCORPIO for extremely long, since the New MOON in VIR on 09 / 09, all through October, and again all through December.

Hope you channeled the energy into Love for Life’s Magic and Mystery, and a full-on regeneration of the Inner Divine Feminine in her Power!


The ‘PHOENIX VENUS’ is also part of the Partial Solar Eclipse in CAP.
Guess what that adds up to?
Rise of the Feminine, and, post-VENUS-retro, regenerated Inner Values (‘New VENUS’ since Oct 26), rather than (old-old!) comparing ourselves, and being so concerned about what ‘they’ think, and who loves us, bla-bla.

VENUS will be in fiery & inspired SAG until FEB 3, and meet big Mentor JUPITER there on JAN 22 – right after the Total LUNAR Eclipse Full MOON in LEO – AQ.
It’ll be fun! Lots of Opportunities to attract from the Heart and from Gratitude, Generosity, and Abundance – which are all attributes of LOVE – that’s where it’s at.


So here we go, so much cosmic support of releasing the Old, and getting ready for a fresh and better way and World in 2019!

A Release Ceremony just before the NEW MOON / Partial Solar Eclipse at 5:28 pm PST tomorrow JAN 5 would support the outflow of old energy and invitation of a New Wave!


Freshness of the Waves – Photo by Melanie, Jan 2019


All the Best to You!
Let’s keep on surfing the Cosmic Currents in / as the NEW!



© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Your ‘Inner Cosmic Compass’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gift of Astrology!


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Treat Time is popular as ever, and with the 2-for-1 Offer my best deal of the year.



…via Courses. Workshops, and Embodied Astrology:

Our experiential and embodied Astrology groups have over time (the 13 years I’ve been facilitating workshops and classes) become quite potent and catalytic.
Come join us, if deep synergy in a circle speaks to you – also available as an online participant.

Next up:
Astro New Year’s Parlour on JAN 9
…where we of course also address the effects of the Solar Eclipse in CAP, and a ‘suggested course of action / release’, individually customized for everyone in the circle, with their personal birth chart involved.
2 groups, afternoon and evening, with online participation option as well.



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