MERCURY in SCO (Oct 9 – Dec 12): Taboo Talk, Intimate Conversations, and 6th Sense

8 Oct

Dear Astro~News Reader,

We gotta address taboos.
As JUPITER’s been one year in SCORPIO (since 10/10/2017) now, and coming to its ‘tail end’ from which the Phoenix Rises (JUPITER enters SAG on Nov 8!) we’ve just seen another major upheaval in the U.S. Supreme Court nominations (check out my Astro take on it, in the LIBRA New Moon article), semi-uncovering old behind-locked-doors stories yet officially closing those books of records again to help the establishment have its way (i.m.o.).

Me too Flashback

A reflection on / picking up the ‘Me too’ torch which was ignited at the onset of JUPITER in SCO last Oct as MERCURY entered SCO too.
The ‘Me too’ social media wave was triggered by Alyssa Milano who encouraged women and men: “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.” 
Hundreds of thousands of us responded.
Which woman never has been sexually harassed or assaulted, verbally or physically??? Sadly and scandalously, it almost ‘comes with the territory’ of inhabiting a female body…

An issue of magnitude (JUPITER) indeed, that’s been revealed now big time. 
Outgrowing what’s been hidden!
May the Truth empower, and bring Healing (JUPITER now in late SCO in trine with CHIRON in late PI) and Freedom – as JUPITER and MERCURY sit on the ‘Phoenix Point’ this Fall!

Me too isn’t completely new – 12 years ago (JUPITER was also in SCO then), Tarana Burke founded the Me too Movement in 2006 to spread awareness and understanding about sexual assault in underprivileged communities of colour. 

May the Me too wave lead to ‘game over ‘ / zero tolerance for sexual harassment, assault, and even violence in Hollywood, Institutions, and in a Society of true Adults! 
I know I’m a ‘bit’ idealistic here but putting the blessing out regardless.

Big kudos, Alyssa Milano, for getting the ball rolling!
A.M. was born on Dec 19, 1972 – here is her chart.
Lilith and Saturn were last year (Oct / Nov, only every 9 / 29 years) transiting her late SAG Sun – on the Integrity Point. She even has PLUTO on her JUPITER / North Node in CAP nowadays /-years – being a catalyst for Eve-olution out of the dysfunctional and abusive patriarchal system.
And  with her MARS in late SCO, VENUS / NEPTUNE / MERCURY in early SAG – all on the ‘Phoenix Point’ on her 12th House cusp, she’s speaking out on behalf  of ‘whom it may concern’, and encourages the Collective to speak out and free up hidden stuff.
We’re all in this together, it’s a societal phenomenon.

Airing what’s been hidden is painful yet important for processing, empowering and transforming.

And now: MERCURY

Tipping Point – Photo by Ted Roberts

So – MERCURY is crossing over the ‘Tipping Point’ from LI to SCO on Oct 9, just after the Oct 8 LI New Moon, and will be in the ‘Down Under’ Zodiac sign for a while:
until Oct 30, and again Dec 1 – 12 (you guessed why – it’ll go retro, Nov 16 – Dec 6). 

Big Time Taboo Talk, as we dive into ‘uncomfortable’, scary, repressed, covered up, ‘under wraps’ and unfathomable topics and scenarios, remembered, experienced, or perhaps vividly pictured.
Yet , MERCURY in SCO also opens up our 6th sense, our interest in the mystery and magical otherwise unseen (imagine what MERCURY retro in SCO might be like!!!).
And it’s much more conducive for deep intimate conversations.

Let’s see which connections MERCURY in SCO makes with other Planetary Players –
In order of appearance:

Oct 10
MERCURY opp. URANUS retro in TAU 
Wild card / liberating shifts in thinking and communications. 
Be intuitive, innovative, expect the unexpected, incl. surprise news.
No rush to ‘run with it’ though.

Oct 12
Considering deeper issues.

Oct 15
MERCURY conj. VENUS retro
How deep is your Love? And what does it come down to?

Oct 19
MERCURY trine NEPTUNE retro in PI, and square MARS / LILITH in AQ
Going deep into the traps of mind, purging and releasing what overwhelms – through being in our true free Nature. 

Oct 22
Looks like the ‘Old Empire’ is on its way to expire.

Oct 23 (until Nov 22)
The SUN enters SCO
Consciously diving into Magic, Mystery, and Transformation.

Oct 26
The SUN and VENUS unite in early SCO
A ‘New VENUS’ – Planting the Seed for a Transformed Inner Feminine.

Oct 29 (also Nov 27 and Dec 22 – in SAG)
MERCURY conj. JUPITER on the ‘Phoenix Point’ and trine CHIRON retro in PI
The Truth heals and sets us / it all free.
And the ‘Veil’ is thinning at this time of year…
More about MERCURY retro in SAG – SCO from Nov 16 – Dec 6 in a blog post closer to MERCURY pre-retro shadow (which starts Oct 29).

For now, let’s dive in, be with Mystery, Magic, and not be afraid of the ‘Dark’.

© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

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