MERCURY Retro (July 25 – Aug 18) in LEO: SelfLove Talk – Cosmic RE-lief & Toolkit

21 Jul

Hello Astro Archetype Attuned Friends,

What on Earth and in the Heavens is going on, these days? 
you might wonder… and I’ve been asked a lot lately…

Yes, it’s the era of massive collective awakening & wake-up calls, transformational shifts in society , and of old patterns and ‘operating systems’ in our personal lives, mirrored by our transpersonal planetary ‘friends’ URANUS now on the TAURUS cusp, CHIRON now on the ARIES cusp, NEPTUNE in PISCES, and PLUTO in CAP.

Plus, the Record Retro Summer of 2018 (so far 5, soon 6, and in August 7 Planets retro!!!) has begun!
No wonder, things are a bit topsy-turvy.

But what’s with all the technology and communication glitches (or surprises!) that have sneaked in again lately?
No way? Are you telling me…..?
YEP, the inevitable is happening again: 

Mercury Retro

Mercury doing its retro somersaults again… summery HOT in LEO this time.

Another MERCURY Retro phase is coming UP, and already gearing UP!
All in LEO this time (from 23°27′ back to 11°32′ LEO), from JULY 25 – AUG 18.

M-r happens in the same Element for one year, and is in FIRE in 2018.
The Element sequence goes backward in the Zodiac, e.g. this year in FIRE. The last M-r phase March 22 – Apr 15 was all in AR, next one will be in SAG / SCO Nov 16 – Dec 6, and 2019 M-r in WATER signs PI, CAN and SCO is on.

Those of you who’ve read in my MERCURY retro support REport (or even advocacy) over the years know:
M-r isn’t necessarily ‘BAD’ news.
And hey – perhaps an overdue and cosmically well timed adjustment!

In a nut shell, with M-r, the Archetype of the MIND is being adjusted, while temporarily operating differently / ‘unusually’, and tuned-up into a ‘New MERCURY’ (hey, what’s that???).

Have you noticed?
We’re already in the build-up (or rather: slow-down) phase!
Our good old messenger / trickster friend MERCURY has since July 8 been in the pre-retro ‘shadow’
(i.o.w., crossed the 11° LEO mark from which it will go direct again on Aug 18).

Since JULY 16, MERCURY has been in stationary (very slowly moving) ‘U-turn storm’. 

Next week, on JULY 25, MERCURY will start its seasonal retro loop which goes until AUG 18.
Definitely a good time for RE-treat. Take it easy on a busy holiday back and fro, and getting wrapped up in planning ‘loops’ directed by mental overdrive.


Speak from the Heart, Roar if Needed, and Show Yourself.

Woohoo – a loooong phase of MERCURY in LEO altogether this year, throughout JULY, AUGUST, and into early SEPT!

Seems like we’ve got something to learn and RE-trieve from the LEO side of things.

Everything LEO (Love, Passion, Creativity, The Self, yet also the Inner Drama Queen / King and Narcissist) is brought to awareness and discussion.
Be the Artist and Heart-ist!

The energy turns inward-backward as MERCURY goes retro, to RE-connect from the Heart rather than roaring / making it all about ourselves….

But hey, why do we / they crave attention?
Maybe ‘simply’ to be seen and loved.
Maybe something ‘went wrong’ there in the past, maybe early on… and we internalized it.
Time to re-lease those inner voices, under MERCURY retro.

YES, Self Love Talk is totally in accord with M-r in LEO.
Give yourself the Love you might miss from others, and tell yourself a new Love Story.

How do you talk to yourself?
Is it a feedback-loop?
Stop, notice, take note even, and check out patterns. With our repetitive mental patterns we create pre-conceived reinforcement neuro pathways, and selective perceptions of what confirms our beliefs. Our mind is a powerful manifestor – well, at least it’s a filter of ‘reality’ which can create ‘blinders’.

How does the Self Loving YOU communicate with others?
Notice how your communication flows when you’re in a loving space…

When / how / why do you compensate a lack of love through self absorption?
Why do you need the attention?
Often easier to recognize in narcissistic, self absorbed others who dominate a situation.

Experiment witnessing yourself (would be great to re-listen to a re-corded conversation…) – how do you represent yourself?

What do you LOVE about yourself?
What do you LOVE about LIFE?
How can you LIVE Life (more) Lovingly?

And what would LOVE say?

Rather than feeding anger, and going into verbal confrontation
(which might be a strong temptation, with MARS on the other side of the spectrum, presently retro in AQ), can you find the Loving Place in your Heart from which to speak and act?
But hey: What does the anger tell you?  What’s the deeper desire (MARS) behind it?
What are your desires, when it comes to friends, groups, community, and humanity (AQ)?
What’s your message for Humanity?

Always good (not only) these days, to start from the Heart – an invitation from the LEO North Node (which MERCURY will re-approach when in retro) – and meet ‘even strangers’ from a place of Love.
I prefer to live in a World where Love and warm heartedness matter, rather than in icy glass houses of isolation, alienation, and anonymity (AQ South Node).

“Share your smile with a stranger, and be excellent with each other”, is what our LEO SUN Yoga teacher likes to say at the end of the class.
Yet, in our device driven environ-mental sphere not many smiles are exchanged anymore with real people (smiley icons on the screen yes…).


It’s gotten really hot(!) when MERCURY (in LEO the hottest sign of the Zodiac) went into pre-retro ‘storm’ last MON JULY 16! Noticed?
Don’t let the Ego Monkey Mind rule you!
Be mindful, rather than having the mind uber-full.

Hope all the LEO energy doesn’t mean more forest fires, drought, etc – MERCURY is one of the factors that also reflect weather patterns. Weather report confirms it IS getting hot over the weekend and next week, here on Vancouver Island.

Smile more often, smile at yourself, smile as if noone or everyone sees it, and enjoy the Sunshine and Moonlight, Cosmic Strangers & Friends!


Change of Heart, Change of Mind

MERCURY in LEO squares off this Summer with JUPITER in SCO (which just turned direct recently, on July 10, and is now in stationary mode)!
Not just once (July 9) but 3 times (again under M-r on Aug 10, and post-M-r on Aug 27)!

Nudging us to be authentic (rather than being trapped in the Ego Monkey Mind), vulnerable, and communicate from the Heart, to allow a deeper processing and more intimate connection with others.
Societally, it can mean hidden agenda comes out and shows things in a new light that helps with moving the change for the better.


What’s Special about this MERCURY Retro (M-r) in LEO?

The LEO motto (ruled bu the SUN) motto is: “I create.”
A self-radiant energy.

The shadow of LEO is to be too self-absorbed, narcissistic, and dominant / running the show, and boasting with privileges at the expense of others.

M-r adjusts the ego driven mind, and brings it back to be the assistant and tool to Spirit and the Heart.

While other M-r scenarios can deal with the over-thinker / worrier / fence sitter… this one can get stuck (fixed LEO) in revolving around the ego self.
Traditionally, MERCURY isn’t ‘well placed’ in LEO – actually ‘in fall’, vs. in exaltation in AQ on the opposite side of the Zodiac spectrum (why? because that would point to a synergistic group mind, to a systemic and innovative, future oriented rather than self absorbed thinker / mind).
So, at this time, and for all of us with MERCURY in LEO the theme is to witness (AQ) the mind yet not let it rule (LEO), notice how much is ‘self fulfilling’. To be aware is the first step to more freedom.

Yes, M-r in LEO does affect whatever you have in LEO (SUN, MOON, Planets, Nodes, AC / MC), and shows up in the area of life related to the LEO House in your chart.

M-r brings these sides in you to awareness. At this time you tend to think, write, and discuss about them more than otherwise: Love, creativity, playfulness, joyful self expression.

When in doubt and you’d like to find out get in touch with me. I can look it up if you’re already my client, or set up your birth chart if you give me your birth info.
This could be a good time to (RE)visit otherwise hidden themes in your life that want to come to the Light, with M-r in LEO, in an Astro session.


The first half of M-r is the Epimethean phase, RE-minding us of ‘old stories’ – which doesn’t have to be a ‘bad thing’ to overcome, it can be an inspiration ;-).
And, as always, we learn so much from history / herstory. 


There’s a 7-Phase Sequence to every MERCURY Retro Cycle:

  1. Pre-retro shadow,
  2. Pre-retro stationary / ‘storm’,
  3. Mercury technically retro,
  4. Mercury direct again,
  5. Post-retro stationary / ‘storm’,
  6. Post-retro shadow,
  7. Out of shadow.


MERCURY went into so-called pre-retro ‘shadow’ on JULY 8, which means it passed for the first time the Zodiac point (11º32’ LEO) from which it will after the retro phase go direct / forward again. Certain ‘foreshadowing’ themes of what can come up during M-r are played out. Can we watch them without getting involved in the game?
Also a good time to be as fluid as quicksilver, responsive to higher intelligence, and trust the ‘messenger from the future’, via intuition and precognition.
Perhaps already have a clear(ifying) and heartfelt communication around ‘neglected’ themes (Love, Self Love, Self Expression, Joy, Passion…).


MERCURY Retro in the Starters

On JULY 16, MERCURY entered its stationary ‘storm’ period (moves very slowly), a.k.a. ‘U-turn’ mode.
A time to also slow down the regular fast and busy mind that likes to multi talk / task.
‘Regular’ communication affairs might start to become ‘tricky’, ‘complicated’, ‘chaotic’, and ‘messed up’, but only from the perspective of the ego that needs to be in control via the mind.

MERCURY in zigzag mode suggests being in flux and at ease, while swiftly and intelligently changing course when necessary. Ironically, it can lead to a better outcome than what the self absorbed ‘fixed’ mind might cook up.


The actual retro phase (JULY 25 – AUG 18) turns the mind inwards, backwards, and out of its confines, like a snake biting its own tail while shedding its skin.

Under M-r., ‘usual’ thinking and communication patterns are being questioned, and it appears at times as if there was a trickster or little devil at play. Actually, we have a chance now to see the mental devil / trickster that’s been there all along, camouflaging and going unnoticed,
The challenge is to not get frustrated when things don’t turn out the way YOU thought they ’should’, according to a preconceived ego plan.
During M-r, experiment with, practice, and hopefully also integrate for later going with the flow of things in an intuitive way, and taking everything as a learning experience.
That also means changing your mind when you get the impulse / signal for an alternative course of action, being open to and curious about ‘detours’ that might lead to unexpected turns, and making unusual connections, rather than going with comfort, routine, and habit. 

Rather than getting wrapped up with linear, habitual, and often self-limiting ways of dealing with information and communication channels and modes, an alternative approach can open you up for serendipity, synchronicities, and lots of fun.


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn


For all these reasons, stay as mobile (like quicksilver, the MERCURY metal), adaptable, and unplanned as possible, so that you’re able to surf Mercurial waves when the wind comes up. MERCURY is a very light, youthful, fresh, fun-loving punster and Coyote / prankster energy. It looks at the fun AND meaningful (hermetic knowledge, derived from Hermes / Mercury) side of unusual twists and turns, and, in the role of the ‘magician’, even likes to facilitate those. Aligning with that mode makes you happier these days.

So bring on these spontaneous twists, unintentional new found puns, and fun realizations!

At the same time, be mindfully present and clear – rather than self absorbed.

When it comes to making a decision and committing to something long-term consider that it’s not likely ready to be definite yet, because during M-r always new information streams in which changes our outlook on things. Often, after the M-r phase we have more information that gives a different picture, based upon which a decision makes more sense. If we did decide prematurely and aren’t flexible to back off again, we might say, “Oh, if I only had known…. I wouldn’t have decided…” And then you might have to untangle certain complications.

As always with MERCURY retro, clarify communication whenever possible:

  • Say things several times in a different way / language to make sure there’s no misunderstanding in a fast / distracted context.
  • Ask questions that intuitively come to mind (which might clarify an otherwise held assumption!).
  • And PLEASE choose the most direct medium and tool that’s available (in person rather than over the phone, and phone rather than email), which helps with a clearer and more holistic communication, because more ‘channels’ are involved and signals are conveyed in person rather than on the phone, or via mutual messaging / e-monologue.
    And who knows what else might come up and be addressed as you take the opportunity to actually TALK?

If you become mercurially frustrated, maybe because you needed to learn something about the nature of human mind and its extensions, like technological equipment which now, more than usually, seems to have ‘a mind of its own’…
Consider that computers, phones, and tech gadgets are only servants and tools, and that their efficiency depends on the (hopefully detached, savvy and inventive) mind of their ‘master’. You don’t want to become a stressed-out slave of coordination and communication.

It also might become apparent during M-r that our tools and technical equipment magically morphically mirror the mind WE are in, even ‘simply’ by breaking down and being ‘on strike’ when we humans need ‘a break’ anyway.
Give your tools and tasks proper mindful and single-minded attention, one at a time, instead of attempting to multi task and ‘efficiently’ orchestrate everything simultaneously.
The electromagnetic field of computers and the human mind dialogue in an interface. To keep it all smoothly operational, don’t impose any potential extra stress onto your nervous system nor on your computer.

Also, be aware how your mental experiences suggest being relaxed and mindful, assuming nothing, dropping your (under M-r evident, otherwise hidden) expectations and assumptions, and foremost, trusting the infinite intelligence of the Universe, ‘even’ as it might take you on wild and ‘crazy’ journeys that you apparently haven’t signed up for.

Under M-r talk to people from the past who come to mind and whom you haven’t heard from in a long time (or new people whom you have just met and intuitively ‘clicked with’).

M-r also tends to bring back unfinished communication business from the past, esp. from previous M-r phases (last ones in Dec 2017 and March /Apr 2018).

What happens quite often under M-r: We receive a potentially interesting message for others that’s worth passing on – to whom it may concern, to be delivered to someone else who needs that information! Or to connect two or more people with one another – because you can.
So, keep collecting communication karma cookies, by being the messenger (without an agenda)!

Gibbons at Play Painting by Xuande Emperor, 1427 (!)

Rather be mindful, and observe the phenomenon mind from a ‘meta’ level.
Like, by asking yourself: Why am I really saying this? Who’s the one thinking and talking here?
If we don’t do that from time to time we out trick ourselves, subconsciously ‘sabotage’ our plans, and constellate circumstances that make us back off from our mental concept, so that we need to check what we’ve been doing with our brain – or rather, what the brain has been doing with us all along.

The Buddhists call the day-to-day mind that busies itself with all kinds of ‘chatting’ and inner stories, lists, and dialogues, the ‘Monkey Mind’ which, like a monkey, jumps from one tree (of interest and attachment) to the next, and is never quiet, unless we observe the movement, and thereby naturally calm it, in meditation.

M-r is an excellent opportunity to be mindful (rather than having one’s mind full), and to assume or return to a meditation practice (or even ‘just’ experiment with it), and thereby shift your paradigm about the nature of mind.

The Thinker

The Thinker, by Rodin (in front of the Rodin Museum in Paris)

With any MERCURY retro, and also this one in LEO it’s a precious opportunity to get out of the head, check in to see who’s that thinker, tap into pure awareness, and SEE WHAT IS.

As always, the MERCURY retro cycle starts with the ‘Epimethean’ phase (first half – JULY 25 – AUG 8) where old (epic) stories, memories, and patterns show up for a REason (yet unknown, REvealing itself in the journey).

With the LEO energy of M-r, it’s good to stay in a joyful, playful mode, invite a world of synchronicities, look at things again, in a fresh way, and: get retro-actively inspired (by the past, by something overlooked).


Liberating ‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus surrounded by the Zodiac Belt (Rockefeller Centre NYC). 


At the half-way point of the M-r phase (AUG 8 this time), MERCURY crosses paths with the SUN: A new ‘NEW MERCURY’ is born (like New Moon as in: monthly SUN – MOON conjunction) – which happens 3 times a year:
So, it’s time to REgenerate the mind (MERCURY), more conscious, following Spirit and the Heart (SUN).
It is also called the ‘Point of Enlightened Insight’.

Here’s to a  bright, liberating energy for break-throughs into more freedom, esp. freedom from mental patterns, and to freedom for a whole new way of showing upbeing present with what IS.

Check out what’s new and exciting! And how YOU are NEW in every moment!

The second half of M-r (AUG 8 – 18) is the ‘Promethean’ phase, where new insights and new consciousness can be creatively carried forward.


MERCURY’s Square Dance with MARS and JUPITER

This M-r in LEO forms as its main aspects an opposition with MARS (ruling planet of ARIES) presently in early AQ. It was exact on July 5. Quite dramatic. Also a reflection of “The King hath spoken” vs. “The People act.”
And also, 3 times in fact, MERCURY goes into square with JUPITER in SCO (see above): Pre-retro on July 9, again under M-r on Aug 10, and lastly on Aug 27 when MERCURY will be just out of post-retro ‘storm’.

What’s the gist of the message of these LEO – AQ – SCO oppositions / squares?
Don’t get stuck in ego mind that takes you into polarity and battle. 


So, what’s the MERCURY Retro Timeline?

‘Simply ‘ listed here, without much explanation.
Admittedly more for the ‘Astro Insider’ – but maybe it helps you as a guideline, in connection with the points above.

July 8: Pre-retro ‘shadow’ started
July 9: MERCURY in LEO in square with JUPITER in SCO (# 1).
July 16: Pre-retro ‘storm’ started.
July 22: The SUN enters LEO.

July 25: MERCURY goes retro (until AUG 18) at 23 – 11° LEO.
Aug 8: MERCURY retro conj. the SUN in LEO – Point of Enlightening Insight.
Aug 10: MERCURY retro in square with JUPITER in SCO (# 2).
Aug 18: MERCURY retro in LEO sextile VENUS in LIBRA.  MERCURY goes direct again.
Aug 24: Post-retro ‘storm’ ends.
Aug 27: MERCURY stationary in square with JUPITER in SCO (# 3)

Sept 2: Post-retro ‘shadow’ ends.



Here are my Seasoned & Seasonal


1) Be easy on yourself, as you get into the groove of things.

It usually takes a week or so to adjust to the different mode. Hopefully, you’re taking the pre-retro shadow phase easy, rather than being ‘hit’ by the wild ‘storm’, or stationary stuckness (can be either and both, in paradoxical trickster fashion)..


2) Be mindful, and lead from what’s here-now. 

There’s a tendency for the mind to be distracted and all over the place, to loose and misplace things and thoughts that later have to be RE-trieved again. Avoid getting scattered and disorganized, collect the mind ‘pieces’, be present with any situation and function ‘at hand’, and don’t loose sight of what practically works and matters. The apparent priority of urgent ‘little’ things and ‘small stuff’ can easily be a distraction and waste of energy.
Practice coming back to the here-now.


3) Retro is an inwards / backwards oriented energy.

Would be a good time to RE-treat, and RE-visit meditation and mindfulness.
Also an excellent chance (if not necessity) to deal with ‘old unfinished business’, ‘loose ends’, and to clear communication themes from the past, often carried over from a previous M-r time (last one in March / April 2018).


4) Every M-r phase is a great time to actively pursue basically everything that starts with ‘RE-‘.

Like: re-assess, re-align, read, re-treat, re-pair, re-boot, re-group, re-consider, re-arrange, re-place, you name it…
The RE-ason for me pointing out all these RE-activities:
During M-r (which also has a karmic undertone), we less likely get away anymore with being sloppy, and with procrastinating or neglecting RE-sidual communication issues with people from the past. They come up like a mirror. Talk about what RE-ally matters – in an inspiring, generous, and fun way.


5) Choose the clearest and most direct mode of communication available.

Phone rather than messaging / email (YES!), meeting in person rather than phone / text, to make sure an actual dialogue happens (rather than just your factual monologue, with the assumption you know what they think, or they know what you think).
Consider communicating in several ways and via different media, to make sure the message comes across. Keep in mind that because people’s minds can be all over the place now, communication might be scattered and incomplete, or prone to assumptions: “I thought you got my email!!!”, or actually a monologue: Are you just thinking out loud as you talk, or are you actually suggesting something to me?


6) Be mindful how you communicate with others.

Put yourself in their position, and take ownership and responsibility for your mental processes, rather than blaming and judging (possibly based on lack of communication).


7) Be clear and precise with commitments and agreements.

Double check whether you have been understood correctly, and RE-peat / RE-phrase back to them too. Avoid signing an agreement before you have all the necessary information (often only after MERCURY retro is over!).


8) Mercury Retro RE-minds us…

…that direct connection with another as an authentic and lively dialogue opens up the opportunity to meander and touch on other subjects than the originally intended purpose of the communication. Which can eventually lead to an even more important outcome or direction than anticipated. Check out in hindsight why you actually needed to talk to that person…


9) Under M-r, the odds for fabulous unexpected synchronicities are 99%:

As we act more intuitively and out of the ordinary, we let the spontaneous intervention of the Universe show us our interconnectedness! Way cool and fun! 


10) M-r is a good time to RE-connect with people you have lost sight of.

With the LEO flavour, be clear and authentic, and connect with people and interests that are fun and fresh, creative and playful. In any case, trust your intuition, and let yourself be surprised by what shows up when you speak to them.


11) The themes and areas of life (partners, children, career, groups, etc.) that THIS retro phase brings up for YOU…

…depend on the Planet/s and House/s that M-r activates in YOUR personal birth chart, in other words where ARIES is situated.
I’m happy to check that our for and WITH you.


12) When ‘glitches’ occur, be fluid and flexible like quicksilver (MERCURY’s metal), think “shift happens”.

Don’t judge yourself or others for not being on the same page as you, and turn the paradigm around:
What could be the opportunity in this mishap? And what’s actually funny about this?
RE-frame your way of thinking about things. And entertain the possibility that you might have subconsciously ‘arranged’ a wild alternative to the original ‘plan A’ which – who knows? – might lead to something new and better and more fun than what the ‘normal’, ‘usual’, ‘regular’, and apparently most  ‘efficient’ mind-in-rut-mode could have come up with?


13) Enjoy those unintentional puns, slips, and new connections in the mind, be creative and brainstorm – esp. together with your MERCURY Retro friends 😉


14) Enlightened Insights, anyone…?

Guess what? The Day of Enlightened Insight – when M-r meets the SUN on the exact half-way point of the M-r phase is on 08-08 this year! Also the Day of SIRIUS Rising!


15) If you would like to know…

  • Whether you are a member of the RETRO CLUB (born under MERCURY Retro, as yours truly),
  • In which part of life the Retro Trickster would likely play tricks on / with you,
  • How to play creatively WITH the energy,

….feel welcome to get in touch with your Astrologer. 



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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