CANCER Super New Moon / PSE Opposite PLUTO retro / LILITH in CAP: At Home in this Changing World

10 Jul

Dear Astro~News Reader, in the virtual ComMOONity,

…whether you call a place in North or South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, or Europe your home, and / or the home of your Ancestors.

Where IS your Home?

In this World-of-Change we can theoretically live and work (from) anywhere, and spend our precious time, energy, and resources on what matters most (do we?) rather than ‘wasting’ them on things like commuting.

I’ve been living this vision since 2000 when I immigrated to Canada and moved to my ‘second home’ on beautiful Vancouver Island – while still feeling quite connected to my home and family in Bavaria – , and also opened my Astrology practice the same Summer (18-year anniversary coming up in August – yay!). Not that it’s a piece of cake to build a sustainable practice and livelihood but passion and perseverance, resilience and resourcefulness have certainly helped. And it takes a village…

LOVE and Creative Cooperation are the best fuel, says also the Zodiac axis from CAN / LEO to CAP / AQ (creativity & cooperation & community building).

Creative Cooperation is a big theme for this CANCER Super New Moon / Partial Solar Seed Eclipse almost exactly opposite PLUTO retro in CAP, as the energy axis from CAN / LEO is now hugely activated, and calls to be bridged (rather than polarized).

So, let’s break it down a bit more systematically (I bet VENUS now in VIRGO and all our VIRGO features would appreciate that 🙂 ).


Several things are special about the upcoming NEW MOON:

  • It’ll be in CANCER where the MOON is naturally ‘at Home’ – where our feelings turn to nesting, nurturing, home and family.
  • It’ll be the second / central of 3 Super New Moons.
  • It’ll be a Partial Solar Eclipse – opening the portal for the Summer Eclipse Season – 3 Eclipses (usually two) come in a row: PSE / New Moon on JULY 12, TLE / Full Moon on JULY 27, and PSE / New Moon on AUG 11. And it’ll be a ‘Seed Eclipse’ as I call it (what’s that???).
  • It’ll be exactly opposite PLUTO retro in CAP, and LILITH nearby.

Let’s see what all these qualities translate into, energetically.

Hopefully some of the themes described below, together with YOUR Feelings and Creative Intuition inspires you for a NEW MOON Ceremony?
Good days would be Thu eve (at or shortly after the New Moon at 7:48 pm PDT) or on Fri the 13th – a VENUS / MOON Day of the Sacred Feminine.


New Moon Goddess – artist unknown


CANCER New Moon –
New Home, New Tribe, New Family. New Sense of Nurturing.

How are you FEELING these days?
Go with how you FEEL about a situation (rather than rationalizing) – says also JUPITER (which is best friends with CANCER – true, ask your Astrologer!) now strong and stationary in SCORPIO, suggesting: Trust your instinct & gut feeling!

What and whom are you nurturing, and what nurtures you?
Yeah, that’s what CANCER is all about. Emotional nurturing and caring. How does it feel to you when you show you care? And when you experience others care about you and about their relationship with you?

Where to you have a sense of belonging?
SO CANCER. Belonging not so much in a physical sense but as a felt sense of feeling at home. The New Moon invites us to find our Home in a new way. 

Who / where’s your Tribe & Family?
The New Moon is a threshold from an old situation to a new one, like closing a door and opening a new portal – even more so as a (Partial) Solar Eclipse where the MOON (visible in Southern Australia / Antarctica) covers the Solar disk partially.

Are old themes re: Family and Tribe coming up for you these days, that are now transforming (PLUTO opp. the New Moon, and JUPITER this year in SCORPIO, ruled by PLUTO)?
It might have been a longer process – but hey, deep structural patterns take time to change (says also PLUTO in CAP, 2009 – 2023).
The ‘Seed’ Eclipse New Moon (more about it below) is like a conception of the New – still ‘invisible’ yet starting to grow.
Maybe this means you literally transform into feeling at home in a new Tribe and Family?


SUPER NEW MOON Series of 3

ALL 3 New Moons on June 13, July 12, and Aug 11 are Super Moons, since the MOON is now in Perigee = the Moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit, when in the Zodiac signs of GEMINI, CANCER, and LEO.

This one is the second and central Super New Moon – sandwiched by the GEM and LEO SNMs – perhaps the strongest of them. 
The CANCER – CAP axis is strongly activated too – linking over to New Year’s 2018!
Remember the Super Moon on Jan 1? A spectacular Full Moon in CANCER – CAP it was, and very emotional for many of us.
With a Super New Moon, we can’t see how close the Moon is and how large it appears (as with a Super Full Moon) but its effects are nevertheless stronger than ‘regular’ New Moons – I bet you feel that.

This CANCER NEW MOON Super Moon connects back to the CAN – CAP New Year’s Super Full Moon. Also, since the CAN – CAP axis is again activated, via PLUTO in CAP:
How did you feel about Home, Family / Tribe, and Nurturance, in a personal way, and / or for Humanity on our Home Planet Earth round New Years, and how has that evolved since?
What can a contribution to beneficial and nurturing change look like?


Numerological Super Moon Magic:
Clear Completion and New Beginning, with 10 = 1+0

Have you noticed? 
Together with two dear clients on Monday morning and early afternoon, we realized that the dates of the THREE Super Moon New Moons on
JULY 12 in CANCER (Partial Solar Eclipse)
AUG 11 in LEO (Partial Solar Eclipse)
all add up to 10 (1+3+6; 1+2+7; 1+1+8) – pointing to completion (10) and new beginning (1) – out of zero point consciousness.


Voyager Tarot card X Fortune Photo & Crystal Activation by Melanie


X is the Wheel of Fortune in traditional Tarot.
In the VOYAGER deck which I bring in quite often at private sessions and in group Parlours it’s ‘simply’ Fortune.

Abundance comes from turning the wheel (don’t just expect things to ‘roll in’).
Yet also: ‘Be careful what you wish for’ – the Universe brings feedback on what you passionately put out (even what we passionately hate). Attention is magical, and a precious ‘commodity’ – social media and marketing know a lot about this..
Plus: Abundance and good fortune are in the eye and mind of the beholder, i.o.w., when we’re grateful, generously share, and cultivate feeling fortunate we live in a world of abundance.

With these # 10 = 1 + 0 Super New Moons, let’s feel into the Fortune of being on Planet Earth at this Time of Change where we have the opportunity of Co-creating in new Tribes, Families, and Communities. 
Out of Zero Point consciousness of pure potentiality arises the ONE – Being at Home in the ONE.


The CANCER Super New Moon is a Partial Solar ECLIPSE – opening the Portal for 3 Eclipses this Summer:

Partial Solar Eclipse

  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse / New Moon in CAN, on JULY 12.


  • TOTAL LUNAR Eclipse / Full Moon in AQ – LEO, on JULY 27.


  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse / New Moon in LEO, on Aug 11.

These accentuated SoLunar Gates invite us:
* To
be in our Loving, Self-Loving, and Life-Loving vibrations (the LEO North Node incentive is strong now!).
* To show ourselves more heart-fully, be creative and seen (rather than ‘watching someone else’s show’).
* To release (the AQ South Node shadow / low vibrations of) isolation, alienation and cold detachment in our social environment, and:
* To let the Heart guide us to find our way HOME
(the North Node will move into CANCER, from Nov 16 on).

The two Partial SOLAR ECLIPSES in CANCER on July 12 and in LEO Aug 11 are ‘Seed Eclipses’ (as I call it), since the New Moon is both times close to the Lunar North Node, presently in early LEO.

Strong & loving LEO Heart radiance energizes us and others, and that starts with / comes from self nurturance, care, and belonging (CANCER). New seeds are being planted in this. ❤ 
Let’s love & embrace ourselves and others from the Heart – maybe literally through a hug, or embrace them and the ‘situation’ energetically.


The Super New Moon / PSE at 20°41′ CANCER will be exactly opposite PLUTO retro, presently at 20°00(!) CAP, and LILITH in CAP:
At Home in This Changing World.

The New Moon comes with the CAN – CAP opposition axis, since PLUTO is sitting right across SUN and MOON, and LILITH is nearby, end of CAP, reaching over into early AQ (see chart below).

It’s almost like a Full Moon this way, since both sides of the spectrum are activated, however: not via bright illumination as in a Full Moon, reflecting the sunlight.

Rather in ‘multiple darkness’:
The invisible New Moon is a seed in the dark, and PLUTO is dark & transformational – often darkness and shadow, even to an extreme, are the most effective catalysts for deep change – PLUTO’s message / function.
Both the SUN and MOON oppose PLUTO before the New Moon – in the ‘Dark Moon’ phase, plus: PLUTO is presently retro.

I.o.w., that old and inner ‘PLUTO business’ is being released with the dark MOON – before we step into the new cycle (nice sequence).


Let’s hear a bit about PLUTO again – just to acknowledge what it IS and how it’s serving its purpose:

PLUTO in CAP (since 2008 / 2009, and still going on until 2023; we’re 2/3 into it) represents the Old World-in-Change, as in: societal, political, business & career structures, and:
How these man-made (infra)structures affect the cycles of Nature and the structures of the Earth.

A neutral expression of CAP (which also traditionally rules farming):
Working with the Earth and Seasonal Cycles.

Mostly, we’ve seen  and can’t ignore anymore how the exponentially disrespectful, excessive, extreme, and abusive exploitation of resources and disposal of ‘waste’ is destroying the Earth that humanity and the intricate web of Nature depend upon.
I don’t believe in the Planet MARS / ‘terraforming’ / ‘farming out’ cop-out, btw – what a poor testimony to humanity’s failure of Earth stewardship!

How does the almost over-powering CAP shadow FEEL?
We need to sit with our grieving.


LILITH end of CAP ahead of PLUTO (SUN and MOON oppose ‘her’ after the New MOON – that’s significant!) shows us our True Nature – which is resourceful and an ever renewable resource that fuels Deep Transformation from within.
Being IN Nature of course helps…

HOW can that look like? 

  • How do we start ‘at Home’ and in the Heart? 
  • How can we be at Home (CAN) in this Changing World (PLUTO in CAP)?
  • How can we, rather than resisting the Change, be co-creative (CAN / LEO) in integrity (CAP), and collaborate innovatively and co-creatively in a community ( AQ) that IS the Change (PLUTO)?
  • Check in how you FEEL about lamenting the change, being frustrated at ‘the powers’, destructive and irresponsible forces, yet stuck and immobilized?
    It might have to do with unprocessed grief and anger.
  • What could engaging in Creative Change look like?
  • Business (CAP) from Home  / Home-on-the-back (CAN) which has become so popular lately can make good sense, as long as it saves resources (hmmm, the global home internet nomad-ism….!), isn’t isolating (we ARE social animals!), and contributes in a co-creative community.

With the position of PLUTO facing the Super New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse at exactly 20°00′(!) CAP I couldn’t not find the SABIAN SYMBOL for this degree – and indeed, very apropos:


Gospel Choir – Pixabay PD graphic

The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity.

In great cathedrals and other religious edifices the choir is normally hidden behind the altar or above the nave. It symbolizes thus more perfectly the supernal harmony of “heaven” — or the music of the spheres.

The ideal of social participation is exalted to its highest manifestation, for the choir also represents the multifaceted and polyphonic unity of the community in its transcendent state of perfect harmony.
Within this harmony the individual who has overcome his egocentric separativeness and developed his higher consciousness finds fulfillment in super-personal togetherness.

This is the fifth and last symbol of this fifty-eighth sequence. It presents us with the purest form of group-harmony, the most basic yet most difficult fulfillment of the social state.
At the level of the individual person this “hidden choir” would refer to the polyphonic integration of all faculties in their most spiritual manifestations: The ideal of PLENITUDE of being.”

I love how this symbol adds the spiritual and AQ communal dimension – as LILITH does.


Voila, here IS…

The chart for the CANCER Super New Moon / PSE on JULY 12 (exact at 7:48 pm PDT).

In Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia / New Zealand it’ll be JULY 13. 


Can you see the strong axis from late CAN (SUN and MOON) / early LEO (NN, and MERCURY retro coming in soon) to CAP (SATURN retro, PLUTO retro, LILITH, SN / MARS retro)?

Clearly calling us to bridge ‘both worlds’:
The private and the public, personal needs and ‘outer’ purpose and contribution, and to start with a new quality of family and at-home ness that is being seeded now. 


Another striking aspect that the chart shows:
All the CAP / early AQ Planets and Astro Archetypes (except LILITH) are presently RETRO!

We’re processing the ‘old world’ that’s no more valid (for better or worse) yet overcompensates / desperately tries to stay established:
Old authority (SATURN), old powers & control (PLUTO), old societies (SN in AQ), old desires, drives, competitiveness, aggression / old masculine / warrior group energy (MARS in AQ).


Voyager Tarot card III – Empress. Photo & Crystal Activation by Melanie


The Great Mother (CANCER Super New MOON), rather than resisting (SATURN), trying to change / control (PLUTO), alienating (AQ), and fighting (MARS), embraces what / who shows up, with the transformational power (PLUTO), wisdom & integrity (SATURN), and fierce energy (MARS) of LOVE.


Blessings for Goddess Power transforming the World!


Come join (live in person in Victoria, or online) our 8-week ASTRO ARCHETYPES Summer ImmersionWe start on JULY 18 – the week after the CANCER New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse.


Email me (licht@islandnet) if you have questions about it, to discuss whether it could be a good fit for you, or if you’d like to register.
The first meeting on JULY 18 can be attended as drop-in, to get a sense of it before committing to the 8-week journey.
Looking forward to hearing from you, and welcoming you in the co-creative circle!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Yout Inner Cosmic Compass’.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’, and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, for perspective at a crossroad or dilemma, and for empowered choices.

If you’d like to tune in astrologically, whether there’s an outer ‘occasion’ and change, or you just have ‘that calling’ I invite you to get in touch.
I’m happy to support you in being re-aligned and re-empowered, on your own path, and in relationships with others.
Plus, I can help you determine your powerful places on Planet Earth.

ASTRO~EXPERIENCES, via Courses. Workshops, and Embodied Astrology:

Our experiential and embodied Astrology groups have over the 13 years I’ve been facilitating them become quite potent and catalytic.
Come join us, in person here in Victoria, or as an online participant, if deep synergy in an intimate (up to 6 participants) circle speaks to you!

Please find upcoming Astro~Experiences as well as offers, plus almost daily updates (more frequently than here on the Blog), incl. YouTube videos, on my FB Page:
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This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gifts of Astrology!

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