VENUS in VIRGO (July 9 – Aug 6) – Self Alignment is Beautiful.

4 Jul

Cosmic Greetings, dear Astro~News Reader!

Virgo and Mercury, by Johfra Bosschart


VENUS will cross over the ‘Sphinx Point’ of Self (LEO) Awareness (VIRGO) on JULY 9.
Self Awareness, loving and knowing ourselves, and being in alignment with the Cosmic Self (as the image beautifully shows) is the prerequisite of helping others finding their light – true service.

If your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets / Nodes are in VIRGO they’re a magnet under VENUS in VIRGO and can attract more easily than otherwise – incl. attracting service and practice – which VIRGO loves.


Under VENUS in VIRGO, our loving qualities can be well channeled into the work we’re here to do. 
Yet good to remember for self critical VIRGO to not wait until we’re perfect, and not sabotage the work that’s needed by considering it as ‘not good enough’.

What helps if these understandable and likely conditioned voices come up is to bring ourselves back into alignment, perhaps through a health / wellness / spiritual practice, like meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, walking in Nature. Anything that can turn into a healthy routine, bringing us back into ourselves.
Self sufficient VIRGO loves that.

Speaking of self sufficient, VENUS in VIRGO can bring out the d.i.y. self sufficiency a tad too much, so that we’re not so open to receive. Good to remember, and to open up and let the Love IN – as NEPTUNE in PI would offer. VENUS will go into opposition / relationship with NEPTUNE on July 24 – to make sure balance is in place, in a healthy way 😉


The beautiful VENUS Evening Star heralds VENUS Retro (coming up Oct 5 to Nov 16) – an important ‘underworld journey’ for relationship oriented VENUS to find her own self value.
VENUS in VIRGO can already help us with Self Alignment (“How do I work, what works for me and is healthy….?!”).


Here’s the line-up of ‘dates & dances’ for VENUS in VIRGO with other Planets – in order (yep, gotta be orderly, says VIRGO) of appearance:


Self Alignment is Beautiful.


JULY 11 – 13
VENUS trine URANUS in TAU, quincunx CHIRON retro in AR, and trine SATURN retro in CAP.
This beautiful Grand Earth Trine of VENUS – URANUS – SATURN brings stability to what could have shown up before as unsettling and new when URANUS entered (VENUS ruled) TAURUS. Good to be in loving Self Alignment and commitment to integrity, while setting ourselves free from sticky attachments and ‘ownership’.


The crescent MOON in VIRGO joins VENUS in the Evening Sky.
Beauty to Behold (yet never own).


VENUS quincunx MARS retro in AQ.
Sacred Feminine and alignment help with stepping out of old ‘systemic’ conflict, and with loving awareness of what’s underneath it.


No taboos, just awareness – allows for intimacy and change for the better.


VENUS opp. NEPTUNE retro in PI.
Let the Love in – in a healthy way.


JULY 27 / 28
VENUS trine PLUTO retro / LILITH in CAP.
Naturally empowered and core connected – grounding in Love.


VENUS goes into LIBRA (until Sept 9 + Oct 31 – Dec 2! So long this year in LIBRA since she’ll go retro in SCO – LI!)
VENUS ‘Evening Star’ and also in LIBRA shows us about our relational ‘bias’ (comparing ourselves / designing ourselves for others / making our life and our choices overly about others).
VENUS Retro in SCO – LI (Oct 5 – Nov 16) helps us unravel it, and reconnect with our intrinsic value and self-love.

Post about VENUS Retro to come closer to the date – but first, save the date for VENUS & the MOON, on Friday the 13th – stay tuned for the post!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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