CHIRON retro early ARIES on July 4, and into Square with SATURN retro early CAP: Healing the Old through Inner Medicine and Authenticity

2 Jul

Can you feel it?
It’s a CHIRON-ic week and month, dear Astro~News Reader!

Quick flash-back for context:
CHIRON crossed over the Spring Equinox a.k.a. ‘Emergence’ Point on APR 17, to ‘Come Alive’ in ARIES. Here’s a link to the blog post for CHIRON’s entry into ARIES – The Medicine of Being Authentically YOU.
It’s a try-on / preview phase until Sept 25, when it re-immerses itself into PISCES. And then from Feb 18, 2019 on, the full-on emergence of ARIES Medicine will show up.
CHIRON in ARIES connects us with the Medicine of being authentic!

Howzit going thus far, with CHIRON in ARIES?
Here are some themes you might recognize, esp. if YOU have early ARIES SUN / MOON / AC, or Planets – or even CHIRON (born 1968 / 69):

  • All is fresh, raw, and NEW in ARIES.
  • Finding the Medicine of being Authentically YOU!
  • Emerging from the Collective Consciousness.
    Which can be scary, and / or hugely liberating.


CHIRON the Centaur turned Warrior.

CHIRON brings up ‘wounds’ and awkwardness, and we feel like an outsider – in ARIES when we show up or stand up for ourselves, and for what matters to us.

It might be also awkward if we didn’t have role models, or their teachings don’t apply to THIS. 

Yet, what the heck? says ARIES, It’s my life, this is ME.
Early ARIES is a Warrior / Survivor.
All about the NOW.

That’s what ARIES is all about: NOW THIS!
Alive, alert, letting life force emerge in every moment. Time for fresh beginnings – or for simply being present with what’s always NEW.

Show up in a new way, try out what you haven’t before, not in a long time, or don’t have a ‘model’ or comparison for. If it ‘doesn’t work’ try something else (ARIES doesn’t mind starting anew). The essence of being innovative.
Anger (an ARIES expression) can be your vulnerability (incl. passive-aggressive modes if anger isn’t / wasn’t ok) yet also guide you to your Medicine. MARS now retro (since June 26) can help with bravely facing old anger.

Those of you born with CHIRON in ARIES (Apr – Oct 1968, and Feb 1969 – March 1977) know a bit (or a lot) about this state of Being.
For you, round age 50 CHIRON will make its Return, and your ‘original wound / Medicine’ comes full circle.
All of us (independent of age) esp. if we have SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in early ARIES (or triggered by it, in LIBRA, CAN or CAP) we’ll get a CHIRON ‘kick’ too, to step forward, authentically as we are, esp. in the area of life related to our ARIES House in the chart.


JULY is quite the CHIRON-ic month, since CHIRON will do it’s slow-motion turnaround maneuver.
The shift technically happens on JULY 4 – yet CHIRON will be ‘stationary’
(move only between 2°08′ – 2°25′ AR) throughout JULY.
CHIRON in ARIES themes are highlighted in the world (wounded warriors / survivors of trauma, woundedness of being alone, Warrior medicine) and in ourselves.

During JULY and even more so AUG, a (not technically exact, yet very close for two months) square from SATURN retro moving slowly in early CAP to CHIRON moving slowly in early AR (both 1 – 4°) will be with us.
Different effects are possible with this challenging and dynamic combo that calls for a shift:

  • It can be a trying time if we want to move ahead ‘according to plan’, and get our act together yet feel prevented / delayed / sabotaged by ‘circumstances’ and authorities – which could also be a reflection of our inner and old fears and limiting (societal) conditioning (SATURN retro in CAP), perhaps passed on through generations.
  • Watch how these voices of (self) judgment pretend to protect you yet also prevent you from being boldly and authentically YOU (CHIRON retro in AR).
  • An initiation and ‘free cosmic therapy intensive’ to recognize and acknowledge our patterns of ‘obstacles’, and to find healing with baby steps..
  • Activate the Inner Elder (SATURN retro in CAP), and counsel it to show you more about your authentic (AR) purpose and integrity (CAP).
  • How about a ceremony to honour the Elders, and invoke their gifts for THIS time?
  • To access and activate, and beyond that, to commit to work with our Inner Medicine, Inner Authority / Inner Resources would be a good outcome of this planetary activation through SATURN – CHIRON.
    How does that show up for you???


Many Blessings for the Medicine!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, to live from YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

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2 Responses to “CHIRON retro early ARIES on July 4, and into Square with SATURN retro early CAP: Healing the Old through Inner Medicine and Authenticity”

  1. Pamela Morse July 3, 2018 at 6:35 am #

    Thanks. I am reblogging this very well written piece.

    • Melanie Lichtinger July 4, 2018 at 6:35 pm #

      Thank you, Pamela!
      Blessings for the Inner Medicine Journey to you and your readers!

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