VENUS enters LEO (June 13 – July 9): Love Yourself & Show Your Love!

11 Jun

Boom – here comes the not-to-be-missed Summer Glory of VENUS in LEO!

Quite the week – no boredom:

MERCURY enters CANCER on June 12 (until June 28), and immediately connects with its ‘higher octave’ URANUS, and also with CHIRON on June 13.
The GEMINI New Moon / SuperMoon (closer to Earth than ‘normal’) on June 13.

Lady VENUS enters the LEO domain on June 13 – meowy roarrr!
Celebrate, Let your Hair down and Show your Mane, and most of all: 

Live Life Lovingly!


What’d got to show?
Your LEOnine side will be quite the radiant magnet these weeks!

Don’t be shy, SHINE!

Show Time, Glow & Glamour Time… and foremost: Show your LOVE!


Rather than… being too self enamored, narcissistic, a high maintenance / spoiled brat (the shadow sides of LEO that everyone else BUT the LEO sees, hilarious actually…).

VENUS will be in LEO until July 9, adding to the Summer Radiance.

What’s ‘she’ up to, during her ‘cat walk’?
Whom / which other Archetypes does ‘she’ go into contact with, sizzlingly so, while in LEO?


June 13 – The Day of the GEM New Moon!
VENUS enters LEO (until July 9):
Warm Summer Radiance from the Heart Attracts!


June 14 / 15
VENUS square URANUS in TAU, and trine CHIRON in AR:
A New Love?
A new way of being authentically present (CHIRON in ARIES), self-loving / life-loving (VENUS in LEO), naturally brilliant and magnetic. No room for old sticky attachments.
Set yourself free, and love yourself. Set your Heart on Fire!


June 16
The Crescent MOON in LEO meets VENUS ‘Evening Star’:
Sweet and sparkling Celebration of Life & Love.


June 19 – 21
VENUS quincunx SATURN retro in CAP.
VENUS conj. the North Node in LEO, and opposite MARS (which is about to go retro on June 26) in AQ:
Can you be done with working so hard to be acknowledged and loved, and start with a healthy dose of Self Love? It’s your life. Live the Love!
With VENUS activating the North Node in LEO let’s be more in a healthy LEO mode of LIVING LIFE LOVINGLY, and showing ourselves Heart-fully and creatively (vs. being ‘one of many’, just ‘watching the show and drama’ of others, in depleting, even self-harming, ‘detached’ AQ mode). 

The radiant, creative, loving Divine Feminine and Inner Goddess attracts!


June 25
VENUS square JUPITER retro in SCO:
Show your Love and Passion. Be intimately involved with Life!


June 27 – The Day after MARS goes retro
VENUS quincunx with (‘her’ higher octave) NEPTUNE stationary / retro in PI:
A Love Affair with the Universe. Don’t take things too purrrsonally. Love is letting go (incl. of ‘old’ conflict’, and letting BE. Tune into the Divine Feminine & Universal Love.


July 1
VENUS quincunx PLUTO retro / LILITH in CAP:
Dedicate your Love to the Well-Being of All. Find the ‘wild’, natural Soul Love that never gets old, and isn’t even time-bound.


July 9
VENUS crosses over the ‘Sphinx Point’ into VIR (there until Aug 6):
From the Queen to the Priestess. Bringing our Love into Service and Alignment.


VENUS will go retro (every 1 1/2 years) this Fall, from Oct 5 – Nov 16, in SCO / late LIBRA.
A time to re-connect with the ‘Inner Lover’ and re-connect with our intrinsic value, and more…
Blog post about it to come….


For now, it’s time for a Heart-fully passionate and creative month!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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