MERCURY in CANCER (June 12 – 28) – Inner Landscape of the Mind. Loving, Nurturing Messages.

11 Jun

Dear Astro~News Blog Reader,
noticing a shift in the mental landscape?

Tomorrow, one day before the New MOON (ruling CANCER) in GEMINI (ruled by MERCURY) – which is on June 13 at 12:43 pm PDT – blog post to come – MERCURY moves into CANCER! Can you see the cosmic elegance in this theme?
I call the GEM – CAN cusp that MERCURY moves over and which links MERCURY and the MOON the ‘MIND / Rapport Point’.
Once I attended a Buddhist talk where I learned for Buddhists the intellectual mind and the emotions are in one continuum of ‘Mind’. Makes perfect sense to me, since thoughts evoke emotions and emotions have their voices, and lead to thoughts… A lot going on in this realm these days, and Astrology reflects this.
I call GEM – CAN also the Rapport Point since to built rapport we need to have a mental and emotional connection, getting each other mentally, and sharing from a loving, nurturing place.
Let’s make a point of being in good rapport with the world – not just, but maybe esp. reminded of – these days.

So here we go: Winged Messenger entering the Cancerian Waters tomorrow!


MERCURY in CANCER (June 12 – 28):
The Inner Landscape of the Mind.


Crab Perspective… and Family Time…

MERCURY’s move into CANCER invites us into playful, creative imagination, after the intellectual, information driven MERCURY in GEM over the last weeks.

MERCURY in CAN (until June 28) brings out memories and reflections, and is rather inward-backward oriented.
This mercurial energy can be also well channeled into communicating from a caring, nurturing, compassionate, gentle place, with and on behalf of the family, tribe, children, the human family, and the family of all sentient Beings

I.o.w.: Talk to your Tribe! And talk to ‘others’ as if they were in your Tribe – because we ultimately are.

The shadow / pitfall of MERCURY in CANCER is an emotional ‘overlay’ of information processing, and lack of objectivity. Information is filtered through feelings which can be a moody (CANCER is ruled by the MOON and ebb – tides like: “Today it seems like this, but who knows how I read / hear it tomorrow, and what it reminds me of”.
CANCER’s got the best memory of them all which is where the mind (MERCURY) can be pulled into now, for better: bring on the stories and throwbacks! or worse: these ghosts from the past have a life of their own, and in hindsight it can me always be nostalgic or…haunting. 

MERCURY is this time in CANCER for 2 weeks only – a relatively short window to look into the inner landscape (YES, a good time to do it!), and ask: 
How does this and that information make me FEEL? Where do these feelings originate?
Dreams can be very enhanced now too (of course even more so closer to the Full Moon on June 27 / 28, MERCURY’s ‘grand finale’ day in CANCER, and can be brought to consciousness (I’m already noticing that lately – you too?).
Which reminds me of one of Carl G. Jung’s famous works Memories, Dreams, and Reflections
“I can understand myself only in the light of inner happenings.” – very apropos MERCURY in CAN.
The Swiss psychologist C.G.J. * July 26, 1875, was born under a LEO SUN / URANUS (ruler of his AQ Rising – a brilliant man indeed!), and VENUS / MERCURY in CAN.


Forest Pond Magic – Photo by Melanie, June 2018


Quite the MERCURY activated two weeks to come, almost exactly from New Moon (June 13) to Full Moon (June 28):

MERCURY in CAN triggers almost all planetary Archetypes (ha, Jung – the ‘grandfather’ of Archetype awareness in the modern world – would love this), and their patterns with one another.

Chronologically in this sequence:
I.o.w., the whole Zeitgeist and its Archetypes can be seen through the lens of the mind, reflected in our emotional field, and communicated back ‘out’ again.
Since it all happens in a such concentrated time window, the themes below can be activated almost at once, and you might feel yourself be expressing all of them simultaneously / interchangably:


  • June 12
    MERCURY enters CAN:
    Building Rapport. Offering nurturing messages from / for the ‘Inner Landscape’.
    Talk with your Tribe, and create a Tribe atmosphere.


  • June 12 / 13
    One day overlap of MERCURY and VENUS both in CAN (VENUS goes into LEO on June 13), framing the beginning and end of it:
    Creating a space of gentle, caring conversation and connection.


  • June 13 – Day of the GEM New Moon
    MERCURY in CAN in sextile with URANUS in TAU, and in square with CHIRON in AR:

    Follow grounded intuition. Speak in authentic, maybe raw and vulnerable ways that touch the heart.
    A new conversation where ‘opposites’ and ‘dualities’ find common ground or even Alchemy can start from here (New Moon in late GEM).


  • June 14
    The (post-New) young MOON in CAN meets MERCURY, even more showing the start of the theme:
    How would a Caring One communicate? 


  • June 15
    MERCURY opposite SATURN retro in CAP:
    Facing ‘old world’ authorities with cold, rigid, heavy, righteous, separative agendas (incl. the inner one)? Don’t take the blame / don’t take things on that aren’t yours. What matters in the long run, and at ‘the end of the day’? What would the Inner Authority / Inner Elder say? Meditation and perhaps mediation are indicated, speaking with Elders and tuning into traditions is a healthy expression of this ‘polarity’.


  • June 16
    MERCURY quincunx stationary MARS (about to go retro, on June 26) in AQ:
    Watch angry thoughts and the sharp tongue, and don’t let them get the better of you.  No need to let them out on your friends. Tomorrow you might already feel and think differently about it all. The energy is well channeled into passionately co-advocating FOR something, and bravely tracing the origin of your feelings, thoughts, anger, and passion.


  • June 19 / 20
    MERCURY trine JUPITER retro in SCO (June 19) and NEPTUNE stationary in PI (June 20), activating the Grand Water Trine (that we already experienced via VENUS in CAN, on June 1 / 2, and we’ll experience again via the SUN in CAN, on July 5 – 8):
    Sharing our experiences, thoughts, and emotions on deeper levels (like: what’s been triggered from the past) can help with closer intimacy and connection with others and ourselves, reveal what’s been hidden all along, and transformational gifts that lead to more freedom.


  • June 21 – The SUN enters CANCER – Summer Solstice!
    Light on Warmth, Compassion and Kindness


  • June 23
    MERCURY opposite PLUTO retro and LILITH in CAP:
    Speaking on behalf of our human family, in the face of where the world seems to go:
    How can this lifestyle be sustainable, for the next Seven (or less?) Generations to come? 

    Also, a good time to reconnect and communicate with Family and Ancestors (alive or in other realms, Spirit Ancestors, as well as the Inner Spirit Elder). And to go into dialogue with your Inner ‘Wild’ True Nature that shows you where you’re respected and regenerated.


  • June 28 – Day of the Full Moon in CAP – CAN, and just after MARS going retro (June 26)
    MERCURY enters LEO where it’ll be for a LONG time, until Sept 5, due to, you guessed it: MERCURY retro from July 25 – Aug 18, all in LEO.
    MERCURY will immediately square URANUS in TAU and trine CHIRON in AR, on June 30.
    Almost all of Aug, MERCURY in LEO will square JUPITER in SCO:
    Speaking from a heart- and soulful place, and when ‘conflict’ arises suddenly, come from a deep place of truth that pierces right through attachments to right- or wrong-doing.
    All in the LEO name of Living Life Lovingly!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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