GEMINI (22°44′!) New Moon: Alchemizing Dualities

11 Jun

GEMINI the Alchemist-a?

The GEMINI painting by Johfra Bosschart shows on its top the double-headed Phoenix bird, arising from the Yin-Yang Lunar / Solar Alchemy of opposites. In this deeper sense, GEMINI is the Alchemist.

Such a cool pointer to the theme of Alchemizing dualities that the New Moon Union of Lunar Yin and Solar Yang shows up at 22°44′(!) GEM (see the chart below, and amazingly ‘fitting’ Sabian Symbol).


Mercury Rules Gemini, by Johfra Bosschart. Detail: The Phoenix, alchemizing Yin Feminine / Lunar and Yang Masculine / Solar.


We’re are called to be Alchemists of conflict, dualities and opposites, in so many ways, these days.
Not only friends and clients with GEM themes in their charts notice this…

So, before we meet the GEMINI New Moon directly, let’s honour ‘her entourage’ of planetary ‘players’, and the overall Astro sphere – GEMINI AIR is fanning the Fires of ARIES, LEO, and MARS:

Let’s be authentic, lovingly express who we are, trust and follow the Heart & Spirit!

This opens the door for healing in ourselves, and to show others ‘how it goes’ when we’re radically, authentically, lovingly, present in the moment (CHIRON in AR).
An Alchemy of the Heart!

Time to let the ‘old regime’ of inner ancestral disempowering conditioning and imprints (SATURN retro in CAP linking with the North Node and round June 20 also VENUS in LEO), esp. about self-worth (like: “you need to work hard to be worthy, loved, attractive” “everyone else is ‘further ahead’, no way catching up!”) and disempowering responses to external, present-day controlling structures and situations burn up in the Bonfire of Love, and meet the inner and outer worlds from a naturally powerfully authentic, loving place (PLUTO / LILITH in CAP, in quincunx with the New Moon in GEM).

What helps ignite this Alchemy opportunity is asking good questions, listening, learning, starting a new conversation, going into dialogue, and inquiring deeply.
No way going back into the historic rabbit hole…

Through unburdening ourselves from the shackles of the past that we might have been unconsciously loyal to, we naturally find our freedom. Just as removing junk from a river allows it to naturally run freely.

NEPTUNE in PI – which the MOON (on June 13) and the SUN (on June 6) square up with – helps forgive, release, let go, and surrender it all in the Unifying Field – call it Universal Love and Oneness.
We’re all in THIS…

The New Moon in GEM initiates a new beginning for new learning, new avenues, new questions, new dialogue (incl. inner) – new Alchemy!


Sabian Symbol for the New Moon


Egret Nest – Photo by Steve Copsey


KEYNOTE: The growth of spiritually creative processes in an at least relatively integrated mind.

In traditional symbolism birds usually refer to spiritual forces, or at least to the higher and freer aspects of the mind. Here we see only the very beginning of a process in what we might also call “the upper chamber” of consciousness where the creative power of the spirit can be received and assimilated. Fecundated by the spirit and supported by a deeply rooted cultural and vitalistic tradition, human beings can gradually develop an integral personality. It is essentially three-fold, reflecting the Divine Trinity, in India expressed as Sat-Chit-Ananda.

This is the third stage of a process which should lead to a deeper and more natural understanding of human existence. It suggests that the ambitious mass protests of aroused and largely blind desires should be transmuted through harmonization with natural drives and in terms of spontaneous responses attuned to the phases of natural evolution. Stressed here is CREATIVE INTEGRATION.”


The Sat-Chit-Ananda symbolism / Sabian Symbol divination of the New Moon theme made me reflect – and research. Here’s a beautiful quote from an Indian site called Speaking Tree:

SAT is Truth, Existence or Pure Being. SAT is what always remains regardless of time or situation. When we awaken, we constantly recognize Pure Being. We are consciously aware of Pure Being as our true nature, the core and foundation of all life. 
CHIT or Consciousness is the first manifestation of our true nature. It is streaming from all of creation. When consciousness becomes conscious of itself, it is like looking in the mirror at your own eyes or looking into the eyes of another. There is a simple and deep recognition of the absolute as yourself and in everything else. 
Amazingly, consciousness is often not aware of itself. It is usually the mind’s distractions which keep consciousness from being “self-aware.” However, when the mind is allowed to be still, consciousness can simply gaze upon it, and Sat Chit Ananda is realized. 
Pure being and consciousness are always present although they may not be recognized. And it is mostly the mind or ego which distracts us from the direct experience of this divine presence. 
When the mind unwinds and becomes calmer, Bliss, Love, and Happiness naturally arise.” 


Let’s take a look at the GEMINI New Moon chart!

The GEMINI New Moon will be at 12:43 pm PDT on June 13.

And it’s exactly at 22°44′ GEM – inbuilt Dualities to Alchemize.



As you see, the SUN / MOON pairing is ‘growing out’ of a square with NEPTUNE in PI (the MOON will go into square with NEPTUNE on the New Moon day, June 13, and the SUN was in square with NEPTUNE on June 6).
So there’s the spiritual dimension (NEPTUNE in PI) that naturally transcends dualities – reflecting the Sabian Symbol above.


The New Moon in GEM is also in ‘odd’ quincunx with PLUTO retro (led by LILITH) in CAP (the MOON will be in exact quincunx on the New Moon day, June 13, and the SUN was in that quincunx today, June 11).
Seems like a strange combo between ‘light and youthful’ GEM, and ‘heavy and ancient’ CAP.
However, via the evolutionary ‘Magician’ Archetype PLUTO, next to ‘Wild & Natural’ LILITH,  links the theme of Alchemy in, once again:
The old and outworn, unsustainable structures (inside of us, and in the outer world) quite naturally transform through the power of Evolution.

The GEM New Moon can help with a new beginning, by prompting us to inquire:

  • In what ways do we tend to uphold the old polarities (horizontally: this and that, allies and enemies; and vertically: top-down and bottom-up) via our thinking and speaking?
  • What’s required and would help to change this conditioning?

And by recognizing and alchemizing these polarities in ourselves.


The New Moon also catalyzes MARS retro (which technically starts on June 26 and goes until Aug 27, but is already ‘in the making’ as MARS has slowed down its motion this month before the ‘U-Turn’, tuning us into the themes of this phase: RE-calibrating the Inner / Old Masculine. RE-activating Community and Cooperation.

MARS will be conjunct the Lunar South Node in AQ on June 14
– and will cruise around / with the South Node for the retro and back to AQ journey, basically until end of Sept.

Another indicator that the old and cold and told narrative of alienation and domination (CAP shadow) via divide-and-rule of ‘the people’ (AQ) is so outdated, and in dire need for alchemizing with the magnetizing power of LOVE (VENUS goes into LEO on the day of the New Moon, lines up with the Lunar North Node and opposes MARS on June 20 / 21, right round the Summer Solstice). 


Feminine and Masculine / Yin and Yang / Lunar and Solar energies not in polarity but in alchemizing synergy are not only more than the sum of their ‘parts’ but also definitely more than the energy lost in polarization.

Here’s the whole painting by Johfra Bosschart:
Mercury Rules Gemini (and yes, MERCURY is also an Alchemist – sort of a ‘minor Magician’, while PLUTO is the major Magician)


Mercury Rules Gemini.
Interchange and alchemical union of ‘opposites’
Painting by Johfra Bosschart


As always with a New Moon, we’re in the ‘conception cauldron’ where solar rays of intention unite with lunar receptivity and openness.

Both belong together, for creative newness to occur.

Wherever late GEMINI is in your chart – maybe even your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets are there, be the Alchemist through that area of life / through those planetary Archetypes!
Example: VENUS in late GEM in your 11th house: Set intentions, and be open and curious to attract new friends and social networks. Go into dialogue with them, see what you can learn from one another, and what changes occur.

Another theme that stands out for this New Moon in GEM:
After the exact New Moon (at 12:43 pm PDT on June 13), the late GEM MOON goes void-of-course (= has no more major aspects with another Planet before leaving GEM and entering CAN almost 12 hrs later, on June 14 at 12:20 am PDT)!

This can be a kind of fuzzy and drifting energy, or: a wonderful opportunity to be unhooked and unattached mentally-emotionally. In blissful void space (simulating Sat-Chit-Ananda even).
Not a time to actually ‘start something new’, like sign a contract etc.
Rather to receive this cosmic gift by tapping into the unattached Beingness of conception.


So many Blessings, and unconditional Bliss, for your GEMINI New Moon cycle!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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