Kilauea Eruption and MARS – PLUTO – LILITH: The Ancient, Sacred Earth Shows Her Power

8 May
What do you say to this, dear Astro~News Reader?!
Kilauea is on Fire!
Just followed the call to set up the chart of the (day of) the Kilauea Eruption in relation to the Hawaii chart – the American colonial HI chart from 1959 that-is – which says more about the way the U.S. see and treat Hawaii and the repercussions, than about its ancient origin – yet in some sense it does, and that just got massively activated.
Sooo, look at this:
Aug 21 – does that remind you of something?

Yep, the ‘Great American Eclipse’ on the same date last year. On the LEO – VIR ‘Sphinx Point: A year if not mini-era of mirrors and ‘oracles’ for the U.S.: “Know Thyself” – See yourself in…this phenomena – and that one too!


And then the Synastry / Transit chart itself – very ‘hot’ and intense: 

Not only has Hawaii a JUPITER-in-volcanic SCO (a lot going on in the underground / background) return – well, that’s every 12 years though, and this the 5th JUPITER Return of modern, U.S. Hawaii. Uncomfortable if not devastating and scary yet very important things ‘come up’ (see also recent massive flood in Kauai) – to show us the bigger picture, and motivate us for change for the better!
Buuut, and here’s the biggie:
Hawaii’s IC (the point of home / origin) is in ancient CAP where islands are being formed through eons of tectonic and volcanic activity:

“The Hawaiian Islands are the tops of gigantic volcanic mountains formed by countless eruptions of fluid lava over several million years; some tower more than 30,000 feet above the seafloor. These volcanic peaks rising above the ocean surface represent only the tiny, visible part of an immense submarine ridge, the Hawaiian Ridge.


PLUTO in CAP since 2009 is for the first time in 250 years almost exactly on Hawaii’s IC (went the closest exactly on Apr 22 this year, and will come back next year). PLUTO being the underworld agent of destruction / rebuilding, and as (its domain) SCO rules volcanos and hot lava. 

These 14 years of PLUTO in CAP (2008 – 2023) humanity is starkly reminded of how important it is to respect rather than exploit the Earth, or else we see global consequences, and that it’s time for a massive turnaround even if it seems like ‘moving mountains’.
At the same time, dysfunctional authoritarian and hierarchical societal structures of governance and leadership are on the way out (yet resisting with ‘teeth and claws’).


The U.S. will have it’s PLUTO Return (yep, it was in late CAP in 1776!) in 2020 – 2022.The Earth will restore herself and is releasing lots of tension nowa-years – wake-up calls for us Earthlings – showing us once again: “The Earth doesn’t belong to us. We belong to the Earth.”

This PLUTO-in-CAP long-term process has been recently triggered through fiery MARS (exactly passing PLUTO on Apr 26), both squared by MERCURY in MARS ruled ARIES between Apr 25 and May 7 – bringing not just ‘hot and intense news’ but also a message from the ‘underworld’. 
What could that be?

A wake-up call perhaps, to stop being the irresponsible ‘kids’ playing with fire and finally being the respectful grown-ups, and transform to treat Mother Earth as we would wish our own back yard to be treated. Even more poignant, what if we treated our moms and grandmothers like we treat Mother Earth?

YES, looks like Mother Earth has released a lot of stress through the earthquake and volcanic eruption.
‘Wild’ LILITH, this year also in CAP, was recently passed by MARS (Apr 19), and is now right next to PLUTO – will pass it on May 18 – what a MARS / LILITH / PLUTO month!
That sounds like deep forces of Nature, of mountains and volcanoes are acting up. 
LILITH / PLUTO in CAP on the bottom of Hawaii’s chart is so Pele, fiery Hawaiian creation goddess!
“Many Hawaiians believe Kilauea to be inhabited by a “family of fire gods”, one of the sisters being Pele, who is believed to govern Kilauea and is responsible for controlling its lava flows!”
Needless to say (I do it anyway), with LILITH / PLUTO the Ancestors of the land and their traditions need to be honoured, and natural law restored.
SATURN moving now (since Dec 2017, until Dec 2020 when it meets PLUTO) through CAP too and can help with this.
The MOON on the day of the Kilauea eruption was in the Galactic Centre (place of deep wisdom and integrity) approaching Hawaii’s SATURN in early CAP.
May we all attune to and respect the laws of nature, so that things come back into integrity.
The quakes & Kilauea volcanic eruption were also one of the precursors for URANUS going into TAU on May 15: 
May all Beings be safe, and may respect of Nature be restored! 
May there be an Earth Revolution for the better!
With Love and Aloha,

© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger


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