MARS into CAPRICORN (March 17 – May 15, plus Aug 12 – Sept 10): Gett’n Stuff Done. Integrity in Action & (RE)Builder Energy

17 Mar

We’ve come a long way, with MARS moving (us) through SAG, since Jan 26! Hope you had a motivating time, and Spirit called you to follow your Heart! And that your SAG themes got activated the right way.

Today, March 17, just 6 1/2 hrs after the New Moon, the energetic Warrior Archetype and ruling Planet of ARIES (which is so fresh and ‘hot’ these days) moved over the ‘Integrity Point’ into CAP where we’re called to DO what we said, follow up on those high-flying visions and promises, do the work, and build what matters and lasts.

Vibrant Country Goat

A solid energy that holds everyone accountable, AND helps us to get the job done.
Accomplishment and completion are CAP’s big motivators.
And CAP doesn’t like waste of time and energy.

Time to get going with those long awaited Spring projects, and hey, we got the energy and motivation now (no more excuse, ha-ha).

MARS is considered ‘exalted’ in CAP (top position for MARS in the Zodiac) – think mountaineer or marathon runner, and builder… sustainable energy to reach a goal.
Let’s USE (yay, a buzz word for CAP) the time and energy as it’s available.
Plain and simple, actually.
CAP likes simplicity, and sticking to priorities.

What does that mean for the CAP sides in us (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets, Nodes)?

Well, they get an energy boost, to be even more Capricornian, in terms of accomplishing and completing (yay! finishing!) what they’re set out to do. DO it, says MARS, you got the energy now… yet slowly, consistently, not over night or ‘in the moment’ (as ARIES would have it – do I hear MERCURY going retro in AR next week?!). 
Where CAP is in your chart (either via Planets, SUN, MOON, AC, Nodes, or in any case the House/s CAP lives in) gets an energy boost.

Let’s check that out and direct it in a good way, in a private session if you like. 
You can use (did I say USE?) the Flash Focus Sessions for that (see below).

Getting things done – woohoo! MARS in CAP rocks!


What’s the Itinerary for MARS in CAPRICORN 2018?
March 17 – May 15 + Aug 15 – Sept 10

And hey – why does MARS ‘come back’ to CAP for 4 weeks in Aug / Sept?
Bingo! MARS will go retro this year (every 2 years) from early AQ, touching back into CAP from which it will go direct on Aug 27).

Re: the dates given below: The energy is active / available in the whole week around the dates when it climaxes. The build-up time is usually stronger than the outflow phase.

MARCH 17: 

MARS entered CAP – Lead ON!
Moving forward with vigor and integrity.

APR 2:
MARS passes stationary (going retro Apr 17) SATURN in CAP.
Overcoming old blocks, obstacles, fears, and patriarchal control, and moving UP, one step at a time.

APR 4 / 5:
MERCURY retro in AR squares MARS / SATURN stat. in CAP.
Don’t get discouraged by the ego mind and its quick reactions. Hopefully a breakthrough already occurred, and Consciousness leads. Excellent energy for planning and following through – from 
the Heart.

APR 10:
VENUS in TAU in Earth Trine with MARS in CAP.
Rock Solid Love. And a great time for gardening too 🙂

APR 14:
MARS in CAP sextiling NEPTUNE in PI.
Great time for work flow. And to connect with the compassionate WHY you’re moving mountains and taking on projects.

APR 19:
MARS passes LILITH in CAP.
Be wild, earthy, and sexy. Let your inner wildness lead the way.
Uhh, and the SUN enters sensual earthy TAU that day too….
And hey, this can also mobilize women in / towards / against status-quo leadership.

APR 23:
MARS in CAP in sextile with JUPITER retro in SCO.
Looots of energy – not just for Spring cleaning and purging. Also for revealing for what’s been 

APR 26:
MARS in CAP passes stationary / retro PLUTO (will go retro Apr 22).
Whoooaa – Power House energy.
Transforming anger into productive work?
Deep inner work that transforms generational / historic / ancestral conditioning.
Moving Mountains? Doing the Soul Work.
Transforming societal structures.

MAY 12:
MERCURY in AR (direct again) squares MARS in CAP.
Big Projects can be done, with the right mind set. Rather than being antagonistic, reactionary and in resistance work FOR something.

MAY 15:
MARS enters AQ where it goes retro from JUNE 26 on.
Coming to the end of what YOU can do?
It takes a village / team / humanity to collaborate.

JUNE 26:
MARS goes retro at 9°13′ AQ (until Aug 27 – back into CAP on Aug 15)

Back-tracking what works with collaboration, and where (old) competition and conflict arise.
Re-configuring the Inner / Outer / Societal Masculine.
What’s the Role of the Masculine in the Future of Humanity?

More about MARS retro:
Astro~News Blog post to come, closer to the time.

AUG 15 – SEPT 10:
MARS  back in CAP, going retro-to-direct for 4 weeks.
RE-trieving what we’re best at, and can contribute, from our level of experience, maturity, and responsibility.
What motivates YOU to accomplish something that really matters?
What sustains your energy (that you might have forgotten about)?

AUG 27:
MARS goes direct at 28°37′ CAP.
Lots of motivation, drive, and energy – esp. for your late CAP themes.

SEPT 10:
MARS finally passes over the ‘Community Building Point’ into AQ.
Collaboration is Key.


May we all USE and work with the time and energy of MARS in CAP for the highest purpose! 


Getting into the groove of what MARS now in CAP activates for you can be supported in an Astro session – and the Flash Focus Sessions offer (44 min for only $ 44 – March 22 – Apr 4) can be certainly purposed for this.


44 min Flash Focus sessions are coming up – for only $ 44!
(Not only) to kick off M-r in ARIES (March 22 – Apr 4)



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