Fishy Confusion and Nervous Stress – or Piscean Communing and Impermanence…

24 Feb
Ok, definitely gotta address the Astro~Weather of late and for the weekend, since I noticed a lot of its effects in the environment – what’s the way-out?
Ha, usually, it’s the way-in of course. Yet also always good to have a sense of the energetic blend we’re in.



Japanese Master Katsushika Hokusai:
Great Wave of Kanagawa


After some stressful swimming / running-in-circles (have you?) when it comes to emotions and thoughts and communication, under the MOON in GEMINI squaring the SUN, MERCURY, NEPTUNE, VENUS, and CHIRON, all in PISCES, and opp. MARS in SAG yesterday (Feb 23) / this morning (well, great dynamic energy for the Olympics, or for chanting and Yoga – which I thankfully did!) it’s time to chill, and find some soothing and caring vibes again!
Yayyy, fortunately the MOON will move into her ‘abode’ in CANCER this eve – going into easy-flow Water Trines (instead of those windy, stressful squares we’ve had) with the PISCEAN ‘School’ of Planets and SUN tomorrow SUNday, and also Trine with JUPITER in SCO on Mo(O)nday.
Maybe we can gently but surely find out what’s underneath our emotional responses, where they / where everyone comes from.
Could be ‘simply’ an early / traumatic lack of feeling safe and supported?
VENUS in PI also squares MARS in SAG tomorrow SUNday morning, just 20 min before MERCURY in PI aligns with NEPTUNE (once a year).
Can be a very romantic and sexy energy – or acting from a place of mental confusion and overwhelm, and being drawn into victimhood vs aggressors.
A ‘middle path’ could be ‘simply’ to move (the energy does need outlets) with gratitude and joy for what’s given, and tune into the energy of Winter-releasing – and impermanence altogether. ❤

As I said in the MERCURY-in-PISCES post:

Feb 25:
Can be on a personal level big confusion, illusion, unclear communication where boundaries aren’t respected.

On a deeper, more transcendent level, it’s all about connecting and communing – there’s only ONE of us here….!
A very watery day (MOON in CAN, SUN / MERCURY / NEPTUNE / VENUS / CHIRON all in PI) that calls for fluidity, flexibility, adaptability, care, and connection.
Anyhoo, the MOON in CANCER will also go into square with URANUS in ARIES on Mo(O)nday early afternoon.
Let’s ride this one with an openness to breakthroughs and liberating realizations.

Much Love, in the Waves of Life!


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