MARS Finale in SCO this Week, before it Crosses the ‘Phoenix Point’ and Rises in SAG (Jan 26 – March 17): Upwards-Onwards we GO!

16 Jan



MARS, presently at the ‘tail end’ of SCO, will cross over the ‘Phoenix Point’ into SAG on Jan 26 – Yayyyy!

First things first:
MARS is presently at the ‘tail end’ of SCORPIO, with a ‘finale’ this week, as it goes into quincunx with URANUS in late ARIES (the sign MARS rules), on Jan 17, and into deep Water trine with CHIRON in late PISCES on Jan 18:

How can transformation of hidden, sticky, repressed core ‘stuff’ that could have been exposed and ‘seen’ with MARS / JUPITER in early Jan now move and process, through a liberating fresh approach, in ‘baby steps’?
And how can you relax and receive and heal from that place?

Lots of burning and purging has been going on, on deep inner levels for us personally, and big time on collective levels too, since MARS entered SCO, on Dec 9, 2017…
The purge was super boosted round the time when MARS and JUPITER joined forces in SCO, on Jan 6.

MARS in SCO also catalyzed the big PLUTO purge, since PLUTO rules SCO, and PLUTO is also the transpersonal version of MARS (higher power vs. personal power and assertion).
So, we already had our share, and hopefully used the intensity wisely. Maybe it takes some time to process and integrate what’s been going on. JUPITER in SCO until Nov 8 certainly helps with this.

Have you noticed more energetic support in flushing out what came up, and needs to be eliminated and transformed, since MARS is now at the end of SCO (since mid-January), and will go into trine with CHIRON this week?

What’s been ‘poking and provoking’ us, even though it could have created conflict, and might feel fierce, is actually also good medicine for transformation and empowerment.

What’s next?

As MARS crosses over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCORPIO to SAG, on Jan 26, let its fiery energy burn off what you’re not, and give you a boost into rebirth! 

What needs to be purged in your life, esp. in the area related to the house where SCO / SAG is in your chart?
Maybe you have Planets, Sun, Moon, or AC there?
Be in touch, if you could use supportive pointers, or an Astro Boost!

Once MARS will be in SAG, a fiery energy comes into the system that’s excellent for motivation, enthusiasm, literally travelling, shooting from the Heart, being in your Truth, and aiming high.

Just watch for the shadow expressions of turning your fight for a cause into an argumentative and righteous endeavor / mission.
Yes, you’ve come through a lot, and you know now…
Yet, not everyone understands, and is on the same page…

Blessings for the Inner Magical Alchemy and Rebirth – into Spring!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2018



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