MARS in SCORPIO meets JUPITER on Jan 6, and both will be in sextile with SUN / VENUS / PLUTO in CAP on Jan 8/9: Diving into the Alchemy!

5 Jan

MARS and JUPITER are very close to each other now, and will be exactly aligned tomorrow Jan 6 – every 2 years!

It all happens in deep and mysterious  SCORPIO (which MARS likes, and ‘used to’ rule, before PLUTO came along, and claimed its underworld domain – MARS is still co-ruler).

MARS / JUPITER give a lot of energy, esp. for ‘bravely’ diving into depth, intimacy, inner processing, research, and anything that benefits from change through going to the core of things.

Furthermore, on Jan 8 / 9, VENUS will align with the SUN and PLUTO in CAP, and the trio will go into sextile with MARS / JUPITER in SCO!
Life on Earth is magical – just a matter of seeing and appreciating it. The gifts of Nature are bountiful, and she ‘straightens us out’ in a good way 🙂

Blessings for the Inner Magical Alchemy!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2018



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