VENUS enters CAP (Dec 24/25 – Jan 17): A Love That Lasts…

24 Dec

Love and Gratitude for the ground we stand on! 

Over Christmas, it’s VENUS’s term, to settle from her Sagittarian running around and frolic….

To cross the ‘Integrity Point’, join the CAP crew of the SUN, SATURN, LILITH, and PLUTO, and turn rock-steady. 

Time to appreciate and enjoy the wintry calm, traditions of old, and lasting relationships with family and friends.

Quality over quantity, says VENUS in CAP.
Simple pleasures and timeless beauty attract.

And relationships benefit from / require maturity.


Also a good time to activate business and career relevant relationships, to provide and build something significant that the world and this time needs.

CAP is happiest when on purpose…!



Mountain Joy in Switzerland

VENUS will make a few contacts with the CAP Planets during ‘her’ residence there:

Christmas engagement anyone? Rock-solid commitments favoured – when in Integrity.

VENUS, freshly in CAP, passes good ole SATURN yesterday – yep, Christmas Day.
The Ringed One…
In a Ring of out-of-Integrity / outgrown sugar coated obligations, expectations, obli-gifts, you name it….?
More noticeable this year, as SATURN just entered CAP to give us (3 years of) reality checks that might appear harsh and cold but also show where ‘been there / done that land’ is, and where we stand.
In Family Constellation practice, what comes up sometimes as a Medicine when we’ve burdened ourselves with too much of other people’s (esp. family and even unknown ancestors) stuff that we still carry:
We only take the Love, and give everything else back with Love – to them, to the Universe, to where it can be recycled back into… L.O.V.E.

So, here we go, VENUS – SATURN Holy Days. 
Only Love is Real.
And sometimes we have to say NO to what’s dressed-up as Love, to connect with, and commit to (yay, Ringed One!) LOVE that IS. 

So yeah, relationships gotta be in intrinsic Integrity (not based on ‘shoulds’ or obligations). LILITH sanctions the simple & good, and gets you out of everything else.

JAN 8: VENUS meets the SUN.
Lasting quality rocks. Go for best.

JAN 9: SUN / VENUS / PLUTO Union in CAP.
Whoa – serious deep Soul Union material.
What’s LOVE in its core?
Also an excellent time to offer something life changing to the world (can be quite simple) – because you can.


Blessings for the Holiday Season – renewed traditions, and new traditions-in-Integrity rock!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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