Late SAG (Galactic Ctre) NEW MOON with SATURN – Following the Light of the Heart Truth!

16 Dec

Galactic & Terrestrial Greetings, dear Astro~News Reader in the Global ComMOONity!

The almost-Winter SoUlstice New Moon on Dec 17 / 18 is all about Truth, and Following our Deep Heart Knowing.

It points exactly to the area in the Zodiac that projects out into the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy – the Galactic Centre (from Earth perspective between 26° and 28° SAG).
It comes with SATURN which is presently also at the very end of SAG, on the brink of moving over the ‘Integrity Point’, and stepping up, in CAP (on Dec 19 / 20, see today’s Astro~News blog post dedicated to SATURN in CAP).

A clear pointer to integrity – focusing on and living by what matters most, across the board.

You can find the chart of the New Moon further down on this post.


Late, late SAG is the time just before Winter SoUlstice, when (in the Northern Hemisphere) the days are getting shorter, the SUN is at its yearly lowest in the Ecliptic.
Yet it’s a fiery energy, as the Inner and Spiritual Heart Fire is ignited.

And we’re fired up at the perspective of (and have trust in) the Return of the SUN-Light, with the sacred Sol-stice Turning Point, as we come together and  celebrate in joyous anticipation.


This dazzling infrared image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope shows hundreds of thousands of stars crowded into the swirling core of our Milky Way Spiral Galaxy. The entire region was imaged in less than 16 hours.


When it comes to the Galactic Centre, and ‘galactically speaking’ – what do we know? 
Is it a ‘Black Hole’? A huge cosmic ‘Birth Canal’ of stars? Where does it all / where does Life / where do we come from???
Deep questions that don’t have the one answer… yet lead us on a journey that can be mind boggling, humbling, exhilarating.

Voyager Tarot Major Arcana XXI Time-Space. Rock Activation and Photo by Melanie

SAG rules Space, and CAP rules Time.

The SAG / CAP transition is the Space-Time Point that gets a major boost, with the New Moon and SATURN.

Being at the right time at the right place – some call it simply good luck. Seems to be also a combo of trusting and planning, doing our part, and letting the Universe arrange the rest.

It is also the Integrity Point where we say what we do, and do what we say, walk our talk / views, lead by example, and are the change we wish to see.

Not meant to be a heavy burden…
Heart Truth (SAG) shines light on the Path, always just a few steps ahead, to keep us focused and present with what IS.

Following the Light of the deep Heart Truth (rather than giving attention – and power! – to shiny objects that distract and divide us) is the way to go, into the new Lunar Cycle, into the core of the Holiday season, and into the Winter. 
Quite beautifully simple.

Let’s do what’s wholesome fun (SAG) – for the right amount of time (CAP).
Rather than following the ‘shoulds’, and being on a guilt trip.

If you’re a mature grown-up (not a matter of biological age / of all ages) who’s in her / his authority (CAP), and got a good sense of humour and playfulness (SAG) life is simpler, and energy can be preserved, rather than wasted. 
All of these are expressions of the SAG – CAP transition.

The New Moon brings a New Start from the Heart.


Here’s the New Moon Chart.

Let’s see which other Planetary Players have some messages for us:


Goes to show:

  • The late SAG NEW MOON (with VENUS) is in Fire Trine with URANUS retro / stationary in late ARIES, and in square with stationary CHIRON in late PI. 
    Lots of excitement, lots of motion, comings and goings (and yeah, it’s Christmas count-down), yet do we just spiral and spin out more and more centrifugally (esp. given the social media overwhelm and addiction)?
    What are we running away from? Are we looking for happiness and love at the wrong places? “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”
    What’s the cure? 
    Being in Heart Truth, in full-on presence with what Life presents (which can be harder to practice in a room full of people – or easier than by yourself, pondering..) is a nature-all happiness generator.
    Have you noticed? In the situation itself, things are as they are, and we’re just in it. Often in hindsight we re-tell ourselves or others a certain version of ‘the story’, and judge.
    Space-Time Presence…!
    URANUS in ARIES helps: It’s the ‘Awakener’ Archetype after all, that brings us into the very moment – sometimes through wake-up calls, surprises, shocks, accidents and incidents.

    URANUS will go from retro (since early Aug) to direct on Jan 2. More chances for external freedom, and (even more) surprising news then? Probably.
    Mid-Dec to mid-Jan are URANIAN weeks, under stationary URANUS. Expect the unexpected. Experiment. See the world with fresh eyes.
  • Also: A T-square from the Nodal Axis to JUPITER is building (to be exact on Jan 1).
    Time to love and show ourselves more freely, rather than hiding  in the observer space / watching other people’s shows – or drama, and perhaps becoming jealous, or resentful for being the willing audience of narcissists for all too long… And even though the things that are shown can get quite ‘uncomfortable’ it’s really good to go into taboos as well, and bring them to light – as it’s been happening lately, esp. re: sexual assault revelations that hopefully affect change.
    Did you know that the Silence Breakers are the Time Magazine Person of the Year 2017?
    The whole dark / taboo / hidden agenda zone gets fired up again in the 1st week of Jan when MARS meets JUPITER in SCO (exact Jan 6).
  • Lastly, MERCURY will go into stationary slow moving turnaround ‘storm’ this coming week, to go technically direct again on Dec 22 (‘storm’ continues until – yep! – Dec 28). More mishaps with a deeper meaning (SAG)? Could well be.
    Let ‘random circumstances’, glitches and Grinch, anything that appears on the journey through this Season be a teaching-in-disguise. And yeah, have fun, and also laugh at yourself!


Would you like to join the Astro~EmBODYment of the Winter Solstice and SATURN in CAP?
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Blessings to all of you, for a fulfilling and well grounded-out finale of 2017, with the Winter SoUlstice New Moon,  SATURN in CAP, and all the other ‘Cosmic Players’!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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