MARS in SCO (Dec 9 – Jan 26): Intense Stirring, Clearing, and Spiritual Mobilization.

9 Dec


Misty Beach Creatures – Photo by Melanie, 2014


MARS made its magical move into SCORPIO tonight, Dec 9 (where it will stir things up until Jan 26), while here in Victoria – somewhat unusually – mystical fog was crawling in (“Moisture trapped under a temperature inversion, resulting in extensive areas of dense fog”, says the weather station)…

MARS’s crossing over the ‘Tipping Point’ from LIBRA to SCO can be quite a catalyst for shifts and changes we’ve been waiting for.

MARS is actually better placed in SCO than in LI where it’s been hanging out since Oct 22, while aiming for negotiation was often frustrated, since the negotiators could have been too much ‘in for themselves’, or, on a personal level, one’s ego could have been too involved in decision making and choosing, or one could have invested a lot of energy in a dilemma between self assertion. vs. doing it ‘for them’.

With MARS in SCO what’s coming out and up now for processing (SO much, with JUPITER in SCO, since Oct 10!) can move us deeply, and gets things moving!

Which can be somewhat a roller coaster of grief, anger, deep love that turns into obsession, attachment and control, jealousy, betrayal, resentment, regret, shame… all those feelings that are otherwise hidden and ‘under wraps’. 

Uhhh, MARS in SCO is one of the parcels under the astrological Christmas Tree?!
Just like in a good fairy-tale, and in inner psychological processes, all the characters have their place, no-one is banned from the party…
SCORPIO stirs up and scrubs the bottom of the pot, can bring us to our knees, and into deep psychological layers that we usually avoid.
The Soul has its way with us…
I.o.w., MARS in SCO can be a spiritual mobilization. 

Way to (let?) go, and transform separative and (self) destructive ego drives into freer ways of being – esp. with the Christmas Trine to NEPTUNE in PI which is building up to be exact on Dec 27.
 On Jan 6, MARS will pass the Big One – JUPITER in SCO – hopefully there’ll be lots of inner clearing and societal transformation for the better by then!
In the first week of Jan
, MARS in SCO will be also in T-square with the Nodal Axis (North Node in LEO, South Node in AQ), a dramatic push for showing ourselves more fully, rather than ‘watching the show’, in a disengaged, dissociated way.
Live Live Lovingly and Passionately!

Then, on Jan 8, MARS in SCO makes a sextile to its ‘higher octave’ / transpersonal version PLUTO (ruler of SCO) nowa-years in CAP, favouring regeneration and working with time and natural forces in a transformational way – rather than being on a collective suicide mission. 

Finally, MARS in SCO will go into quincunx with stationary URANUS (in the MARS sign ARIES), on Jan 17, and into Water Trine with CHIRON in PI on Jan 18.
Can we show up in new raw and somewhat ‘scary’ but healing ways, as we create more intimacy and depth?


Blessings to all of us for a magical and passionately transformational Finale of 2017, with MARS in SCO, and all the other ‘Cosmic Players’!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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