Phoenix (SCO into SAG) New Moon (Nov 18): Into the New and Transforming!

18 Nov

Late SCORPIO New Moon Greetings, dear Astro~News Blog Reader!

I was just cheering to the morning SUN and and MOON (next to it, crossing over the Phoenix Point, and entering SAG at 10:59 am PST – with a green smoothie alchemy – yumm! 

Wanted to complete the Astro~News writing last night but got really tired, under the dark Scorpionic Moon – happens….!

Only 3 more days and 4 more nights in the SCORPIO season 2017 – until Nov 21 at 7:05 pm PST when the SUN crosses over the ‘Phoenix Point‘, and enters SAG the (inner) Phoenix is reborn out of its own ashes, and we rise again, fueled by the Inner Light.
Maybe a lot of burning and purging is happening for you this Fall, with also JUPITER in SCO…?


Stormy Waters – Photo by Melanie, Nov 2017


It’s been dark and wet and stormy, here on the West Coast…
Maybe you felt content and contained in a magical, creative, and more intimate zone, yet at other times trapped and ‘thrown back at yourself’ – a time for inner processing, and for moving through dark density, shadow encounters and intensity, to purge and transform from within!

SCORPIO is a powerful energy – starts with the Alchemy Point, coming from LIBRA, and ends with the Phoenix Point into SAG!
If we’re not ‘afraid of the dark’ we can transform ‘lead into gold’ through this energy, depressing, heavy states into pure Consciousness, and BE transformed.


Into the New and Transformed or Transforming we go, and move forward, seasoned by change!

Here’s the New Moon Chart:


SCO NM 2017

The NEW MOON entered SAG only 7 hrs after the New Moon (at 10:59 am PST today).
Quite the release & rebirth energy in this New Moon!


What’s your transpersonal Super Power?

YodaMARS squaring PLUTO on Nov 19 also pushes us to make powerful decisions and act on them.

PLUTO is the ‘higher octave’ / transpersonal ‘version’ of Warrior MARS which wants us to be empowered in our intrinsic Soul Purpose (PLUTO in CAP), beyond our ego wants (MARS).

So, don’t give power away by stalling and letting others be in charge of / blaming them for your choices (MARS in LIBRA).
So there’s definitely an evolutionary ‘upgrade’ (PLUTO in CAP) available and needed in this regard, esp. for your CAP, AR, CAN and LI Planet themes.

Next up:
MARS in late LI will oppose URANUS in late AR (which is ruled by MARS) on Dec 1, the day before MERCURY goes retro, and 2 days before the GEM – SAG Full Moon on Dec 3.
Uhhh, sounds like trouble?

Yep, it can be an exciting, adventurous, surprise, and breakthrough time.
Don’t expect consistency, and rather experiment. Excellent to try out new communication channels as well, with MERCURY going retro.
And re-visit with friends whom you’ve lost track of, and have fun!


Involvement and Authenticity

Angel of Revelation, Painting by William Blake

The New Moon late SCORPIO is in a rather unusual almost exact 5-sign apart alignment, called Quincunx, with URANUS retro in late ARIES.

The alignment was already exact for the SUN and URANUS on Nov 17, so it’s fading now. The MOON brought it up just before the New Moon.
Still active but rather an integration with the New Moon.

SCO and AR seem so different: deep and processing, vs out there, and action oriented…. The New Moon in SCO plants ‘Seeds in the Dark’ vs. URANUS in AR is awake and alert, ready to go ahead, and step into the New NOW (well, it’s retro, so that moderates the effect). Still: how does this go together? 

Well, we’ve seen effects of this in the U.S. geopolitics, re: a tension about firing literally Uranium, vs. the notion to process the situation deeper. And also lots of hints about hidden agenda being suddenly revealed.
How can we approach this dynamic in our own world, and support the bigger process? 
URANUS would say: Be Awake. Add high-level Archetype energy into the mix, such as excitement, ingenuity, out-of-the-box approach to things, your Authenticity!
The New Moon in late SCORPIO, and JUPITER / VENUS nearby support us with processing through things, esp. if they have to do with own / old inner tucked-away trauma and stuck emotions in general. Not to hide oneself, but to reveal get involved.
Seeds in the Dark have been planted.
Tend to them, feel empowered and ALIVE!

Here comes a transforming experiment, right with the late SCORPIO New Moon / quincunx URANUS:

I felt called to let the Universe speak through Animal Medicine cards (paintings by Susan Boulet; the deck was gifted to me by a SCO New Moon / PLUTO born friend!!! Only realized in hindsight).

I picked Animal Spirit Cards for 3 important points in the chart:

  • The late SCO New Moon on Nov 18 – today.
  • MARS square PLUTO, exact tomorrow Nov 19.
  • MERCURY soon going into pre-retro ‘storm’ on Nov 28, and retro Dec 2 – 22.

For the late SCO New Moon, The DOG showed up:


The Dog – Devotion, Protection, Service – Animal Medicine Cards by Susan Boulet. Photo by Melanie.

DSC06684The quality of service to the degree of sacrifice is also a theme in late SCO (which has a PISCES undertone).
Some dogs are so loyal, they would put themselves into extreme danger and risk their lives to save their human friend.
And humans, in extreme situations can also sacrifice themselves for another or an ideal…

Hmmm, there’s another aspect to this that actually made me uncomfortable (SCO), considering the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 27° SCO which is:

The aggressive glorification of cultural values.

Every cultural-social collectivity sooner or later tries to impress the value of its achievements forcibly and noisily upon all those who belong to it, as well as upon foreign onlookers. At the individual-mental level the member of such a collectivity swells with pride and excitement when a display of the excellence of that in which his consciousness and personality are deeply rooted is publicly affirmed. Thus the feeling of social unity binds the individuals of a culture through collective pride.

This second stage symbol contrasts sharply with the first one. Our aggressive, tense, domineering Western civilization is indeed in opposition to the natural spontaneity and instinctive adjustment to nature of tribal societies. The Keyword here is POMP.”

Which links back to MARS in LIBRA – culturally channeled aggressive / assertive drives – and its sharp square with PLUTO (which happens to be also the ruler of the New Moon in SCO), exact tomorrow Nov 19.
PLUTO in CAP can be on a societal level the control through hierarchies. Hence the MARS in LI square PLUTO in CAP expression of the Military parading and displaying its power – besides it IS the Sabian Symbol of the New Moon degree. In my opinion a rather anachronistic, repressed / tamed / loyalized (is that a word?) or even abusive way of expressing the MARS – PLUTO and New Moon energies. How can there be deep, evolutionary transformation from the inside-out?
Dogs as Medicine Animals show us about their loyalty to ‘the leader of the pack’, to the degree of self sacrifice – and so are lots of humans.
The SAG side can either make people more fanatic and ‘on a mission’, or outgrow such destructive intensity, and set us FREE.
My hope is that SATURN in SAG has shown us enough evidence of ‘Mission impossible’, and of the futility / destructive boomerang effect of missiles.


For MARS square PLUTO, The JAGUAR made its appearance!


The Jaguar – Wholeness, Divinity. Rebirth – Animal Medicine Cards by Susan Boulet. Photo by Melanie.

Natural Power, powerful Magic.
Clearly undomesticated, highly independent, fiercely in its element (not loyal to another species).
Being in Integrity is also a big theme represented by LILITH now in SAG

As simple and powerful as that. 
Being in our Nature. Taking Jaguar Medicine.


For MERCURY going into pre-retro ‘storm’ on Nov 28, and retro on Dec 2, The COYOTE showed up (yeah, really!).


The Coyote – Transformation, Creation,  Cunning, Good Fortune – Animal Medicine Cards by Susan Boulet. Photo by Melanie.


Now we’re adding another layer of contrast  to the loyal and tamed dog – the mischievous Coyote Trickster.

Even though the Coyote and the Dog are ‘relatives’ in the animal kingdom, they represent quite different Medicine.

Coyote is SO apropos MERCURY going retro soon in SAG.

Let’s not take our mind and its SAG stories too seriously, and recognize them as ‘old tales’ and beliefs, and pull them by the tail 🙂 as a RE-minder it’s in the mind – is it real?!

Can we create a different story line that, like the Coyote did, restores balance and order? 
Which links back to a positive outcome of MARS in LIBRA (Balance) square PLUTO in CAP (order) – and wouldn’t that be transformational in a deep SCO sense?!

MERCURY Retro (Dec 2 – 22) is already in pre-retro ‘shadow’ since this week, and comes into pre-retro ‘storm’ on Nov 28.
Here’s a MERCURY Retro Cosmic RE-Lief & Tool Kit for you.

As you see on the chart, MERCURY in late SAG goes into square with CHIRON retro in late PI, and URANUS retro in late AR, before meeting SATURN (all between Nov 24 and 28):

This could turn into frenetic overwhelm, or, on the High Road, become a liberating experimentation in letting go of overwhelm through agendas, and ‘media showers’, and to opening up to receiving the miracles and gifts along the way (CHIRON in PI), and a fresh approach to being authentic (URANUS in ARIES).

To ‘be done’ with old stories and beliefs, and not buy into fear based agenda of patriarchal and authoritarian figures or programs (anymore). 

What’s the High Road? What would true Freedom and your Heart Wisdom say?


Navigating the Seas of Change…

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

Also facilitated through the New Moon:
JUPITER in SCO in Trine with NEPTUNE in PI (exact on Dec 2, building up already, and active until mid-Dec, and coming back next Spring / Summer: May – Sept 2018):
Here’s a blog post about this energy – Let’s Surf it!



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger


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