100 Years Russian Revolution on Nov 7 – Some Astro Perspectives…

30 Sep
Just saw it will be the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution on Nov 7!
Which made me curious to look at its chart.
Here it is, with some brief Astro perspectives:
Just look at that sharp mid-fixed T-square between revolutionary URANUS in its own ruled sign AQ (an 84-year cycle!), in opposition with NEPTUNE, SATURN, and the MOON in LEO (the end of the Tsar era – and the Royal Family was executed 8 months later!), both in exact square with SUN / MERCURY in SCORPIO, where intensity and (often painful) transformation happens – in the all-pervasive 12th house.
SCO is also the Rising Sign, and its ruler PLUTO (only discovered in 1930, yet nevertheless potently influential, reflecting the bigger evolution of the time) on the South Node in early CANCER inn the 8th house, opposing VENUS / North Node in early CAP in the 2nd house: A confrontation of established structures and the power of the people who have been hungry for change (yet also creating new hierarchical and militaristic structures).
CHIRON (only discovered in 1977 yet ‘out there’ of course) in late PISCES where it’s also now (a 50-year cycle) shows how the masses suffered most. And how paradoxically (PI) the Communism (a PI / CAP phenomenon) addressed the suffering of the people yet created new suffering.
When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and Communism in Eastern Europe crumbled, SATURN, NEPTUNE, and URANUS were together in CAP!
I leave it with this, and remember St. Petersburg, and my visit there with a group of students (out of Germany) in the 1980’s (yep, the U.S.S.R. at the time, and Leningrad it was still called then), in that crispy cold March. Loved the architecture and the wide open squares and Baltic skies, and found the juxtaposition of Communist propaganda and deprivation and opulent, extravagant remnants of the regal and decadent culture quite striking.
This year and next, the North Node is in LEO and the South Node in AQ: May we all find our inner radiance and natural regal quality, and may communities of ‘regular people’ strengthen!



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger

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