MARS – PLUTO Opposition, between Canada Day and Independence Day: Caring for What Matters Most!

2 Jul
Hubble Mars

Mars – Hubble Space Telescope (NASA)

MARS, presently in CANCER (June 4 – July 20) goes into exact opposition to PLUTO retro in CAP, tomorrow July 2
 – once every 2 years.

Quite the ‘signature’ for the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, as well as for the first U.S. Independence Day under the Trump presidency…

Both countries have their SUN in CANCER.
Canada has a CANCER SUN / URANUS conjunction on its 4th House cusp.
The U.S. have VENUS / JUPITER / SUN, and MERCURY retro in CANCER in its 7th and 8th House.
The theme of Home is important for both countries. So many people (incl. myself) came to one of these countries to find a new home.

Now, the question of HOME and BELONGING is stirred up, big time, and there’s also conflict and frustration at home, which is what MARS in CANCER shows, and it needs to be addressed directly, with care and respect, and not suppressed, ‘delayed’, or denied (PLUTO ‘ostrich’ method will backfire).
Esp. when old deep issues are unsettled: Whose home? Who belongs here? Do we belong here? What’s the origin of this, our home? etc.
There’s been a lot of controversy around Canada 150, and a sensitivity around “Celebrating Colonialism???” / unceded territories.
Round U.S. Independence Day, the heated atmosphere since the Trump admin started could get another ‘hit’ that brings out more shadow, could go to another, deeper layer, or could even come to a head.

Both countries’ birthday starts with that MARS – PLUTO opposition – a theme for the year – hopefully not dragged out but addressed in a mature way.

As we go through the ‘birth canal of consciousness’, in this World in Change, the transpersonal, collective, evolutionary energy of PLUTO in CAP is transforming us. The more we ARE in integrity with the Change we wish to SEE (even in ‘small’ ways – the vibration at the matters) the more we sense the energy that carries and renews us!


Pluto Heartjpg

Pluto Reveals… One of the first pictures New Horizons transmitted from the close fly-by in July 2015 – as the U.S. had their exact PLUTO – SUN opposition!

Basically, when we come from Love and Respect with a pure motivation life sustains us (PLUTO in CAP – essence of integrity).
Perhaps we meet more people and co-create community.

On the other hand, when we take advantage of others, and abuse the relationship for our gains (shadow of CAP) our ego and greed motive needs to be transformed into something more useful! (PLUTO).

Same goes for countries of course:
PLUTO in CAP has been ‘working on’ the Canadian and the U.S. CANCERian themes already for a few years. In the first phase, the shadow comes out, like through lack of First Nations consultation or consent, when it comes to building pipelines through Native land – let alone widespread environmental damages from potential leakage / accidents, and brutal police force in South Dakota.
CAP requires Respect, for the Elders, and the Land, and for common sense and Natural Law, and to BE the responsible and mature leader and elder in a position one it put into.
Still a lot of evolution necessary!

MARS stirs things up acutely. It’s a ‘hot’ early July time. Well, fireworks ‘@ home’ too.
MARS is the planet of self-assertion, the warrior Archetype. It can bring out the (personal and collective) ego too. One can become quite irritated and defensive, when it comes to one’s home environment and family, with MARS in CAN. And, things can go two steps forward, one step back, which again can be frustrating.

PLUTO on the opposite side of MARS is its ‘higher octave’ archetype: MARS is about personal will and assertion, and PLUTO about higher power, and bigger evolution.

The MARS – PLUTO Opposition can trigger change and realignment, esp. when it comes to ‘what we want’ – ‘what matters most’.
Personal / collective wants / egos vs. the necessity of the time, and timeliness of what needs to happen.
Can these two be ‘married’? Or do they have to be a dilemma?

With MARS in CANCER opp. PLUTO in CAP, what came up for me and for quite a few friends and clients this week:

As a Summer cold was going around, when I noticed first symptoms of feeling super tired and drained pro-active self-care (MARS in CANCER), ‘simply’ lots of sleep, little food and at-home time was a priority (CAP), to let the energy and health regenerate.
That was of course also a CHIRON station effect (turned retro yesterday – see blog post).

It can also look like: A mature person / country (CAP) shows care, and respect for the Elders, the Ancestors, and the Land, and only takes what is needed.

If you have mid-CANCER, and / or mid-CAPRICORN planets, SUN, MOON, or AC, you would have noticed the tension building up this week, or perhaps for longer, with themes like:

  • You have the resources and time – do it! Does the time and energy support you?
  • You feel drained and exhausted on a certain trajectory: Time to backtrack, self-care, and gently find a new more sustaining way.
  • Your Inner Child says (screams?): “But I want….!”. Your Inner Elder calmly holds space, and grounds the situation. What happens?

If you have mid-ARIES, and / or mid-LIBRA Planets, SUN, MOON, or AC, you’d experience tension too, perhaps through partners. It also depends on where in your chart CANCER and CAPRICORN are ‘located’.

I’m here to support you with changing perspective, and helping the energy to move. Just get in touch if you could use my help.
With PLUTO involved, chances are deeper layers are being provoked now. This is an opportunity to meet the essence of the matter, and let something be reborn from there.

The CAP – CAN ‘Thunder’ Full Moon with MARS and PLUTO on July 8 will be quite a ‘Powerhouse’ that will show us more about this theme.
Let’s take it step by step, and listen to the body’s (MARS) needs (CANCER), and to how it wants to regenerate and sustain itself (PLUTO) in simplicity (CAP).
It may show us the way to live LIFE in general in a way that works best, AND takes good care of our essential needs.

The MOON, ruler of CANCER, enters SCORPIO which is ruled by PLUTO this morning at 9:59 am PDT, until Tue eve.
The theme of caring and deep dive show up again.  Don’t be afraid. Tune into the magic of Nature, and of your deepest nature!

Also today July 2:
MERCURY in late CAN quincunx SATURN retro in late SAG:
Let’s listen to / feel into the voice of the inner wisdom Elder/s, and speak from a heart- and soulful place, not confrontational but from a deep place of truth that pierces right through right- or wrong-doing.


Wishing you a gentle, caring, and deeply regenerative start into July!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger





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