MARS into CANCER (June 4 – July 20): Active, Tender Care, and Homey Activities

3 Jun

One of the Planet shifts in early June:

Tomorrow June 4, MARS will enter CANCER – a 2-year cycle (MARS was the last time in CANCER late June – early Aug 2015).
Why is CANCER traditionally the least favoured sign for the warrior archetype?

MARS is natural in straight-forward ARIES, and exalted (extra strong) in CAP where the energy can express in consistent, persevering, goal oriented ways.
CANCER is not linear (as the CAP ‘mountain goat’) but rhythmic and cyclical, goes sideways, and sometimes 2 steps forward, 1 step back (into the safe ‘shell’ to integrate the experiences emotionally), is sensitive and empathetic, and one’s motivation and energy depend on moods and feelings. So let’s be gentle with ourselves and others, and not take our feelings or unmet needs out on others (MARS in CAN has the potential for conflict at home).

Let’s rather channel the energy into TLC for ourselves, our family, the human family, the family of all living beings.

A beautiful energy for FATHER’s MONTH! ❤

MARS in CANCER gives us also a boost to do activities like renovations and clearing in the home that benefit from a lot of energy and motivation.

Your CANCER SUN, MOON, AC, or planets, and the house MARS travels through in your chart get a boost from MARS, and you might feel quite energized these weeks, with those Archetypes / in those areas of life where CANCER shows up for you.

During its journey through CANCER, MARS will square JUPITER in LI (June 27), oppose PLUTO retro in CAP (July 2 – an energy relevant for Canada’s and the U.S. ‘birthdays’), and square URANUS in AR (July 17).
Doesn’t look like a quiet and cozy time, politically. Important to stand up for what we care about.
More about these transits as we get closer to the time.

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