Wesak Moon Days of ‘Incubation’ and Distribution :: Sitting as Buddha Nature Sets us Free!

10 May

The day of the WESAK MOON is here… (see my yesterday’s post).
Today, I felt called to shed more light on the tradition, and how we can bring it ‘back home’ here-now:

In the Buddhist community, the Full Moon in May is celebrated as the Buddha’s birthday, attaining of enlightenment, and leaving of the earthly incarnation. 
Here’s probably the best web article about Wesak / Vesak (from good old crystalinks).

With the WESAK MOON, the astrological TAURUS – SCORPIO axis is powerfully illumined every year.

SCORPIO is the the MOON the most ‘challenging’ sign (while the MOON is considered ‘exalted’ in yummy, nourishing TAURUS – so strong this year with the TAURUS NEW MOON – is is considered ‘in fall’ in SCORPIO):
The MOON represents our emotions, our instinctual mind (in a broad sense of body-mind, feeling-mind), and the needs and habits developed from that place, which by nature long for nurturance and sustenance (it all started in the womb).
TAURUS is the sign that provides such sustaining delivery and assimilation (just like nature in Spring). Whereas SCORPIO rules necessary detoxifying elimination, partly through painful processes – which is not what our Lunar (representative also of the Inner Child) self is most comfortable with – to put it mildly.

Under a SCORPIO MOON (whether we’re born with it, have it by progression (for 2 1/2 years every 29 years), or whether the MOON in SCORPIO for 2 1/2 days per month affects us, we are instinctively sensitized towards the need to purge, and get rid of what is toxic and outlived, what controls us, and doesn’t allow us to be free in a deeper sense. The process may call us to go into the ‘mouth of the monster’, and through its bowels even, while our head and ego might severely protest and resist. A SCOPRIO MOON experience can lead us to the deepest abyss of our inner worlds, yet is an opportunity to take us through it, and be regenerated and transformed through the process. Psychotherapy and initiation happens, whether in a formal or informal setting…

The SCORPIO – TAURUS WESAK MOON each year is a fully solar illumined (therefore most potent) SCORPIO MOON that reveals our deepest needs for transformation.
Consciousness (represented by the SUN) has to be intent to patiently stay and sit with (TAURUS) what comes up from the depth, for the processing. I that sense, the polarity axis of TAU and SCO can be bridged in complementary, cooperative, and productive ways. 

The central spiritual (esp. Buddhist) themes of attachment vs. transformation are being highlighted in the ‘Bull’s Eye’ and the ‘Scorpion’s Stinger’, which could look like:

  • Fighting with the inner dragon (the ‘inner monster’ always growing more heads as one might be slayed / one issue might be ‘dealt with’), and / or sooo much inner painful processing – the suffering version of the SCO MOON side, in its outer yang and inner yin version,
  • Dealing with the inner ‘hungry ghosts’, as Buddhists would call it: Our mouth, and all our sense organs in general, can only take in so much, yet the belly of desire is big and insatiable… – that’s the suffering on the TAU side: In an outer yang way, through consuming, pur-chasing(!), acquiring more and more, while never being satisfied, and in an a yin way: trying to attract and you never feel good enough…


Voyager V Hierophant Crystals & Ganesh

Crystal Activated Voyager Tarot Card V – Hierophant. Photo by Melanie


In Buddhist tradition, the image of the Buddha floating on a Taurean lotus flower that blossoms so purely and beautifully, while rooted in the Scorpionic mud swamp, represents the enlightened quality of having gone through, and continuing to go through deep processes, The embodiment of the enlightened consciousness continues and sustains.

The WESAK Moon is a very potent opportunity for attunement to, receptivity and assimilation of cosmic energies, meditation, and openness for transformational change. It offers a strong reception, safeguarding, and distribution of spiritual energy on the Earth plane, from many dimensions and traditions..
Its effects extend over time.

Speaking of time: The spiritually auspicious WESAK Full Moon in its charged SCO – TAU energy has been building up well before, and is still available well after the exact alignment, as it requires and also helps us to ground ourselves (TAU) in consciousness (SUN), even in the apparent, perceived (MOON) predicament and abyss around us (SCO).

So let’s be present with what IS (which includes inner and overpowering ‘external’ demons), while sustaining a vision for humanity, together with others (the universal Sangha = spiritual community)!


In esoteric traditions, the day of the WESAK Festival is dedicated as a ‘Day of Safeguarding’, followed by two Days  of Distribution.

In short, on the WESAK Moon Day (of Safeguarding), the spiritual community is called to regard themselves as recipients and custodians if as much of that inflowing spiritual force as they can possibly hold.
This corresponds with the quality and capacity of fixed signs, and is a perfect expression for the SCO MOON, this year active from Tue May 9 until the morning of Thu May 11 (9:59 am PDT), and peaking at the exact FULL MOON (today Wed May 10 at 2:42 pm PDT).
In other words, the whole span of the SCO MOON time is a ‘safeguarding’ energy.

In the Days of Distribution following the Festival, it is suggested to turn the attention away from one’s inner subjective planes, in order to pass on the spiritual energy that has been received, ‘to whom it may concern’ / who comes into our ‘field’.
This corresponds with the mutable, distributing, and ‘broadcasting’ SAG MOON that follows the SCO MOON ‘container’. The MOON will cross this year over the ‘Phoenix Point’ into SAG at 9:59 am PDT on Thu May 11, and be in SAG until Sat May 13 at 10:37 pm PDT.

May the Spirit of the WESAK MOON transmute us, rise, and find its way!
May we recognize the source of suffering, and be FREE!

May love, kindness, and peace be in you and me, and ALL!
WESAK MOON Blessings!



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger






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