14 Tips – Mercury Retro Surviving – and Thriving! – Tool Kit & Itinerary

8 Apr

Hello Magical, Mer-Curious Friends,
yep, it’s on the horizon – and we have a divine appointment, ‘scheduled’ from tomorrow Sunday Apr 9 at 4:14 pm PDT on (until May 3):

MERCURY is going retrograde, from early TAURUS back to late ARIES, to hang out (or light a few fire crackers) with URANUS….
This one is for Liberation – the last one in Dec / Jan, starting out from PLUTO in CAP, was about Power and Integrity…

Wanna read up more about the themes of MERCURY retro, plus SATURN retro, starting out from the Galactic Centre? To be found in yesterday’s epic blog post.


Hermetic Staff of AlchemyHubble Saturn Purple


On a practical ‘check list’ note, here are my seasoned and seasonal



for the whole retro phase (exact Apr 9 – May 3), extending into post-retro stationary ‘storm’ (until May 12), and if you will, even post-retro shadow phase (until May 21):


1) Be easy on yourself, as you get into the groove of things.

It usually takes a week or so to adjust to the different mode. Hopefully, you have taken the pre-retro shadow phase since end of March as an adjustment, rather than being ‘hit’ by the wild ‘storm’, since 04 / 04.


2) Be mindful and centred.

There is a tendency for the mind to be distracted, and all over the place, to loose and misplace things and thoughts that later have to be RE-trieved again. Avoid getting scattered and disorganized, but also let go of your attachments (TAURUS), and the need to be in control. Practice being fully present in RE-al time, with every person you communicate with, and in any situation and function. Don’t loose sight of what’s most significant, truly valuable (TAURUS), and a priority, in the face of the apparently urgent ‘little’ things which can easily be an accumulation of distractions. Watch how you might actually find pseudo comfort in distractions – to avoid…? what? Slooowing down, and being calm and centred a la TAURUS helps!


3) Go with the inwards / backwards oriented energy.

A good way of aligning with the M-r quality is meditation and mindfulness. Also an excellent chance (if not necessity) under M-r in early TAU is to deal with ‘old unfinished business’, and with loose ends, to clear communication themes from the past, often carried over from a previous M-r time – last one was in Dec / Jan, RE-member?


4) RE- everything!

Every M-r phase is a great time to attune and invite basically everything that starts with ‘RE-‘, like:

RE-visit, RE-address, RE-align, REad, RE-treat, RE-pair, RE-boot, RE-group, RE-consider, RE-arrange, RE-place, RE-purpose, RE-connect with friends, and people whom you have ‘unfinished business with’ (which is not necessarily a ‘bad thing’!), … makes sense, eh?

Business wise, it IS a good period to back up your important files. Better safe / secure than sorry. Who knows what you find among your file ‘gatherings’? It could lead to a new creative project…

RE-connecting with ‘contacts from the past’ comes up a lot (likely in the area of life related to TAU in your chart)… maybe something you could cultivate together?

Also, of course, esp. with the TAU flavour, an excellent RE-minder to treat yourself to a RE-treat, take time out and enjoy life, with all your senses – so RE-generative!

Another RE-ason for pointing out all these RE-activities: During MERCURY retro (which also has a karmic undertone), we less likely get away anymore with procrastinating or neglecting RE-sidual communication issues with people from the past. They come up / it comes up like a mirror.

The themes that like to come up for RE-view, with TAU / AR: Our self-value, feeling comfortable in our skin and on Planet Earth, habits, business, money (as a reflection of value – what we consider valuable, how we offer from value).


Mercury Retro

Hermes / Mercury , with winged helmet, sandals, and Caduceus / serpent staff of the healer (“Like heals Like”)


5) Talk about what REally matters.

Come from a compassionate place. So often what people say very often comes from a need to be heard in their story and wound, even if that might be overcompensated by the ego. Rather than judging or resisting them when they get you ‘out of your comfort zone’ meet them from the heart, the warm human heart, and the spiritual heart that’s not attached at all. Take time for what’s important.


6) Taking time for a direct, authentic, and lively dialogue…

…can open up opportunities to co-create, and support one another in an alienating society, and touch on other more important subjects that e-correspond-dance just wouldn’t allow for. When a conversation takes a different direction than the ‘planned’ and anticipated purpose it can lead to an even more important outcome. Trust the process – since, RE-ally, it’s all a process, and the NOW is always a process anyway.


7) Choose the clearest and most direct mode of communication available.

Phone or skype rather than emailing / messaging / phone tagging, meet them in person rather than phone, to make sure an actual dialogue happens. Look them in the eyes and feel out their presence, rather than just engaging in a factual monologue, via email / messaging, with the assumption you know what they think, or that they know what you think AND feel. Do they? Do you, really?

Be wise, and trust simple insight, consider communicating in several ways and via different media, to make sure the message and energy comes across – and a bigger chance to actually reach them. But also, keep in mind and heart that because people’s minds can be all over the place now, communication might be distracted, scattered, and incomplete, or prone to assumptions: “I thought you got my email!!!”. Or it might actually be a monologue when you write to someone: Are you just thinking out loud as you “communicate’, or are you actually addressing them?

Which brings us to…


8) Be mindful how you communicate with others.

Put yourself in their position, see the situation with less TAUREAN attachment and ego desires (“what’s in for me?”), drop your defenses, respond with genuine interest, and be a RE-source of service and guidance (if RE-quested)!


9) Be clear and precise with commitments, if you HAVE to (do you really?) sign an agreement now that can’t wait.

Patience is a TAURUS virtue, by the way…
For your own interest, and maybe to maintain your good terms with the other person, double check whether you have been understood correctly what the implications and consequences of your agreement are, especially value / money wise (TAU), and RE-peat / RE-phrase back to the other person. Avoid signing an agreement before you have all the necessary information (which is often only after MERCURY retro is over!). Especially related to where early TAU / late AR is in your chart (e.g. 7th house: relationships, 4th house: home / family).


10) Under M-r, the odds for fabulous unexpected synchronicities are 99%:

When we act more intuitively, and are RE-leased from the ordinary conditioned mind we let synchronistic guidance in, and allow the spontaneous intervention of the Universe to show us our interconnectedness, and the Multi-verse sing and synch :-). With the TAU energy, let’s RE-member to tune into Nature and into the messages of our body, and come back to our senses.


11) M-r is a good time to RE-connect with people you have lost sight of.

People might come back into your life whom you are connected to, but for some RE-ason have lost touch with. Time to RE-visit RE-sidual communication that’s not complete, or wasn’t possible for a while. Chances are good that you RE-connect with people from realms related to TAU in your chart (e.g. 7th house: significant others, 9th house: foreign countries, studies…).


12) When ‘glitches’ occur, rather than getting stuck in an old mind-set (TAU), can you be fluid and flexible like quicksilver (MERCURY’s metal), creative and inventive?

Think “shift happens”, don’t judge or blame yourself or others for not being ‘perfect’, and making ‘mistakes’, and turn the paradigm around: What could be the opportunity and funny side in this mishap? Comic / cosmic relief is one of the M-r gifts (that gets even TAU going…) RE-frame your way of thinking about things. And entertain the possibility that subconsciously, you might have arranged a wild alternative (MERCURY / URANUS) to the original ‘plan A’ which shakes things up, and – who knows? – might lead to something new and better and more fun and playful than what the habitual mind set could have come up with? 🙂


13) Enjoy those hilarious, unintentional puns, slips, and new connections in the mind.

And they are guaranteed to happen, prob. already! Be creative and brainstorm – esp. together with your MERCURY retro friends.


14) If you would like to know…

  • whether you are a member of the RETRO CLUB (born under MERCURY retro, as yours truly)
  • in which part of life the MERCURY Retro Trickster would likely play tricks on / with you
  • how you can best benefit from, and work WITH the energy,


…feel welcome to get in touch with your Astrologer.


RE-posting (since such RE-s are a good thing…), from the previous post:

* ITINERARY  for the  MERCURY RETRO Phase Apr / May 2017


Apr 4:
MERCURY in early TAU entered the stationary ‘storm’.
Stormy, ingenuous, or wrapped up in mental attachments, and chased by the Inner Minotaur, while attempting to walk the BIG Maze? Or fun and funky premonitions?

Time to take a break, and be open for a fresh approach.

Apr 9:
MERCURY in early TAU will turn retro, from Earth perspective.
Stand-still for the inward – backward looking Mind. RE-connecting with Self Awareness. And: What does our Body tell us…?

Mid April – Mid May:
(exact Apr 28, and May 9!)

A liberated mind! Leading from the Heart, and from Innocence. RE-Birth Time!

Apr 19:
Inferior Conjunction of MERCURY retro with the 1° TAURUS SUN (just 8 hrs after the SUN enters TAU!)

Ahhh, the half-way point of the MERCURY retro journey, a.k.a. ‘Point of Enlightening Insight’! A ‘New MERCURY’ is born. The SUN (Spirit, Consciousness, the Heart) leads again, while mind is the instrument and assistant. The whole point of the MERCURY retro adjustment phase…

Apr 20:
MERCURY retro re-enters ARIES
(until May 15!), to re-connect with URANUS on Apr 28, and May 9!

What a liberating and RE-newing phase. Time to be RE-invented!

May 3:
MERCURY will go direct again, close to URANUS.
We learned a big deal about the ‘operations’ of the mind – to be RE-vealed until then. And can be so much freer.

May 12 (2 days after the Wesak Moon on May 10):
MERCURY will leave the post-retro ‘storm’.
Mercury slowly catching momentum, regenerated. ‘Mind’ has a different quality than before the M-r phase, maybe it’s deeply changed.

May 22:
MERCURY will leave the post-retro shadow.
Green light for moving forward in negotiations and interactions, led by the Heart and Consciousness.


Take time, this first MERCURY retro week, under the Full / waning MOON:

  • For creative and playful brain storms.
  • For a ‘pause button’ in the ‘automatic pilot’ of daily dealings and mental habits.
  • To check your ‘invent-ory’ (in other words, ‘RE-sources’ and inventive ideas that could come to new life…. – some of them are due for purging and RE-cycling too.
  • Spring Cleaning and retro-fitting time 🙂

Wishing you a blessed navigation
in the retro- and interdimensional zone, with the Mercurial Mind currents, in the Heavens as on EARTH!

Hope to SEE you again soon, in real life, or online – it’s all about REconnecting (as directly as possible)!


© 2017 by Mercur-elanie




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