RE-Emergence of the Inner Goddess <3 ‘New VENUS’ on March 25!

24 Mar

As VENUS retrograde meets the SUN on March 25 – a ‘NEW VENUS’ is born, ‘in the underworld’, to regenerate herself as the Morning Star!


Venus Birth Botticelli

Birth of Venus – BotticelliVENUS will still go retro until Apr 15, but the important half-way point is reached.


This cosmic process is helping us shift from being so Other-oriented (VENUS ‘Evening Star’ with a LIBRA undertone: pleasing, comparing, copying, judging) to finding our Intrinsic Value, enjoying ourselves, and naturally attracting from there (VENUS ‘Morning Star has a TAURUS undertone)!

The VENUS retro phase happens only every 18 months (last one July 25 – Sept 6, 2015).

VENUS started her retro journey from mid ARIES, close to MARS / URANUS – an inner and outer Feminine that is raw, authentic, pro-active, and fresh in every moment – yet that could have been stressful too, to understate…

What have been your VENUS retro symptoms?

  • Have loved ones and lovers ‘from the past from ‘past’ relationships (even from different time lines) RE-connected with you, or ‘just’ shown up in your life?
  • Have you been attracted to RE-connect with them?
  • Are you drawn to be more connected with new people, but so many things are ‘in the way of making the first step’????
  • Are you wondering, what makes me unconditionally happy from within?

The VENUS retrograde phase has had us check in on our patterns in relationships: How, whom, and what we desire and attract.

And, even more so, it’s a RE-newal of Self-Love (VENUS – SUN), and Self-Value (TAURUS undertone of the ‘Morning Star’). Which naturally makes us more conscious (SUN) of whom, what, and how we attract (VENUS) into our lives.



Enter a caption

VENUS retro will cross from ARIES back into ‘her’ exalted sphere of PISCES on Apr 2, and re-emerge from PI to AR on Apr 28 – 2 weeks after coming out of retro.
What’s the Truth about the Love of the Self?
Finding Self Love in the Universal, Cosmic Self…

While turning around in late PI, VENUS will almost meet CHIRON (both ‘swim’ very close to each other almost the whole month of Apr) – Finding our Medicine to Heal the ‘Love Wound’ ♥ ♥
Do you have a sense where something can open to surrender for you?

Esp. if you have Planets, Sun, Moon, or AC in late PI / early-mid AR the VENUS retro phase will be a gift for you, to let go of old patterns.

And for all of us, for the area of life related to where late PI / early-mid AR is in our charts (esp. house wise) we are invited to go inwards, release, and from there attract in a new way.

Come join us in a small (up to 6 women and men – exploring directly with participants’ charts)

ASTRO~PARLOUR for your Journey with the ‘NEW VENUS’ (from March 25 on) – REgeneration of the INNER GODDESS

VENUS RETRO 2017 in AR – PI (March 4 – Apr 15)

WED, March 29 –
(under the TAURUS MOON – very Goddess friendly too)
6:29 – 9:09 pm

Reg.: $ 33
Low income: $ 27
Bring-a-friend who’s new to the groups: $ 27 for each of you.

It will be exciting to see what emerges for everybody in the group.

As always: Physical distance is not an issue – let’s skype / be on FB messenger, or G hangout, as you please (from the comfort of your home or holiday sanctuary)!

If you would like to dive deeper with my full attention and support you are welcome to a private session with VENUS Retro focus.


While turning around in late PI, VENUS will almost meet CHIRON (both ‘swim’ very close to each other almost the whole month of Apr) – Finding our Medicine to Heal the ‘Love Wound’ ♥ ♥
Do you have a sense where something can open to surrender for you?

© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger





If the above described themes sound familiar, if you feel the resonance and could use support in your journey drop me a line, and we can set up a private Astrology referenced consult session.
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Email me (, and we can customize it.

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