* The SUN crosses the Kuan Yin Point, and enters PISCES, on Feb 18: Coherence and Compassion.

18 Feb

This is the time of year when Aquarian Air turns into PISCEAN Water.
This morning, Feb 18 at 3:31 am PST, the SUN entered PISCES.

It’s the time-of-season in the Northern hemisphere when frosty Aquarian ice crystals and snow melt, and the Winter gets ‘washed out’….. More rain? Maybe… (not everywhere on Planet Earth of course).

Definitely a time to connect in Humanity (AQ) and know that we’re all in this together (hence I call it ‘Coherence Point’). In a group it’s the vibe of tuning into the shared ‘field’.

The 2015 Chinese New Year on that point inspired me to call this cusp also ‘Kuan Yin Point’, since she is the Goddess of Love and Compassion for all of Humanity. A good time to invoke her (any time of course).



Crystal activated Voyager card XVII – Star, showing Kuan Yin… – Photo and crystal activation by Melanie


The SUN will be in PISCES until March 20, and connect there with NEPTUNE on March 1, with CHIRON on March 14, plus the PI New Moon on Feb 26 will be an Annular ‘Ring of Fire’ SOLAR ECLIPSE (path goes over South America / South-West Africa)!
A huge planetary field in PISCES then, with MERCURY (entering PI on Feb 25), South Node, SUN, MOON, NEPTUNE, and CHIRON!  Stay tuned for an Astro~News blog post!

PISCES, the last Water sign, last Winter sign, and last sign of the Zodiac supports ‘endings’, surrendering, letting go, and being ‘neutral’. What may come our way when we’re in that vibration we can easily meet with LOVE, and whatever is not a good match can be released with LOVE, with ease and flow.

A new cycle follows, from the Spring Equinox (March 20) on.



Neptune Rules Pisces. Painting by Johfra Bosschart


The ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar ECLIPSE in early PISCES on Feb 26 helps us with ‘washing out’ and re-balancing in a much bigger way what the LEO / Regulus / VIR – AQ FULL MOON on Feb 10 has been preparing us for.

Have you been feeling its effects (usually in the month before, if not longer), and welcoming the ‘karmic gifts’ it offers?
* Clearing residual ‘chaos’ / overwhelm (South Node / NEPTUNE in PI)
* Re-aligning with integrity (VIR), to radiate our authentic Self (LEO).

More about what’s involved in the cosmic ‘download’ in the next email ASTRO~NEWS, and in the Astro~News Blog.

Come join us on FRI FEB 24 @ 4:24 pm PST (live in person in Victoria, or via Hangout from anywhere on Planet Earth) for the

* Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse Astro*Parlour
You are welcome to link into our group synergy – where your unique cosmic contributions & connections are lit up, in conscious coherence with the energies of the Eclipse (and with one another)!
Here’s the FB event


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