* LILITH moves over the ‘Phoenix Point’ and enters SAG on Feb 13 (until Nov 8): The Transformed Feminine is Rising & Taking Flight! Call of the Wild and Free!

9 Feb

LILITH is known as the Archetype of the ‘Wild Woman’ but beyond that, so much more…

Her mythology dates back to Sumerian and Hebraic creation myths. She was considered the first man’s (Adam’s) wild and instinctual female consort who animated his sexual longings and claimed equality with him, “because we were created from the same earth”. When he wanted to dominate her, she left him, and chose loneliness and exile rather than subjugation. As ‘punishment’ for her rebellious act against the masculine, LILITH was regarded as a personification of the ‘feminine evil’, a demoness and ‘vamp’ that attracts and then devours male energy; the raging, ‘out-of- mind’, uncontrollable feminine; the uncivilized woman who cohabits with men at her own will. The witch in her role as devil’s consort and the temptress and bitch / prostitute are some of the prominent darker LILITH Archetype phantasies and projections in our Western societies.


Lilith (Sumerian) - Queen of the Night

Sumerian Lilith


Psychologically, LILITH brings up deep and primal issues like unbound sexual power, repressed feelings of rejection and rage, and yet refusal to submit. In a ‘LILITH state’, we are very ‘irrational’, but sometimes it seems as if that’s what it takes to bring out the truth from underneath. Perimenstrual times can guide us women to LILITH’s realm. So important to acknowledge the themes that come up, and find a safe, creative and transformational outlet, maybe together with other LILITH ‘confidants’, rather than exiling and isolating oneself.

What’s with the ‘Black Moon LILITH’ which some astrologers associate with the MOON’s shadow? In my view, that’s rather symbolic and psychological: In mythology, LILITH got enraged about the ‘diminishment of the MOON’, in other words, about the treatment and self understanding of the Feminine as secondary and inferior: As ‘MOON’, lots of women have been expected to merely reflect back the sunlight of the creative, SUN-like masculine. LILITH’s motifs for claiming equality for the Feminine were dual – for herself, and for her ‘MOON sisters’. Which reminds me of Feminists who fight for equality for themselves, and on behalf of their repressed Sisters. Therefore, the ‘Black MOON’ speaks of the alliance of LILITH and MOON. It’s always interesting to look at the relationship between LILITH and the MOON (and also VENUS) in one’s birth chart, to find out more about the dynamic of the inner ‘feminine trinity’, in women as well as in men (as their ‘animas’).

Many traditional men and unempowered women tend to avoid going to these muddy emotional places; they let (other) women go into and through it, and rather stay ‘in control’. HA! Very SCORPIONIC. Thereby, they contribute to perpetuating a projection of the demonic dark Feminine onto ‘women out there’, while an aspect of their own inner Feminine cries for acknowledgment and integration. I’d like to encourage everyone to deeply explore what brings out their ‘inner LILITH’, to meet ‘her’ and go ‘through it’ with ‘her’, esp. under LILITH in SCO. Freedom ensues – very SAG.

Over the course of the last 1 ½ decades or so, since I’ve been exploring the astrological LILITH as an inner Archetype, with clients, groups, and in my own experience and transits from and to LILITH, an evolution happened – maybe a reflection of PLUTO having opposed my natal LILITH:
On a spiritual level, LILITH guides us to ‘simply’ being in our true, Unconditioned Nature. Having said that, the ‘traditional’ LILITH effects can still play out.

LILITH, Archetype of the ‘Wild Woman’ / Being in our ‘Unconditioned, Untamed Nature’ leaves deep, magical, transformational SCORPIO on Feb 13 (also shortly after the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse on Feb 10), to roam through wild and free SAGITTARIUS for 9 months, until Nov 8, 2017.




LILITH has a 9-year cycle, and hasn’t been in SAG since Apr – Dec 2008.

Interesting that LILITH travels 9 month in one sign – a pregnancy phase to cultivate those qualities, through our true nature. And by the way, ‘she’ never goes retro.

If you have a SCO side in you, how has LILITH stirred up of your ‘deep inner wildness’ that just doesn’t put up with shallow superficial fake BS, and sees through manipulation, power trips, and other strategic agenda?
And your SAG sides, to be infused by LILITH in the next while, can take you to new, more empowered, levels of freedom now. Ready??!

In SAG, LILITH will square the Nodal Axis (VIR – PI) throughout March, exact March 10, an extra-charged call for Alignment with what works for US (vs. getting pulled into toxic, addictive, overwhelming scenarios).

‘She’ will also (finally!) pass SATURN (happens every decade), in August. SATURN will be stationary then, and the Solar Eclipse on Aug 21 will carry that energy. LILITH surpasses restrictions and authorities, the ‘voice of daddy and the super-ego’. Even freer after that ‘hurdle’.

LILITH in your chart shows where YOU need to be in tune with YOUR natural power and which areas of life trigger that (money, children, relationships, travel, career…) and in what way (sign, and aspects to other planets).

Where LILITH transits in your chart in SAG (be it your SUN, MOON, Nodes, Planets, AC, MC) these Archetypes and sides in you are being ‘rewilded’ and brought back to being in your true nature.




If you hear ‘the Call of the Wild and Free’ come to our LILITH PARLOUR, on Feb 13:

LILITH into SAGITTARIUS on Feb 13 (until Nov 8, 2017):

The Transformed Feminine is Rising & Taking Flight!

Call of the Wild and Free.

Feb 13
Two groups to choose from:

3:13 – 6 pm
7:13 – 10 pm

In person, or via Skype / Hangout / Messenger, from anywhere!
Request: Please come fragrance free in person, since I’m scent-sitive, and others too. Merci!

$ 33 drop-in
$ 27 low income / bring a friend who is new to Astro~Experiences
$ 27 if you have Sun, Moon, AC, or Lilith in SAG
$ 122 punch card for 4 visits

Here is the FB Event



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