* JUPITER goes retro on Feb 5 (until June 9): RE-visiting Relationships, ‘Contracts’, and Choices.

5 Feb

JUPITER  just went retro today Feb 5 /6 (until June 9).  It’s presently (Jan – Feb) a stationary / now retro focal point, which makes Jan and Feb very ‘Jupiterian’ months.

Themes of well considered choices, fairness, balance, equality, justice, the law, civil rights, the geo-political scene, negotiation, contracts, arts & culture, and right relationships (on all levels) are (obviously) huge these days, and broadly discussed.


Jupiter and Earth


Quick RE-cap:
JUPITER is presently (since Sept 9, 2016) in LIBRA, until Oct 10, 2017 when it enters SCORPIO.

Themes of fairness, justice, right relationship, choices in general, balance, and peace are BIG this year – as it has become evident…
Doesn’t mean: “It’s all good”, rather blown up and magnified, so that real growth or growing out of certain non-‘matching’ situations can happen.
Once JUPITER is in SCO from the Fall on, big change will be under way.


Jupiter Eye


Two major aspects from JUPITER in LIBRA will occur (3 times each) this year:

JUPITER opposes URANUS in ARIES (# 1 was on Dec 26, 2016), on March 3 (#2), and on Sept 27, 2017 (# 3).

The opposition of JUPITER in LIBRA and URANUS in ARIES is quite a prominent ‘kicker’ all year. Expect the unexpected! Issues of justice, consideration, balance, fairness, negotiation and equality are HUGE now, with JUPITER in LI, and the lack thereof is very upsetting, unsettling, and causing turmoil, in the societal (esp. U.S. – where URANUS also squares their PLUTO in 2017 / 18) arena, under URANUS in AR. More unrest, uprising, protests and marches, action and re-action very likely…

  • What brings us balance and peace, and what’s unsettling and upsetting?
  • Where do we need to get off the fence and be proactive?
  • When is negotiation and ‘being nice’ enough, and it’s time to assert and be proactive?!
  • Yet, how can we, beyond going into opposition, integrate this polarity?
  • How can we find the inner Balance Point, and even Still-Point of our Essence, from which to act, freshly, freely, spontaneously?!


JUPITER squares PLUTO in CAP (# 1 was Nov 24, 2016), on March 30 (# 2), and on Aug 4, 2017 (# 3).

  • Our choices, and the relationships we engage in have a powerful effect on the world we live in.
  • How can we help turn things around for the better, and for positive growth?


An important time to re-view our choices and relationships: 
What’s a good match’, what creates synergy, or (in square with PLUTO in CAP), what’s just too much work and too much we’ve taken on? A time to scale back, and find inner fulfillment (VENUS will be retro too).
With JUPITER in LIBRA, there’s lots of incentive and reward for creating harmony and balance in our lives. 
PLUTO in CAP loves resourcefulness – digging and purging, re-using and re-purposing what we already have.


Johfra Bosschart: LIBRA, with abundant esoteric symbolism. You’ll love the descriptions http://www.johfraposters.com/store/?pID=12

Johfra Bosschart: LIBRA, with abundant esoteric symbolism. 



  • How can harmony, peace, balance, culture, arts, aesthetics, fairness, and right relationship be enhanced in your life?
  • Where is growth possible?  

Of course, the personal astrological dynamics colour and modify the experience.

And we can all benefit from the important factor of awareness, so that we don’t unconsciously identify with the energies, however wisely travel with their currents.

Looks like we have to go inward-backward, under the JUPITER retro phase, from early Feb to early June, to find answers from within. And also to go back – way back in history and culture, and see better where things originate.

Wherever LIBRA is in your chart it’s time to re-visit those relationships, ‘old contracts’, and choices!

VENUS (the ruler of LIBRA) will also go retro soon (March 4 – Apr 15). The Feminine, inner and outer needs to be re-considered, and ‘she’ shall re-new her status, so that balance shall be re-established.

Definitely lots of interesting dynamics in the next while!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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