Valentine’s Month Astro Sessions (28% discounted), and Venus in Pisces, with Neptune: Universe-all Love & Relatedness

10 Jan

Happy not-so-NEW Calendar Year 2017, dear Astrology Friends!

May you find deep lasting inner happiness, independent of outer events or gratifications – true SAG Freedom!

A year of much anticipation (to put it neutrally, since the views differ)… yet SATURN in SAG (still until Dec 19) suggests to cut back on expectations and inner stories, and rather look at what’s right in front of us. Focus from the Heart in all matters matters.


Before the Astro~News for the Full Moon on Thu Jan 12 come to you I’d like to warmly invite you to my ‘traditional’ Valentine’s Month Offer – which has been already accessed by some of you. Thank you for booking gift sessions for yourself and loved ones!

In case you missed the Winter Solstice / Christmas / New Year’s Treat Time Offer, would like to make a gift or feel ready for your own relationship themed session, this offer might be just falling into place for you.


Venus Birth Botticelli

Birth of Venus – Botticelli


VENUS in PISCES now (Jan 3 – Feb 3, and again Apr 4 – 28 – yes! VENUS will go retro this Spring!) shows us that Love has no Form (quoting from an Eckhart Tolle article years ago), nor concepts or limitations or boxes, and how naturally connected we are with all Life.

With your Astrology, I can help you identify what actually keeps you from the unifying, unconditional Love, in other words, what in you and in your relationship/s shows up as separate from you, things you might judge and resist in ‘the other’. From there, I help you re-connect from within.

And of course, we shed light of insight and perspective on the dynamics that you and your partner experience, in an existing or in-becoming relationship.

Purpose of the session might be to identify which inner patterns and perhaps old stories and beliefs keep running, and to DE-identify WITH them. To create clarity, acknowledgment, even gratitude, and release of what doesn’t serve, what isn’t REAL but just another story. Old inner ‘stories’ and beliefs are up for completion now, under SATURN in SAG.

We can work on different levels, with Astrology, Voyager Tarot and other card ‘oracles’, in dynamic, intuitive flow.

Each session and set of sessions is customized to my clients. Very alive and fresh and adaptable to what serves YOU most.

You are welcome to take me up on my Offer which can be already booked, for a session in February:


* Valentine’s Month of February Astrology Gifts *

…for Dear Ones, Friends, and for Yourself:

ALL Relationship Consultations and Gifts are 2 x 14% = 28% discounted!

To be purchased by FEB 14. To be redeemed by MARCH 14.

Gift Certificates available.

Sessions can be already scheduled, and are held in person in Victoria, or via phone / Skype / fb world wide.

They will be recorded, and audio link emailed.

Find the offer also on my Facebook page!


The Offer comes in 2 OPTIONS, each in 3 ‘Sizes’:



* Valentine’s Relationship Astro Session for You & Your Loved One *



Heart Stars – Globular Cluster (Hubble Telescope)


Loved one means: EVERYONE – be it romantic / erotic, friends, children and family, animal companions. LOVE comes in so many ways, facets and faces, and Valentine’s here for everyone!

Ideally, your loved one comes with you to the session. But it’s not necessary.


A relationship session is based on any or – in a longer session or 2 sessions – on all these 3 components:

  • Relationship themes in each partner’s life – certain factors in both of your charts show us about these.
  • Relating: In the Synastry chart we see the dynamics between both partners – also very helpful to explore compatibility themes.
  • Relationship itself: Discussing the Composite chart comes handy since it describes the characteristics of the relationship as a co-created alchemy and ‘third entity’ – and when we’re not so conscious it has ‘a life of its own’.


For the upcoming Valentine’s Month, choose which ‘size’ fits you / you’d like to gift:

* S – 60 min:

Overview, or zoom in to specific Relationship themes for each person, and what gets activated presently and for the upcoming year: Instead of $ 132 reg. only $ 95!

* M – 90 min:                            

Each partner’s inner Relationship themes – incl. present activations, Dynamics and Opportunities in Relating to one another, plus, overview of what the chart of the Relationship itself says. Instead of $ 177 reg. only $ 128!

* L – 2 hrs and XL – 2 ½ hrs:      

In-depth session, with each person’s Relationship themes, Dynamics in Relating, the Relationship itself, and 2017 transit cycles of evolution for both partners:

For 2 hrs instead of $ 210 reg. only $ 151! For 2 ½ hrs instead of $ 243 reg. only $ 175!


Before a Relationship session, a 2 hrs Initial Personal Consultation is recommended for new clients – now also 28% off: Instead of $ 177 only $ 128!

If you’d love to set up a Relationship session between 3 or more people get in touch with me please. Certainly also available.





* Valentine’s Relationship Themed Astro Session for Yourself, or as a Treat for a Friend * 



If you or your friend are solo, and exploring relationship themes, possibilities, and ‘inner worlds’:

  • Become aware of your ‘Inner Lovers’ (Mars / Venus) and your ‘Inner Sacred Marriage’.
  • On a practical note: What’s important for you and would work best for you in a relationship?
  • Where are you at presently? What do your relationship cycles say about the times ahead, and how can you be in natural alignment with them?


* S – 60 min:                  

Overview or zoom into specific inner Relationship themes: Instead of $ 99 reg. only $ 72!

* M – 90 min:                  

Your Inner Dynamics, and Relationship potential: Instead of $ 144 reg. only $ 112!

* L – 2 hrs:

In-depth inner Relationship session, incl. cycles: Instead of $ 177 reg. only $ 138!


By the way… you don’t know your birth TIME?

Not to worry, we can muscle test / body dowse it. Your body holds information. It can reveal the time you experienced yourself as being born (more accurate and appropriate anyway than what someone recorded or remembered). I’ve been offering this service to countless clients over the last 5 – 6 years since I was taught and have been applying this invaluable, freely available tool.

Muscle testing for birth time (for in-person clients available) is always included in my fees.



What Clients Say:


“Melanie’s astrological insight and knowledge has been supporting my journey for over a decade. Her understanding of the cosmic archetypes, energies, movements, patterns and rhythms that influence our lives is both deep and wide. She has the ability to paint a multi-layered picture of each person’s unique world that resonates on every level of being.  We are very lucky to have such an intuitive oracle in our community.”
Warmly, M. L.



Thank you so much for the session today. It was extremely insightful for me. I resonated with 99% of everything you said. On a very deep intuitive level I felt that you spoke clearly to a lot of my recent confusion. I feel very relieved, at ease, and much more aware of what has been going on. I strongly sensed that you spoke directly to the truth of where I am, my being and future trends. It’s hard to put it into words, but all I can say is that on our Skype session I was listening intensively and nodding the whole time. Wow!! A true healing session for me. Your talent is truly amazing! I am so grateful. Thank you so much!”

Cheers & Joy, R.S.


“I have been continually impressed (and awed) by how relevant and illuminating these sessions are to my life experience. Melanie has a remarkable ability to help clarify and unravel complex relationship dynamics and energetic patterns. Her vast knowledge and intellectual ability encompasses profound understanding of family dynamics, archetypal psychology, and applied spiritual principles. And she is witty and joyful while gracefully discerning, intuiting and reflecting profoundly deep truth and awareness. I am grateful for such a mindful, insightful and compassionate astrology practice and presence!” S. P.


“Hello dear Melanie,

Rather late I know, but I just want to thank you again for your inspired and inspiring reading last week.  I’m definitely feeling a shift these past few days, and the reading helped clarify my intentions and understanding.  You are a very gifted astrologer, among other expressions, and I am grateful for your presence in my life!”

With love, T. B.


Always honoured to serve you. Always enjoying co-exploring the Heavens-on-Earth and in us with you!

With Star LOVE, straight from the HEART, in our Journey with the Returning Light!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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