* URANUS in ARIES retro to direct Dec 29: Expect the Unexpected. Wake-up Calls and Awakening. Emergence of the NEW. From the ‘9’ Year to the ‘1’ Year.

29 Dec

Maverick Planet Uranus (NASA)


It already started: December and January are quite the ‘URANIAN’ months as URANUS changes direction from retro to direct – today!


URANUS, the Archetype of Prometheus the Awakener, catalyzes liberation on all levels (“I’m out of here!” “Get outa here!” “Eureka!”), and ‘out of the Box’ / ordinary / norm experiences, surprises, shocks, incidents, accidents, precedents, wake-up calls, paradigm shifts, unsettled energy, a sense of urgency / emergency, unrest, and revolutions.


There’s been definitely a lot of those in the ‘cosmic weather’ recently…

URANUS is the ‘higher octave’ / transpersonal version of MERCURY.

We’re experiencing now a synchronized, compounding effect of URANUS and MERCURY influences, since MERCURY’s ‘Day of Enlightening Insight’ – the half-way point of the M-r phase, was just yesterday Dec 28. That’s when M-r shifts from the first half, called ‘epimethean’ phase (where ‘old stories’ are being processed) to the ‘promethean’ phase where new ideas and ‘forward-thinking’ is ‘in the air’, and URANUS goes direct today – all in one ‘package’.



I don’t know where this poster comes from, or whether the quote is really by Socrates. But it expresses the ‘Zeitgeist’ of URANUS in AR / PLUTO in CAP so well and simply.


Since July 29, UR has been in its yearly 5-month retro (inward-backward oriented, or rather latent) phase. Now it’s Wake-UP time: Inner liberation – maybe a breaking away from old beliefs or limiting containers – has prepared us for actually showing our liberated Self more outwardly in our actions and choices.

SATURN in SAG helps with being done with ‘old ways / stories / beliefs’ while JUPITER in LI shows how important choices, balance, fairness, reciprocity, right relationship, and ‘good matches’ are.

JUPITER in LI is also opposing URANUS in AR (was exact only 3 days ago, Dec 26): Being in our liberated Self and ‘enlightened self interest’ (UR in AR) benefits our relationships and attracts a suitable match – on all levels.

UR goes the furthest back in the Zodiac this year now (up to 20°33 AR).

If you have planets between about 18 and 23° AR, CAN, LI, or CAP you’d get the kick from URANUS to be the liberated, authentic Self (even if there might be an apparent conflict with family, partners, society – but that’s just part of the path to freedom).

Dec 2016 – Jan 2017 is therefore a very charged time that once again pushes us into new levels of RE-birth, transformation, and awakening of consciousness.


So let’s BE the Change of the World-in-Becoming!

The NEW is emerging NOW. And a New Year is around the corner.


So many people are ‘done’ with 2016, for different reasons. 2016 has been a ‘9’ year, numerologically: 2+0+1+6 = 9. Endings, closure, release.

And it feels very ‘old’ already. A lot of what came up this passing year needed to ‘come out’ to be released, perhaps of the last 9 years even (since the beginning of 2008). Doing an intentional ceremony would be a good way of honouring what we let go of.


2017 will be a ‘1’ year: 2+0+1+7 = 10 / 1. Newness on many levels. Stay tuned. Things can shift fast now. What’s the newness that you invoke?


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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