Freedom from the Known, and FOR the Path of Heart! SAG SUN sextiles JUPITER, and conj. SATURN. AR MOON conj. URANUS, Dec 9 / 10

9 Dec

Opportunity & Break-free Days!
The SUN in SAG sextiles mighty JUPITER in LIBRA – golden opportunities to make wise choices, based on, and regarding fairness, justice, balance, right relationship bring FREEDOM, open new directions, and open the HEART!
The ARIES MOON meets URANUS (once a month) also today. Break through, break free, break open. It all starts NOW – and there’s only NOW.



Light on the Wintry Path, Photo by Melanie, Dec 6, 2016


Check out a little video clip from my St. Nicklas walk here 🙂
…and come back to the AstroNews blog afterwards (haven’t figured out how to create a hyperlink that opens a new browser window – tips welcome!).

As the SUN passes SATURN tomorrow Satur-N-Day (Yes, it IS the day of the week dedicated to Saturn) Dec 10 (another YAY of the week, happens once a year!), it’s so much easier to SEE the LIGHT and the bigger WHY through the eyes of consciousness (the SUN in SAG), beyond what’s presented itself to us / what we perceived (SAG has to do with seeing and perception) as ‘obstacles on the path’ over the last… year! (SATURN in SAG – since Sept 2015). We can see and acknowledge these obstacles and challenges as opportunities to grow beyond conditioning (‘Freedom from the Known’). And the need to set boundaries, and say NO to pursuing old, conditioned directions that we’ve outgrown (and if we ‘went there’ we’d just get more karma to unravel).

OH, and of course, SATURN in SAG says: Less is More, when it comes to unnecessary ‘junk’ and clutter (even in the name of ‘gifts’). What are the gifts that matter most? 

The Path of Heart prevails! So ‘simple’.



© Melanie Lichtinger 2016


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