* MERCURY over the ‘Integrity Point’ into CAP (Dec 2), and Mercury retro (Dec 19 – Jan 8) fore-shadowing :: Behind the Message there’s a Human.

2 Dec

Ahhh, why does nobody ‘like’ MERCURY retro?

It seems to mess with our plans, our mind, and with communications. 


Monkeys (Gibbons) at Play 1427 painting by Xuande Emperor

“Gibbons at Play” – 1427 Painting by Xuande Emperor(?!)


YES, MERCURY will inevitably go retro again (again??? 3 times a year for 3 weeks, plus pre- and post- retro shadow and storm, all in all almost 2 months each phase).

Rather than seeing M-r as an annoyance there’s a deeper purpose, and there are better ways of grooving with the ‘backwards flying messenger’.

Each M-r phase ‘lassoes’ MERCURY the Archetype for the Mind that gets ‘ahead of the game’ and has traveled ahead of the SUN back in, so that Spirit and Consciousness (the SUN) rule, and Mind follows as its function and ‘servant’. Always lots to learn and adjust each time, since the ‘monkey mind’ / ego mind really IS the make-believe trickster.


So here’s a brief overview of the upcoming M-r phase with itinerary (see also my scribblings on the SAG New Moon chart).


More about it in the updated M-r tool kit that I’ll send out next week in separate mail and in the next Astro~News for the GEM – SAG Full Moon on Dec 13 when MERCURY is about to go into pre-retro ‘storm’.


This year 2016, M-r visits the Earth signs (first phase was in TAU in Apr / May, then in VIR in Aug / Sept, and rounding it up with CAP in Dec / Jan).

Physical, practical matters have been mostly ‘affected’ by M-r (values, money, organizing, business, health) and this continues with M-r in CAP which rules societal structures, governments, bosses, law, time and history, as well as how we work with time and resources, and the long term effects of it.


Since PLUTO entered CAP in 2008/9, these larger issues have been ‘in our face’, and transformation of the modern capitalist life style has to happen to keep bio-structures on Planet Earth sustainable.

MERCURY will start its next retro tour on Dec 19, right next to PLUTO, and go back to the last degree of SAG, hence cross the SAG – CAP ‘Integrity Point’ 3 times (forward – retro – forward). All the deeper, more serious issues where walking our talk matters will be brought up by MERCURY. If the Mind (MERCURY) has either driven us more overtly crazy and powerless with our need to plan and control, in the face of world changes, or if we’re gone into denial / shut-down (PLU) things will come up for RE-visit and RE-view, to RE-connect with Spirit, and be guided from deep within.

Aaand: When receiving messages from and communicating with authorities, consider: “Behind the message is a person.” And communicate directly with them as human beings


Itinerary for the M-r phase in Dec / Jan 2016 /17:

Dec 1: MERCURY goes into pre-retro shadow – themes and patterns to address foreshadow.

Dec 2: MERCURY crosses from SAG over the ‘Integrity Point’ into CAP – how do you ‘walk your talk’, and think and talk in integrity?

Dec 15: MERCURY significantly slows down, and enters the stationary pre-retro ‘storm’ – time for RE-visit, RE-view, RE-treat…

Dec 19: MERCURY goes retro next to PLUTO – don’t be afraid of the ‘black hole’, may it RE-generate us deeply from within over the SoUlstice time.

Jan 4 – 12: MERCURY re-enters SAG and hovers on the ‘Integrity Point’: Walking our Talk matters.

Jan 8: MERCURY goes out of retro – what life lessons have we learned and do we need to practice now?

Jan 12 (Full Moon): MERCURY goes out of SAG into CAP, and out of stationary ‘storm’ – settling on ‘higher ground’?
Jan 27: MERCURY goes out of the post-retro shadow – integration.

I’ll post a Mercury retro tool kit shortly – stay tuned :-).



© Melanie Lichtinger 2016


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