* CHIRON in PI goes direct (Dec 1), in trine with LILITH in SCO (Nov / Dec) Unifying Medicine Emerges. Our Wild and True Nature Takes Us Deeper.

30 Nov



Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Cards, representing the crystals water forms when exposed to groups of people focusing on the energy of (cards I chose and photographed): Respect, Harmony, Peace, Earth



Our human bodies are composed of approx. 60% Water.

The Earth Body even contains 71% Water.



Water Crystals Truth, Wisdom, Prayer, Love for Humanity


The SAG New Moon catalyzes this year’s ‘Wounded Healer’ CHIRON’s turnaround from retro (since June 27) to direct / forward from Earth perspective, on Dec 1.

The stationary CHIRON energy makes mid Nov to mid Dec if not all Nov & Dec quite the CHIRON themed time. What has been latent, ‘introverted’, and dealing with re-current themes (CHIRON retro) is now being more overtly expressed again (CHIRON direct).


What’s that all about, with CHIRON in PISCES (2010 – 2018)? Collectively and personally, the ‘Wound’ that connects us, and carries its intrinsic Medicine is that all IS connected in the eco-logic Fabric of Life, and we ARE ALL in this together.

A vulnerable scenario, yet also it carries the potential that when we connect in resonance and coherence (PI) the ‘field’ is healing.

  • Which ‘old wounds’ have shown up in you over the last months?
  • How did it help you to feel connected?
  • What is your inner Medicine?

The CHIRON direct phase (Dec 1, 16 – July 1, 17) can help us bringing our unifying vibrations together, and heal in Oneness that already IS.


CHIRON in PI is presently also in ‘friendly’ Water trine support with LILITH in SCO was exact Nov 23 while its effect extends throughout Nov and Dec.

LILITH in SCO’s ‘Call of the Wild’ to access our deep, magical, and transformational True Nature goes well together with CHIRON in PI’s Medicine of surrender and Oneness.

What could be scary (SCO)and overwhelming (PI) about this? Probably mostly: The version of ‘truth’ that the voice of the ego is trying to tell us (SATURN in SAG, activated by the SAG New Moon nearby helps us monitor those voices). Check them out, and let them fiercely transform!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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