Astro~News :: SAG New Moon 2016 (Nov 29): Focusing on the High Road & Gestation of the Heart Fire

29 Nov

On this beautiful clear day here in Victoria, I went to the Ocean before doing errands – and took in a great ‘wave therapy’ – ahhh! So fresh, air so balmy, and high tide splash ‘n spray… While sitting on a log and watching the tides I received a ‘simple’ teaching for the SAG New Moon T-square. Wished I had brought my camera to record on the spot, but hey, it stuck and I could practice right away. Wanted to share with you here, at the beginning of the Astro~News blog:


Refreshingly ‘Simple’, Photo by Melanie, Nov. 2016

The tide is quite high today, and I had to climb on and around washed-up logs, and synch my rhythm with the waves rolling in to avoid getting wet feet.

Sooo beautiful to be out there, and energized by it all! At a spot where I sat down for a while on a log, wondering, “Shall I continue, or turn around here?”, I suddenly realized how symbolic this walk was for emotional and communicative scenarios (had one of those today, and even after the walk another one to practice on):
On the walk, the way how to move forward with ease was not to focus on and ‘highlight’ the ‘obstacles’ (logs, sticks, seaweed, uneven ground, waves coming in) which sure enough would give those a big attention and power. But to keep my focus on where the path ‘of least resistance’ does open, perhaps closer to the cliff, on the ‘high road’, which makes walking so much more enjoyable and healthier, and I could always jump out to close to the waves from there.

Similarly, as I focus on my ‘higher ground’, rather than on obstacles and judgment (all of which relates to New Moon in SAG, close to SATURN) I’m not carried away by or sucked into what might be inundating, overwhelming, co-dependent, addictive, toxic, and just produce more of the same, and I could loose myself in this (South Node in PI with NEPTUNE, in Nov stationary after going direct on Nov 19). Instead, I’m self aware and conscious of what’s going on, and choose what’s healthy, functional, and smarter (North Node in VIR).

I so enjoyed my walk with the teaching applied, intentionally kept my relaxed zoom focus on the path that opened, walked the shoreline with ease and fun, and played with the waves. Nothing ‘NEW’, and quite ‘SIMPLE’, since we DO it when walking anyway. Yet a hologram for many situations:


Focusing on what works (SAG NM / SATURN – VIR NN), rather loosing our path in an energy that drowns us (NEP / SN in PI). And then relaxing (PI), aiming high, and having fun (SAG).

I could practice it right away afterwards in the pharmacy (a NEP place – NEP rules drugs). Wanted to pick up a prescription cream, and first it took forever – everything seems to go in slow motion which felt like a draining, dream like, hypnotizing energy (NEP / SN in PI). So I was going to the post office first, checked in again at the pharma – still a wait, and to the grocery store to be efficient with my time. When it was my turn the pharmacist again had to finish his admin before being available. More patience and release of judgment. When he finally rang the prescription through it turned out they charge $ 78 for a cream that I paid a fraction for a few years back. I was shocked, and immediately said: “I’m not willing to pay this price. I was about $ 20 last time.”. “You don’t want this prescription???” “No”. My intuition told me, the internet and Amazon are my friends when pharma is outrageous. And sure enough, found a same size generic cream with the same ingredient yet not the original brand for $ 11 and ordered it. Happy for alternative opportunities and solutions. Less pharma costs with the same focus is more, and works for me. SATURN in SAG (square CHIRON in PI) loves that too.

By the way, SATURN in SAG will be in exact square with CHIRON in PI on the day of the next New Moon, Dec 28 / 29:

What’s the Medicine and what are the Teachings of how to move forward, and which direction to say NO to?!
In my sense that’s already becoming quite clear when I look at what’s going on at Standing Rock…


Let’s see what the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon has to say, before we look at the chart.

The New Moon will be at 7°42’ SAG (see chart below).

8° SAG says:




Heart Lava, Kilauea. Photo by B. Lewis (from G+)


Keynote: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life.

Forces are at work in the deepest layers of the psyche which in their own way respond to the outer stimulation produced by a strong involvement in group ambitions and emotions, and even more by the powerful tensions and releases of love. An alchemical process goes on, usually unnoticed by the conscious ego, until it becomes obvious that a kind of mutation has taken place and a new level of awareness of its responses to life has been reached. At this… stage, we deal with both the basic rhythm of growth of the human being and a reaction to more individualized experiences which aroused the emotions. The very substance of the person’s nature undergoes modifications, on the basis of which a new step may be taken. The symbol draws our attention to the inner changes. We have become aware of them. What is implied is a kind of PSYCHIC GESTATION.”


The Evolution of Love in a deeper, bigger, broader way than we were societally conditioned is taking place.

The Sabian Symbol also describes very beautifully the transit of VENUS / PLUTO in CAP that we just experienced. May the Power of Love be the evolutionary agent that overcomes the destructive love of power! A purification through the Heart Fire – that SAG also represents.



* The SAG New Moon Chart – A Bigger Picture.

The SAG NEW MOON will be exact today Nov 29 at 4:18 am PST.


  • As you see, SUN and MOON at 8° SAG are on the Apex of an exact Mutable T-Square to the Lunar North Node at 8° VIR, and stationary NEPTUNE, only one degree away from the Lunar South Node at 8° PI:

What a tension that seeks release and outlet at the New Moon point – the Heart Lava!

  • The North Node in VIR calls us to be (self) aware, sort things out, clean up our act, do what works, and what needs to be done to help a situation, be in alignment with integrity, and be grounded, and in practical intelligence.
  • The South Node in PI with NEPTUNE exposes us to the all-encompassing universal Sea of the Collective. We’re all in this together, and all is connected. Too much ‘flooding’ can lead to loosing ourselves, overwhelm, passivity, and a draining of energy on a personal level.
  • The Nodal Balance gives incentive to ‘start’ with the North Node, do what’s healthy and helpful, and stay in our integrity (the realm of ‘The Priestess’). From that place, exposure to and immersion in All that IS is easy and nature-All.


The SAG New Moon outlet can then be a spontaneous Heart Expression that speaks to… ‘whom it may concern’. The SAG Archer/ess pulls his / her arrow back to the Heart before releasing it, in-tension-ially, yet without expectations.


FIRE is also the strongest Element presently. What are you burning brightly for…? 


  • Next UP: Another T-square: VENUS / PLUTO in mid CAP are the Apex of a Cardinal T-square to JUPITER in LIBRA (the square was exact last week), and to URANUS in ARIES (VENUS square URANUS is exact tomorrow Nov 29!).
    JUPITER will exactly oppose URANUS on Dec 26.
    And MERCURY will go retro from very close to PLUTO, on Dec 19.

With cardinal energy, the crucial ‘pillars’ of life are affected. Radical new initiative and wise Leadership are called upon.
PLUTO / VENUS, exact last week (once yearly) in CAP sharply pinpoints the ‘love of’, attachment to, and investment in power over, abuse and exploitation, AND requires a change from the core, and on the soul level – personally and collectively, to access the depth and sustainability of the Power of Love – which matters most ‘at the end of the day’. And from that place, the love from and for what’s most essential (like: Water is Life!). This is the Apex / outlet of the T-square.

  • Since MERCURY will hover over this VENUS / PLUTO point from mid to late Dec (as it goes retro on Dec 19), a discussion has to be re-entered, and we need to re-think the situation, go deeper than into our mind, to communicate differently and with more soul integrity, rather than on a mental power trip (PLUTO / MERCURY).  To the left of the chart, you can see (can you read it?) my hand penciled M-r ‘itinerary’ (typed out below, also in the M-r segment).
  • JUPITER in LI shows us how important balance, justice, and right relationship are. And URANUS in AR represents the emergence of something radical and revolutionary. Can be unsettling and upsetting, unpredictable and raw. Revolutionary spirit, wake-up calls and spiritual awakening. The JUPITER – URANUS in opposition (# 1 on Dec 26, # 2 and 3 to follow on March 3 and Sept 27, 17) represents a dichotomy between right relationship, a peaceful, harmonious, synergistic and balanced giving and receiving, and radical uprising, turmoil, but also shake-up and wake-up with a call for a balance, fairness, and justice. More about it as we get closer to the exact opposition dates (and of course: always in my fb posts).
  • MARS in AQ, in trine with JUPITER in LI (exact on Dec 1) and in sextile with URANUS (exact on Dec 6) is presently a ‘valve’ through which the polarized energy can find outlets through group action, and an activation of humanity to act in cooperation (or am I idealistic here?).


How to live with and best express this Cardinal T-square pressure on a personal level, you may ask?

To keep it simple and essential (PLUTO in CAP):

  • How about spending our time and energy on what matters most?
  • How about we go by the Golden Rule (JUPITER in LI), and don’t do onto others what we wouldn’t wish to have done onto ourselves? (hmmm, what if this applies not just to treating and be treated by humans, but also to nature and animals, rivers and air?).
  • Being the Change we wish to see might be overwhelming, but can be taken step by step, in every moment we are aware and awake (URANUS in AR).
  • Honouring the Elders and Spirit Elders, and invoking our own Inner Elder is also very Capricornian, and can lead us to calm wisdom and grounded support in the priorities of life.

Back to Sagittarian Heart Wisdom and Action.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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