Neptunian November

18 Nov
MERCURY, now in SAG (since Nov 12, until Dec 2), squares NEPTUNE today, Nov 18, and will pass SATURN on Nov 23.
An important time to guard the mind from too many ‘random’ influences that could contaminate thoughts, blur the vision and distract us from our focus. Yet also a nice edge for imagination and inspiration. And to keep our Heart of Compassion open (and not let the mind ‘override’ it)! 

Ocean Spa – Photo by Melanie Nov 3

Quite watery and Neptunian these days, as the MOON is still in CANCER until this eve, the SUN in the last 3 days / tail end of deep SCO (until Nov 21), and – big news:
NEPTUNE stations, and goes from retro to DIRECT from Earth perspective, tomorrow Sat Nov 19!
What a Neptunian November, and U.S. Election… media, ‘glamour’, deception, confusion, illusion, incl. the MOON in PI accentuated NEPTUNE on Nov 8 / 9 – you get the idea: Lots of people thought they were dreaming or in an alternate reality / unreality – and on a spiritual dimension it IS all ‘Maya’.
NEPTUNE rules music, media, dance, surrender, altered states of consciousness.
  • Is your dream world also more heightened these days? Surrendering to what-IS seems to come easy these days – let it be a fluid energetic experience (rather than a ‘whatever’ / blah mode or depressive giving up). Does being in nature, connected, in the dance of life help you with that?
  • Allow things to be washed ashore and come your way – and release what’s not ‘yours’.
  • Purging, cleansing, soaking in Sea Salt. All good medicine.

And the North Node in VIR on the ‘other end’ says: be discerning, check what’s healthy. Exposure to the subtle, all-connective realms (PI) helps me with my work and well-being.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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