U.S. 2016 and Beyond – The American Evolution? An Astrological Perspective – part 2.

12 Nov

Let’s gain perspective on the U.S. state of affairs, and the energy of this time, through a cosmic lens, in two parts:

Part 1: The U.S. ‘Birth Chart’ and its Current and Upcoming AstroActivations (https://lichtsite.wordpress.com/2016/11/12/u-s-2016-and-beyond-the-american-evolution-an-astrological-perspective/).

And here is…

Part 2: The major political Players that the U.S. presented and produced this year, in their Archetypal Roles: Birth Charts of Trump, Clinton, and Sanders, with Current and Upcoming AstroActivations.


Let’s start with Bernie Sanders, whom I mentioned above, with his ARIES side. Here is his birth chart. His birth time is unknown, so I set up a chart for 12 noon, on Sept 8, 1941, in Brooklyn Heights.




As you see, URANUS is now on Bernie’s MOON / MARS in ARIES – Feel the Bern! Bernie was and is very popular with young people (AR), and despite his biological age he’s very fresh, alert, and direct (AR).

URANUS was strong for him in Spring when there was ‘young’ hope and enthusiasm wherever he gave speeches, while URANUS was direct / forward moving, until it slowed down and went retro, only 1 degree off his MARS, end of July. Pretty much coinciding with the CA Primaries results and questions came up whether they were rigged to Bernie’s disadvantage.

Bernie’s birth MARS is retro, next to his MOON – he’s an intrinsic fighter and advocate for the people. My sense is that with MARS retro he empathizes with CHIRON in AR in the U.S. – A ‘wounded warrior’: Let’s not use assertion (anymore) for violent destructive battles but channel it into passionate energy and drive to fight for the greater good, and nowadays: for a political revolution (URANUS)! And hey, even though he ‘lost’ the nomination battle, he is feisty as ever, doesn’t let ego get in the way, gets up and carries on (AR).

Opposite his MOON / MARS in AR sits his VENUS in LI, in auspicious trine with his JUPITER in GEM. He can be quite a charmer and negotiator, eloquent, curious, engaging, asking questions, remaining youthful despite ‘age’.

His VENUS will receive a transit from transiting JUPITER in LI, in Jan – March 2017 (would the People and the women especially want Bernie for President?!), and again, Aug / Sept – just in time for his 76th birthday. Maybe the elections came a year too early for him… his popularity and opportunities seem to rise next year.

SATURN presently in SAG opposes Bernie’s JUPITER in GEM end of Dec and next Summer (July – Sept 2017). So yeah, fate and vote had it otherwise, but he can still have a word in, or many…

In terms of leadership, let’s look at his SATURN, which comes with URANUS retro, on the TAU / GEM cusp. Taking a stand and verbalizing it is his forte, and he can channel that into progressive purposes (SAT / UR). There’s also a theme of non-attachment, and being free from rigid concepts (UR in GEM next to SAT in TAU), incl. the concept of leadership itself.

Lastly, his SUN / North Node / NEPTUNE are in VIR – close to the U.S. NEPTUNE / LILITH. He would have learned in his life to channel his natural compassion (South Node in PI) into analyzing the situation and offering practical solutions (North Node in VIR), and bring order (VIR) into chaos (PI)… which is also much needed nowadays: The Nodes in PI – VIR are congruent with Bernie’s, since Sept 2015 until May 2017, and he has his Nodal Return (comes every 18 – 19 years). In so much overwhelm and chaos, we could all use more of the voice of reason, and practicality (“How can this work? How do we clean up this mess?”).

CHIRON in PI has been on his South Node this year… was letting go, loosing, giving up inevitable? Could counting the numbers and taking a critical examination have helped (North Node in VIR)? But who helped Bernie when he needed it? Not the media (PI), giving soo much publicity (any publicity…) to the Donald.

With his SUN and NEPTUNE close by in VIR, Bernie can be nevertheless quite charismatic, in a non-assuming, humble way, and popular with women, and ‘ordinary, regular people’.

So, let’s see what we hear from Bernie in 2017, and perhaps already in December. He’s instrumental in the American political revolution that’s under way now (UR in AR which will continue to be on his MARS over 2017).


Next up: Hillary Clinton. Here is her chart. Two versions of her birth time cruise around (8:02 am and 8 pm). I chose 8:02 am intuitively – and makes much more sense from what we see (and don’t see) about her. A very pronounced chart. What’s your sense?




Well, that’s a ton of SCORPIO – really?!

SCO SUN, on the 12th house cusp, then CHIRON / VENUS in her 12th, MERCURY retro (went retro the day before she was born) smack on her SCO AC, and conj. South Node in SCO in her 1st house, leading over to JUPITER on the ‘Phoenix Point’ cusp, barely in its ruled sign SAG. That’s a mouthful.

Hillary’s chart is mostly SCO, in sharp fixed square with LEO (MARS / PLUTO and SATURN), and in water trine with PISCES (MOON), the latter accentuating her 12th house / PI themes. The predominant modality is fixed, esp. LEO and SCO – even in the centre of these fixed signs – the ‘Gates of Power’. Power themes can be her strength and her detriment…

So, let’s break it down a bit here:

With the 12th house so full, and PI MOON, Hillary can be an amorphous mystery being, onto whom the collective projects a lot. She can absorb a lot of these projections too, listen to many voices (MERCURY retro on her AC) and speak on behalf of whomever she represents (the lawyer in her) and / or be of selfless service on behalf of the Collective.

12th house placements are common among people in public service. As long as she doesn’t take things too personal and absorbs too much, or if she could remain anonymous (12th house is ‘self / ego undoing’) it’s all cool. When it gets personal and turns into issues projected onto the person Hillary all hell can break loose (SCO – PI, excuse my language).

Which happened in the electoral ‘battle’, with lots of SCO activations over the year: MARS, from early Jan until early Aug, incl a retro phase in Spring, stirring up her 12th house: “What’s going on behind the scenes?” “Whom is she really representing?” Lots of attacks coming at her. LILITH, May 2016 to Feb 2017, she became a personal ‘nasty woman’ target, and spoke on behalf of uncontrollable, unshameable women and for their re-empowerment. In the ‘hot phase’ before the elections also VENUS, the SUN, and MERCURY were in SCO, all mostly in her 12th house, and only post-elections emerging into her 1st.

The controversy about email information that would be retroactively classified (MERCURY retro in SCO on her AC) and was entrusted to her in public service however was channeled through her private (SCO) server was probably one of the breaking points, when the public started to mistrust her. And the question about whether she actually won the CA Primaries for the Democrats was another one.
SCO per se is hidden, private, contained, and covered, and operates in the dark and depth where power sits and transformation takes place. Her12th house paradox re: Scorpionic control, privacy and confidentiality vs transparency, non-attachment / non-control, openness / availability ‘to whom it may concern’ was provoked, and got muddled – yet it’s not just Hillary’s ‘thing’ but pointed to institutional phenomena (12th house) that showed up through her. Hillary seems to be such a classic ‘Power behind the Throne’ with all her 12th house.

On a spiritual level, letting go of personal glory and attachment, having faith, working in the background without expectations for external ‘credit’ yet inner fulfillment, are some of the most ego challenging yet soul rewarding themes of the 12th house. If it feels like ‘sacrifice’ the ego is involved again.

Hillary made herself available and won the popular vote. And lots of women saw themselves in her (VENUS / CHIRON in her 12th house, plus CHIRON has been this year and will be until Spring 2017 on her PI MOON).

Maybe paradoxically (12th house, PI) with her surprising ‘loss’ and what it evokes in her supporters, in the world community, and in women especially (PI MOON, VENUS / CHIRON in her 12th house) she might have an even more powerful effect and transformational influence – not through her active ‘doing’ but through what she represents.

With all the SCO influence on her and through her, incl. her South Node, and the North Node in TAU on her DC looks like even the smartest sharp tongue strategic ‘traps’ she laid for Trump didn’t help her to win the presidency. Maybe karmically not meant to happen, so that she can wield her influence otherwise – and get more comfort and rest, rather than being worn down in office.

What’s with the LEO planets in her 9th house? MARS / PLUTO (the ruling planet of her SCO Rising) and SATURN. Quite the tough fighter for what she believes in and who doesn’t give up or give in easily, yet the ego must not get in the way, otherwise PLUTO is the ‘undertaker’, and SATURN the ‘terminator’ (by the way, Schwarzenegger was born just 3 month before Hillary Clinton, July 30, 1947, with SUN / SATURN / PLUTO in LEO).

Lastly, Hillary’s LILITH is at the very end of CAP (last degree), on the cusp to AQ. Perhaps she dedicates her success and making it to the ‘top’ to being an elder, a model and liberator for women and girls to follow. Her LILITH is also close to the U.S. PLUTO which returns 2020 – 2022. Maybe at the next elections one of her ‘spirit sisters’ actually makes it happen.


Ok, and now: Donald Trump. Yes, let’s do this. Here we go, his birth chart from June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am EDT. By the way, he was born only 3 weeks before George W. Bush.




Did you see the comment, and do you see it in his chart? Trump was born on the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse in SAG – less than 4 hrs before the exact Full Moon and Eclipse!

A very pronounced Eclipse axis indeed, with the MOON / South Node in SAG, opp. the SUN / URANUS / North Node in GEMINI. This axis also splits the chart into two sides, one populated by the planets, one empty. The pattern is called bowl or hemisphere. Pretty imbalanced. He is prone to be pre-occupied with the occupied signs from GEM to SAG and houses 10 to 4. The opposite ‘empty’ midpoint of the Eclipse axis shows what’s missing: PISCES (adaptability, empathy and compassion, going with the flow, openness, surrender…). Hmmm.

With his Full Moon / Eclipse birth, relationships and the (inner and outer) Alchemy of the Feminine / Masculine are important themes in his life, yet he’s had a tumultuous marital history. Wondering what the marriage of his parents modelled to him. The Eclipse axis is also in his father – mother axis of the 4th / 10th house.

His South Node / MOON in SAG can show up as a grandiose big mouth / know-it-all / my way / promiser / salesman. Question is, can he deliver? Funny, how his 10-year old son Barron (with PLUTO in SAG close to Donald’s’ MOON / South Node) next to him at the acceptance speech rolled his eyes several times, per my observation…

Perhaps in some sense he, Donald, is still narcissistically stuck in his childhood, and / or has unfinished business with one or both of his parents or ancestry, such as the history of his German background on his dad’s side http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/22/us/politics/for-donald-trumps-family-an-immigrants-tale-with-2-beginnings.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=2 . Interestingly, 2 of his 3 wives came from overseas also (MOON in SAG).

Yet, in his political program or shall I say: promise? he positions himself as very restrictive in terms of immigration, esp. when it comes to Muslims, out of fear / control of terrorist infiltration. With his SATURN in CAN, it looks like Donald wants to see good old homeland security that was put in place under his astro buddy George W. Bush under transiting SATURN in CAN (2003 – 2005) get amped up a few notches, and ‘perfected’, even to the point of an American Wall (!!!) at the Mexican border. Would that be the best way of building and working with resources, asks PLUTO in CAP, transiting in the next few years opposite Donald’s SATURN in CAN and coming up to the U.S. PLUTO RETURN in 2020 – 2022. Re-building America?

Let’s see what SATURN in SAG has to say, as it approaches Donald’s MOON / South Node (Dec / Jan, and again – stationing exactly to the degree and minute on Donald’s MOON! – in Aug / Sept 2017). What will be the feedback and input of the international political world community (SAG)…?

If he only listened and learned, and communicated well (SUN / North Node in GEM) – but hey, with URANUS next to it, one never knows what comes out of his mouth next, and he’s a communicative ‘loose cannon’, possibly ADD, and I read an article that stated his speeches are simply un-transcribable).

Ideally, and on soul level, transpersonal URANUS in his 10th house next to the SUN can be a cathartic and liberating influence – and what he represents in public makes people question and discuss their own way into freedom.

What also stands out about Donald is his MERCURY, and SATURN / VENUS in CAN in his 11th house. All of that looks very patriotic (and is linked with the U.S. VENUS / JUPITER, SUN, and MERCURY retro in CAN), and also like a group / elite consciousness (11th house) around his family, ‘clan’, and country (CAN).

SATURN / VENUS in CAN quincunx his Eclipse MOON… an attraction, attachment (over compensation?) to building homes and presenting himself as the patriarch, surrounded by luxury and beauty (well, the factor of taste is in question, with SATURN / VENUS, and significant age differences don’t tend to add to the esthetic effects either…).

Plus… over and over, his issues with women. In the last debate with Hillary, he stated, “Nobody respects (SATURN) women (VENUS) more than I do.” Yet another crazy questionable generalization (SAG South Node) that he himself proved wrong by calling Hillary a ‘nasty woman’ shortly afterwards. Looks to me like he’s actually afraid of women, or has erotic issues (SATURN / VENUS) and overcompensates, by not getting enough of them and / or insulting them.

Soo, what’s with MARS Rising / on his late LEO AC? Well, that’s what’s immediately noticeable when he shows up, an assertive, aggressive, domineering demeanour. LEO in his 12th house (vs. Hillary’s 12th house in SCO) holds collective projections of ‘greatness’ and masculine bravado – yet at the same time what he shows off is exactly what turns lots of people off (good old 12th house paradox). In other words, he provokes verbally and through his poses and body language the shadow of the alpha male go-getter, repressed anger and aggressive / sexual dominance.

The part of the collective identifying themselves with Trump hopes that “a successful business man as our boss can lead the country to success and prosperity”, and they too can vicariously participate at his ‘greatness’, displayed on behalf of ‘America’.

And then his PLUTO – sitting in his 12th house, unaspected, and of course also in LEO – close to the U.S. North Node. Yes, he seems to represent a prime example for the ‘American Dream’ in terms of material – and ostentatious – power, fame and success. His unaspected PLUTO has ‘a life of its own’. Does being a billionaire ‘Plutocrat’ and having the buying power that “can do anything” like a spoilt brat mean one lives life lovingly (LEO)?

Well, what Trump embodies PLUTO wise, and as he is about to represent the U.S. and will continue to stand in the limelight brings lots of shadow about power, fame and fortune out for transformation in the collective (12th house). Perhaps in cathartic ways, definitely catalytic. PLUTO can bring out our worst – the shadow we don’t want to look at – and our best – the power to face and transform.

Donald’s AC is right on the cusp from LEO to VIR – the ‘Sphinx Point’ of Self Awareness. Does he, the know-it-all truly, deeply ‘know himself’? What he displays is the LEO statement “This is ME, this is who I am…” followed by VIR: “And this is what I’m doing, what I’m good at and capable of doing.” – hmmm.

His LIBRA Planets, NEPTUNE retro (his only retro planet) / stationary, CHIRON, and JUPITER also stationary (went on his birthday direct) all in his 2nd house, show how he deals with values, money, business/es, resources. Does it just ‘come to him’ (NEPTUNE), and come and go?  How does he negotiate, and what does fairness, balance, peace, and right relations mean to him? Where’s the wound (CHIRON) in right relations (see above, overall theme), proportion, and balance?

With NEPTUNE in LI in square to MERCURY in CAN he’s quite idealistic about ‘deals’ he can negotiate on behalf of tribe and country. MERCURY – NEPTUNE in conflict can be somewhat deceptive, delusional, and fuzzy. Of course, also apt to meditate on the quality of mind, how it fluctuates and is ‘empty’. Go meditate and find inner peace, Donald!


So here they are, the candidates and president-elect with their cosmo-human traits and trends, in connection with the U.S. Evolution.

When we recognize and become conscious of how the Archetypes are playing out, and acknowledge them for what they are we wake up from the collective slumber / hypnosis / projections, and become free to contribute to a Conscious New World.

Meet you there!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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