* MARS crossed the ‘Prometheus Point’ from CAP to AQ (Nov 8 – Dec 19): Fueling Cooperation.

10 Nov

On Nov 8(!), MARS crossed the ‘Prometheus Point’ from CAP to AQ!

  • The work and the battle to the top is done (CAP), and now we’re free (AQ)?
  • Transition from focus on leadership and ‘who’ll make it to the top’ (CAP) to cooperation, community, and the bigger network (AQ).

Shortly after a square with URANUS (Oct 28), MARS entered AQ, the Zodiac energy ruled by URANUS. Sounds wild and volatile…? Well, a lot did get stirred up this week.

Ideally the energy is liberating and cooperative (rather than controversial and contentious – enough already!), but with the election results what’s been initially activated is loooots of www activity (AQ rules technology, systems, and communities of like-spirited people). On this Day 2  already questions arose re: what a future (AQ) post-Trump could look like, and how communities and evolution in humanity (aided by technology and web connection) co-create the future, and may well outgrow the government (which is ruled by CAP). Plus the awareness that it’s not just The Man on Top who ‘rules the country’ (MARS in CAP) but a whole govt. system already in place (AQ) that has to be responded to.

In AQ, MARS will go into favourable alignments and alliances, with JUPITER in LIBRA (trine on Dec 1), SATURN in SAG (sextile on Dec 3), NEPTUNE and CHIRON in PI (semi-sextile on Nov 20 / Dec 7), URANUS in AR (sextile on Dec 6), and PLUTO in CAP (semi-sextile on Dec 1).



Prometheus bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity


The Aquarian MARS asserts on behalf of freedom for humanity, and gets fired up in teams and groups, and among friends and like-spirited ones. An excellent time to get going with  cooperative projects – just don’t take anger and assertiveness out on each other within the group. Ego battles split groups. Also great to come up with innovative solutions and to dig into science. No technological warfare though, please. And no need to spend lots of energy (MARS) being in the future (AQ).


Wherever AQ is in your chart (house, SUN, MOON, AC, Planets) that’s where energy gets fired up. Use the extra energy for the greater good!


MARS will be in AQ until Dec 19, when it surfs over to PISCES.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016




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2 Responses to “* MARS crossed the ‘Prometheus Point’ from CAP to AQ (Nov 8 – Dec 19): Fueling Cooperation.”

  1. OrionBrightStar November 11, 2016 at 12:14 am #

    Powerfully insightful, great share, thank you, regards, Barry

  2. Melanie Lichtinger August 4, 2017 at 9:46 pm #

    Oh thankyou Barry!
    Greetings from Victoria BC, and Blessings for Sirius Rising – The Spiritual Sun! ❤

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