SCORPIO New Moon Chart & Sabian Symbol: Deep Waters & Quiescence

30 Oct

Happy SCORPIO New Moon cycle of Magic and Transformation to you, dear Reader!
Hope you saw part 1 of the Astro~News from yesterday.

Been waiting for part 2, with the chart and the Sabian Symbol?





As you see, what stands out is:
SUN / MOON / MERCURY in early SCO, in Water Trine with NEPTUNE / South Node in PI, and sextile with the North Node in VIR.

An uncomfortable perhaps – it’s SCO after all – yet: golden opportunity to dive to the bottom of things that are usually hidden and covered, where our cobwebs and inner subtle yet ever so seductive and effective traps are (SCO is great at laying traps) and to transform ‘hidden agenda’, delusion, self deception, wishful thinking, hypnotic and addictive states.



J / H


A time to take a good look at the ghosts (our inner ghosts and the ghosts ‘in the machine’) that ‘usually’ elude us. Of course this ‘hyde’ and seek / find effect also applies to interpersonal / relational, and transpersonal / societal and spiritual ‘affairs’.


Even though, the South Node with NEPTUNE in PI (exact encounter on Nov 4!) is such a ‘gravitational’ draw, the North Node in VIR helps with the incentive for keen awareness, rational analysis, clarity, and discernment.


The interdimensional veil is thin, these days of Samhain / Halloween and All Saints / All Souls.




Heavenly Waters Blessings – Photo by Melanie


An invitation to tap into the mystical, magical, ‘transcendental intimacy’, and pick up creative inspiration, perhaps even communication from ‘beyond’ and subtle perception.

Without being drawn into spooky, sticky, foggy, fishy vibes, though. When we ‘smell’ those, and our gut sense or 6th sense give us an orange light, we better beware and ‘swim away’. All good practice.

Oh, and some practical magic might do the trick. Like smudging, a New Moon transformation / release ritual, and daily practices of exercise, cleansing, detox, taking in fresh healthy food, water, and air.

These are the days of miracles and magic…


In the New Moon chart, you can also see two major transits this week:


  • MARS in late CAP square URANUS retro in late AR (was exact on Oct 28).

Standing Rock water protectors from so many indigenous tribes and non indigenous solidarity clashed with police force, and this now flared-up issue could spread like wild fire. So many people are angry (MARS) at governments, institutions, industrial exploitation (shadow of CAP, brought up with PLUTO in CAP nowa-years – 2009 – 2023). A wake-up call & radical renewal of consciousness (UR in AR).


  • VENUS conj. SATURN, both in mid SAG (was exact on Oct 29).

Thank Goddess! A good grounding balance for the MARS square UR energy. The VENUS / SATURN combo invited us to commit to the Path of Inner Truth-in-Love, Heart Wisdom, Gratitude, and Higher Ground – incl. stepping UP from the gravity of mainstream consciousness and values.



* Sabian Symbol for the New Moon Degree: Quiescence.

The New Moon is at 7°43’ SCO (see chart).

8° SCORPIO says:




Moonlight on Lake Ontario. Photo by Diego T. Silvestre


Keynote: A quiet openness to higher inspiration.


One could stress the romantic suggestions such an image evokes, but even at the level of love relationship what is implied is a surrender of two personal egos to the inspiration of transcendent feelings which are essentially impersonal. Love expresses itself through the lovers, for real Love is a cosmic undifferentiated principle or power which simply focuses itself within the souls of human beings who reflect its light.

The same is true of the mystic’s love for God. Man strives hard to achieve great things through daring adventures, but a moment comes when all that really matters is to present a calm mind upon which a supernal light may be reflected.

This stage tells us that beyond all efforts lies the need for peace and the readiness to accept the illumination from above. The keyword is QUIESCENCE.”


What an inspiration to open into this sublime space and let a new seed be planted, in darkness.

The mystical, transcendental atmosphere of SCORPIO & PISCES is evoked and invoked.

The symbol reminded me also of  Tchaikovsky’s Lake in Moonlight, from Swan Lake.




© Melanie Lichtinger 2016




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