Blessings for the NEW MOON in SCORPIO – and so much more!

29 Oct

Blessings for the NEW MOON in SCORPIO tomorrow Oct 30 (at 10:38 am PDT)!

Happy Diwali – Hindu Festival of Light tomorrow (which is already today in India) Oct 30!

Happy Halloween Oct 31 & Feliz Dias de los Muertos Oct 31 – Nov 2!

Blessings for All Saints Day on Nov 1, and All Souls Day on Nov 2!


May the Scorpionic Magic do its work!

May we allow the winds of change take down the ‘leaves’ (and old be-liefs, says SATURN in SAG) that are ready for transformation now!
And may we appreciate the gifts of every season in the great cycle!


09-10 Fernwood PY 5

Check out these amazing pieces of impermanent Pumpkin Art, as seen in 2009 at the former yearly Fernwood Pumpkin Yard! It was one of the last years of the Pumpkin Yard and its artistic, prolific, carving house community. Spirit prevails, even though forms – like pumpkins disintegrate…



Happy Samhain / Halloween!

It is the mid SCORPIO ‘Gate of Power’.

We are approaching in the Zodiac cycle of the SUN the Heart of the Scorpion the center of the Fall Season and Celtic festival of Samhain.


Which was traditionally celebrated on Oct 31 when the ‘Summer’ and harvest time ended. On Nov 1 began a new Celtic calendar year. With large fires, the Celtic people thanked the SUN God for the good harvest, and expelled the evil spirits who wandered around that night. On Oct 31 also those who died in the past year were commemorated. Many believed that the dead returned to their old homes in the night to find warmth and friendship. The lit pumpkins at the door steps or in the windows symbolize skulls with the eternal light of the soul in it. The spirits who had not walked home into the light, wandering at night, scared people, and played tricks on them.

Nov 1 was eventually declared by the Church the Day of All Saints (holy ones), and Nov 2 All Souls Day.

‘All Hallows Evening’ or simply ‘Hallows E’en’ became later Halloween.



Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain.


Even though, mid Scorpio and central Fall are traditionally being celebrated with Halloween / Samhain on Oct 31, the exact centre (15°) of Scorpio is not on Oct 31 but round Nov 7.



Happy Diwali – Hindu Festival of Light tomorrow (which is already today in India) Oct 30!



Lakshmi Ma, one of the deities that are invoked and honoured at Diwali.



Blessings for All Saints Day on Nov 1 and All Souls Day on Nov 2!

Feliz Dias de los Muertos Oct 31 – Nov 2!



Mexican Dia de los Muertos Calavera Altar (picture from Wiki Commons)


In Catholic Bavaria where I come from and where my biological family lives, on All Saints Day (Nov 1), similarly to Dia de los Muertos in Mexico yet more solemnly, traditionally families visit the graves of their ancestors, after a mass. A time of bringing fresh flowers, love, prayers and candles to the resting place of their bones, and to honour the undying soul. Maybe a time to let go, to forgive, and know, love is all that matters.


Halloween pumpkins with candles inside originally represented skulls with the eternal light of the undying soul ‘inside’. Through dying and transforming appearances Light prevails.


The carved face or feature is the ‘façade’ and appearance, and the candle light is Spirit ‘behind’ and ‘inside’ it.

Perhaps a different way of looking at ‘carved pumpkins’ or of carving one…. And a different way of looking at ANY appearances…





Blessings for the NEW MOON in SCORPIO tomorrow Oct 30 (at 10:38 am PDT)!


Lots of shake-up, wake-up calls, turmoil and uproar, yet hopefully also liberating breakthroughs that the recent and here on the West Coast stormy Full Moon in ARIES (with URANUS) – LIBRA (on Oct 15 / 16) has brought!

Personally to the areas in our lives reflected by the ARIES – LIBRA axis in our charts, and likely in relationship dynamics (Full Moon, LIBRA involved) in general.


The now slowly disintegrating (or shall I say: integrating in our consciousness) mutable T-Square from the Lunar South Node, together (exactly this coming week!) with NEPTUNE in PISCES, and the Lunar North Node in VIRGO to SATURN in SAG, has shown us how much we can be pulled into confusion, seduction, overwhelm yet never enough (‘hungry ghost’ syndrome), and how important it is to be smart and discerning (VIRGO North Node), to be in our authority of knowing, and to stay on our Heart & Dharma Path (SATURN in SAG).


Addictions are often and perhaps in their core an overcompensated, misdirected need for deeper soul connection which in our modern, materialistic world is so missing. The ueber-influence of the media (which are one expression of PISCES energy – since they reach mass consciousness, and can be ‘viral’ and ‘contagious’, hypnotic and subliminal, and addictive – who can be without their media handheld for more than a day without withdrawal symptoms, these days???) has shown big time, over the last while. Partially yes, they bring information that’s waking us up from the collective dream, yet also still so pervasive in mass media, they feed confusion, overwhelm, dullness, addiction, and consumerism, and perpetuate hypnotic states, and a sense of victimhood.

All shadow / low vibrational expressions of NEPTUNE AND the Lunar South Node in PISCES where energy gets lost if overly indulged in.


The VIRGO North Node (activated through the Lunar Eclipse in PI – VIR on Sept 16) calls us to give more weight to awareness and discernment, to be smart, and rather focus on our overall health and wellness, rather than getting entangled in the web of delusion. And to offer practical service that helps others and fulfills us too.


SATURN in SAG, yesterday (Oct 28) met by VENUS, has been in sharp square with the Lunar Nodal Axis (PI – VIR).

A challenge (SATURN) to see (SAG) through make-belief, mystery and chaos (PI), and know the truth (SAG) beyond the spin.

A call to rise up (SAG) to the challenge and reward (SATURN) of following the Path of Heart (SAG) and being in our inner Knowing Authority is the way out (and IN – rather than spinning centrifugally).


  • In what ways have you felt drained, entangled, and overwhelmed?
  • What have you been exposing yourself to that sucked your energy?
  • How can simple healthy practices (walks in nature – without e devices of course, Yoga, Qi Gong, healthy meals, good sleep / wake rhythm…) help you with feeling more embodied, well functioning, and grounded in your temple?
  • What does self awareness say to all this? Who are YOU, and what are you here for?
  • What does common sense and a healthy sense of discernment say to your choices?
  • When your Heart is open where does it call you to, and what do you simply KNOW?


Sagittarius, Ruled by Jupiter - Painting by Johfra Bosschart

Johfra Bosschart: Jupiter Rules Sagittarius.


Can you feel a shift of the heavy SATURN energy that seemed to have ‘blocked  the way’?

Today, Oct 29, VENUS in SAG meets and passes SATURN (happens once a year): Heart Wisdom and Heart Truth can help us move past fears and separative ego, and over thresholds / barriers / obstacles on the Path (maybe a test, and initiation), and into Freedom.
Less is more, and voluntary restraint (rather than “anything goes”, or restrictions and rejection apparently coming towards one, from the outside) can be very beneficial in the long run.


  • WHERE in your life this plays out (e.g. in your body, your work, your relationships, your social network) can be seen in your personal birth chart. I’m happy to shed light on this with you, astrologically.


A good time – blessed by the New Moon tomorrow, to commit to a Path of Heart and Cour-age.

In the Chakras, VENUS is related to the HEART Chakra, and SATURN to the ROOT Chakra. So let’s be rooted in our Hearts, and not be held back by fears to follow our Heart! Always a good reminder that the Sagittarian Archer/ess pulls the arrow back to her / his HEART before aiming high!


On the ‘Tipping Point’ from LIBRA to SCORPIO (which the SUN crossed on Oct 22, and MERCURY on Oct 24), choices have consequences, not just politically, even though that’s been so in our face, re: U.S. presidential elections lately, but on all levels, personally, interpersonally in relationships, and transpersonally / spiritually.

I like to call the LI / SCO cusp also ‘Alchemy Point’ where ‘ingredients’ or components or people or relating factors in good measure (LI) come together and the dynamic ‘dance’ between them is transformational and creates a new alchemy (SCO).


  • Do you relate to those themes if you were born with SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets / Nodes on the ‘Tipping Point’ / ‘Alchemy Point’?



Ever changing Wind and Water – Gonzales Beach, Oct 25. Photo by Melanie.


  • Are you in a changeful time of inner or outer transformation, in or out of a career, home situation, or relationship?
  • Which changes IN you does your outer change reflect?


I’m here to support you in your process, and to ease the journey.
Astrology based customized counsel leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you feel more connected with the bigger evolution. Ultimately, you dwell in a witnessing place ‘in the hub of the wheel’ where you are less and less affected, and more and more liberated.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective, at a crossroad, dilemma, or decision making processes.



Also, one way or another, this is the transformation into a new U.S. government. Interesting, that the U.S. chose the early Nov, central SCO as Election Day (yearly in the calendar, see ). What do the planners know about Astrology? 


JUPITER entered LIBRA on Sept 9, for 1 year and 1 month, until Oct 10, 2017, and the issues of choices, relationships and agreements / contracts, balance, justice, fairness, harmony, peace become ‘bigger’, and we become aware how important they are.  

On Nov 24 – U.S. Thanksgiving Day, JUPITER in LIBRA (conjunct SATURN in the U.S. chart) will for the first time (again March 30 and Aug 4, 2017) square PLUTO in CAP. That looks like heightened tension and conflict over issues of integrity, sustainability, respect and wise use of natural resources (all CAP themes – PLUTO brings up the ugly face of how humans and human structures have abused, wasted, and disrespected the Earth, esp. since PLUTO was the last time in CAP in the late 18th century). PLUTO shows where what’s unsustainable and destructive must change in the core (not just on the surface).


It’s also a heightened time to bring relationships (LIBRA) to a new level that serves the highest purpose (CAP). What doesn’t, and what can’t sustain is being purged, transformed, and ‘repurposed’, in this Plutonic, cathartic clearing process.

In my Astrology consulting practice I’m always very happy to see couples come to a session together (whether in person or via skype) to shed light on their dynamics and evolution of their relationship, from a ‘cosmic perspective’. You are most welcome to ask me if you have questions how a couple session could look like and what it involves.



Heron by the Pond. Photo by Melanie.



Tomorrow’s (Oct 30) NEW MOON in SCORPIO – ruled by PLUTO, plants Soul Seeds into the concentrated, richly transformational soil of our deepest, often hidden (even from ourselves) and covered dark realms that are waiting for renewal and rebirth.


Every NEW MOON is a conception point. Yin / MOON and Yang / the SUN unite.

To align with the cosmic conception, in a balancing way, I’d suggest

  • In an active Yang way, set a new intention, and take initiative, in the area of life related to early to mid SCO in your chart.
  • In a receptive Yin way, be open for new ‘conceptions’ in that realm!


MERCURY in SCO is very close to the NEW MOON too (see chart below). MERCURY just passed the SUN on Oct 27.

In SCO, MERCURY is quite the Alchemist.

  • What’s the creative Alchemy (maybe a writing or otherwise creative project) you’re cooking up, or that’s bubbling under the surface?

Stay tuned for the New Moon chart,and Sabian Symbol!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016




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