* The SUN crosses the ‘Alchemy Point’ into SCORPIO, and MERCURY follows (Oct 22 / 24): Into the Darkness – where Transformation Happens.

22 Oct

So here we are again, reaching the ‘Tipping Point’ or ‘Alchemy Point’ from LIBRA to SCORPIO, seasonally / energetically through the Spirit of the SUN.
The SUN enters SCO this afternoon, Oct 22 at 4:46 pm PDT.

And via MERCURY, the mind in its intellectual function is now also geared to dive into the dark and otherwise hidden realms. MERCURY enters SCO on Oct 24 at 1:48 pm PDT, and will travel in the deep zones until Nov 12 when it crosses over the ‘Phoenix Point’ into SAG.



Mercurius, ‘processed’ in the alchemical retort – very MERCURY in SCO. Medieval painting, origin unknown.


An excellent time to go into deep inner transformational processes, and allow magic to do its work (as in our Crown-to-Root Astro Chakra Alchemy Journey).

And to actively ‘cook up’, or find and magically uncover yet unseen connections.


On Oct 27, MERCURY will meet and pass the SUN in SCO – a.k.a. ‘Superior Conjunction’ / their connection furthest away from, and exactly in-between the MERCURY retro half-way connections.

A double-edged sword.
On one hand, an intellectual / mental boost of energy – geared to go deep with creative and intellectual endeavours.
And an opportunity for a transformation of consciousness, through speech, writing, and communication, and transformation of the workings of the mind itself.

Yet also the time when MERCURY will take the lead again, ‘ahead of’ the SUN (Spirit / Consciousness). In this period, when the mind gets so strong it’s good to be mindful, and aware that the mind is not the master but always the Heart and Spirit / Consciousness (the SUN in Astrology)
So that the ‘natural order’ doesn’t have to be all re-arranged under the next MERCURY retro in CAP (Dec 19 – Jan 8).


The NEW MOON in SCORPIO will be on Oct 30 – so close to Halloween and All Saints / All Souls, when the veil between dimensions is thin.

Stay tuned for the next Astro~News!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2016




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