* MARS in CAP passes PLUTO (Oct 19) and squares URANUS in ARIES (Oct 28): Empowered Integrity in Action, and into Freedom.

19 Oct

Up next, and also catalyzed by the FULL MOON:

MARS, the ruling planet of ARIES which is activated by the Full Moon / URANUS, has a (bi-yearly) encounter with PLUTO TODAY.

The energy has been building already, at least since PLUTO in CAP turned from retro direct on Sept 26, and one day later, on Sept 27, MARS entered CAP where it is most powerful (considered ‘exalted’) – demanding and activating sustained energy in integrity (model of the marathon runner or mountaineer).



Standing Tall – Photo by Melanie, Oct 9, 2016


PLUTO as an astrological archetype is  MARS’s transpersonal dimension, where ‘personal will and strive’ – MARS – is overridden by ‘higher power’ / the Will of God / ‘Insh’Allah = God Willing / Forces of Evolution and Transformation on a collective, historical scale.


There’s been a lot of assertion and battle (MARS) over integrity, sustainability, and leadership (CAP), amplified over the last few weeks.

Thinking of Dakota protector tribes. And of course integrity issues re: U.S. elections.


PLUTO has been ‘ahead of’ MARS in the last year, and that’s also a predominance of societal power (for better or worse) over personal self assertion.

As MARS passes PLUTO, personal self assertion can lead the way, ideally charged by deep soul power that fuels action in integrity, for the highest purpose (PLUTO in CAP).


I trust we’ll see more brave and wise warriors stepping up to the occasion in the next while. Let’s be part of them, in our own way and world!

How can we act from a place of deep integrity, and connected with soul power?


MERCURY in LIBRA squares MARS / PLUTO in CAP this week – speaking up for fairness, equality, right relations, has been vigorous, blunt, and powerful.


Two examples recently:


As the dark and ugly stuff – built up over centuries (PLUTO in CAP) is coming out like an enema (MARS), may the purge be truly transformational!


On Oct 28, close to the New Moon in SCO (Oct 30), MARS in CAP will square URANUS in ARIES. Expect the unexpected. Could become quite a tumultuous energy, yet geared towards liberation in integrity. Freedom from the known and for the new.



© Melanie Lichtinger 2016




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