* ARIES – LIBRA Full Moon with URANUS (Oct 15 / 16) Radical Breakthroughs and Awakening – in the Self, in Synergistic Partnerships, and in all Choices.

15 Oct

Soo much has been stirred up and activated already, in the build-up for this ARIES Full Moon that is a ‘fierce midwife to URANUS’, Awakener Archetype and Revolutionary.

When the BS hits the fan there’s no holding back – so much is bursting out now, as in ARIES – emergence / emergency. Quite the wake-up call, for The Feminine (MOON) and for The People.



Storm on the Horizon… – Photo by Melanie Oct 12


In traditional Astrology, the MOON is the Archetype of the People vs. the SUN is the King / Queen / Ruler. I know, this societal model is outdated and up for evolutionary change, but hey, has been realistically still in effect everywhere, and currently as seen in the U.S. pre-elections, in full force. I only bring it in because it illustrates what’s going on and shaken up:

The People – thinking of Aboriginal Protectors of the Dakota land, the Women – we’ve heard and read their brave and open accounts of abuse, come out and stand up: “Hey, this is ME / here WE are. This is what has happened. Don’t mess with me / us again. This has got to stop.”

Speaking one’s Truth, and being on the Path is very ‘loaded’ now. The Full Moon and URANUS are in the Sagittarian part of ARIES (last 10 degrees) – linking over to SATURN in SAG – the end of ‘old stories and beliefs’. “What stories are those wanna-be leaders trying to tell us?”

Calling for a Revolution? The inner revolution and liberation has begun.

Incl. a liberation FROM media confusion, overwhelm, hypnosis and manipulation – messing with our subconscious (one of the shadows of NEPTUNE / Lunar South Node in PISCES – the South Node has been travelling through PI since Oct 2015, and will be until May 2017 – also brought out recently through the South Node Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16 – all washed out now….).


With a FULL MOON, something has come to fruition – see also the Sabian Symbol below – a cornucopia…

Since it comes with URANUS, a spiritual awakening comes with the influx.

And – upon waking up (“What a crazy nightmare was that???” or “Was I dull, not really alive, apathetic, and paralyzed?”), a freedom FOR a conscious new start, and / or in any case: A full alert presence in the I AM.



Light is a Reflection  – Photo by Melanie, Oct 11, 2016


What’s LIBRA got to do with it?

  • Well, the question of what would be conscious (SUN) choices (LIBRA) that meets those needs (MOON) to be one authentic self (ARIES)?
  • What’s negotiable (LIBRA) and what’s a deal breaker (URANUS in ARIES)?
  • How could a partnership look like (LIBRA) that brings out the partners’ liberated beingness (URANUS in ARIES) where the light is reflected to one another?

The questions of choices and partnerships apply to all levels, interpersonally, societally (well, clearly: loaded U.S. Elections – this is the last Full Moon before Nov 8), and spiritually.


Voila – to the left is the chart for the exact ARIES – LIBRA New Moon today Oct 15, at 9:23 pm PDT, as viewed from Victoria BC:




You can see the polarity between MOON / URANUS retro (not even a degree apart) in ARIES, and the SUN in LIBRA, with MERCURY and JUPITER in entourage.


The ARIES – LIBRA axis is a close call to bridge truly liberated, authentic, autonomous Self (ARIES) with the notion of choices in partnerships and synergistic cooperation.


The ARIES MOON with URANUS has no other aspect than the opposition with the SUN. The sextiles in the chart to the left are due to the West Coast location. So, it’s quite a ‘wild card’ that needs a good outlet, otherwise it can act like a loose cannon.

Find outlets that feed your need for spontaneity, liberation, fresh starts, in authentic, genuine Selfhood! We ARE free, and it’s time to nurture that.


Where this potential dilemma (opposition) comes up for you and calls for win-win solutions rather than flipping from one to the other, depends on where the axis (esp. late ARIES / LIBRA) falls in your chart.

E.g. late ARIES 10th house / late LIBRA 4th house: Bridging the dilemma between carving your own path and purpose, unprecedented and free, and maintaining relationships with family, home, cultural tradition.


MARS in CAP is fast approaching PLUTO (exact ‘passage’ on Oct 19, see above).

Triggering the dark and hidden power agenda of who’s objectifying, using, and abusing whom, and what the ‘Elite’ has been hiding and covering up.

Expect breakthroughs that show how the old rulership structures are outmoded, corrupted, broken, and it’s time for renovation.

On a personal level, let deep soul power that fuels action in integrity, for the highest purpose.


Linked to the ARIES / LIBRA polarity is the square from MERCURY in LI to MARS / PLUTO in CAP – so it’s almost a Cardinal T-square – reminiscent of the 7 squares between URANUS in ARIES and PLUTO in CAP between 2012 and 2015.

Mid-LIBRA has an AQ undertone which brings groups and humanity together, for the sake of the future. Humanitarian values are at stake and brought into the debate. Deep integrity matters.


JUPITER in LIBRA (since Sept 9, until Oct 10, 2017) shows how important partnership, fairness, justice, equality, balance, cooperation, negotiation, and peace are. JUPITER will square PLUTO in CAP on Nov 24. A big deal. Hopefully change for the better.


The mutable T-square to SATURN in SAG is still / again active, now from the Nodal Axis, with the Lunar North Node in VIR and the Lunar South Node, together with NEPTUNE (exact Nov 4) in PI.


What to do about all that collective and personal emotional confusion / illusion / hypnosis / overwhelm / chaos (shadow of PI, brought out by the Lunar South Node)?

The Lunar North Node in VIR suggests to be self aware, revert to practices and routines that make one self contained (“I don’t need all that stuff”, “I take good care of myself, in my life style, my health and wellness, I keep my energy field clear.”), rather than ‘swept away’, and drowning in toxic, chaotic overwhelm.

How’s it going in that regard? Does it help?

With the clients who came to see me in the last weeks, a theme of clearing energy has been a thread.

Find your healthy temple in nature, in the body temple, in self awareness, and allow what you have taken in and is still sitting there, to be released without ‘analyzing or fixing’ it.

The axis has been very active in Sept, through the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of Sept.

Has your world come more / back into alignment and integrity, after the wild ride?


SATURN in SAG between the Nodes reminds us to be / stay / come back to the Heart Path.

  • When it’s not a clear YES from within, it’s probably a NO.
  • Rather than ‘just’ resisting outer authority figures or structures who are not on the ‘high road’, what is the path we are walking?
  • Let’s not buy into old stories, beliefs, and agenda anymore (inner and outer).
  • And when challenges / obstacles on the path show up, can we take the teaching and guidance?


Lastly, as you can see in the chart, VENUS is about to cross over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO to SAG, also exact next week, Oct 15.

The inner and outer Feminine is a-rising (from hidden, dark, yet transformational places), ready to walk in Truth and Freedom.


* Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon Degree


The Full Moon will be at 23°14’ AR (see chart).

24° ARIES says:


Curtains Breezejpg

Keynote: Openness to the influx of spiritual energies.

The principle of abundance is brought to a further stage in this rather cryptic symbol. Physical fruition is shown operating at a more subtle and spiritual level. The wind (pneuma, spirit) blows through the open mind-window and brings into the house of personality a promise of more-than-material potency. Wind blows from a region of high pressure to one of low pressure. As the window curtains are blown inward, the individual consciousness represented by the house is receiving a more concentrated influx of spiritual energies, enabling this consciousness to extend the scope of its awareness and creative expression.

This message … demands not just an open mind but one able to provide a container for spiritual harvest. The cornucopian shape of the window’s curtains suggests that the subtler translucent aspect of the mind (the curtains) has acquired a plastic quality enabling it to be MOLDED BY TRANSPERSONAL FORCES.”


Gotta love and be in awe how the collective emergency / alertness mode (MOON / URANUS in ARIES) for the predicted unpredictable incoming storm, and predictably unpredictable scenario down in the States is being transported onto a spiritual level through this symbol – synchronistically very apropos.

Since the Full Moon links up with URANUS there is a spiritually liberating transpersonal effect involved.

Who’s ready to experience the storm in this way, with innocent open mindedness (ARIES) and open for spiritual breakthroughs? While of course doing what needs to be done on the physical level (MARS / PLUTO in CAP).

A paradigm shift and energy lift.




© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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