* VIRGO New Moon / Solar ‘Seed’ Eclipse (Sept 1) * RE-Alignment and RE-finement, and RE-Birth of the Sacred Feminine.

1 Sep

A September to remember…

September will be a super charged month – and has such an emphasis on VIRGO:
The SUN, under the Eclipse also the MOON, North Node, MERCURY (retro!), and JUPITER (until Sept 9) all in VIR!


Starting off with the Annular ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse of the SUN – its path will go over Central Africa and Madagascar, see: http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2016-september-1.


 Solar Eclipse (Annular)

Astrologically, Eclipses are RE-set Points.

A ‘dance’ between SUN (Spirit, Consciousness) / MOON (Emotions, Needs, ‘Home’), and The Lunar Nodes (‘Karmic Pathways’).


The Solar Eclipse in VIR today re-sets and catalyzes lots of charge and shifts this month:

  • JUPITER entering LIBRA on Sept 9.
  • The last square of SATURN and NEPTUNE in this cycle, on Sept 10.
  • MERCURY retro – leading up to the SUN / MERCURY point of Enlightening Insight, on Sept 12.
  • The Fall Equinox on Sept 22.
  • PLUTO going direct again on Sept 26.


I would call this Eclipse aSeed’ Eclipse, since it’s connected with the Lunar North Node (see chart below) in VIR which invites us to allow something new to be ‘conceived’ and ‘planted’ that can balance our otherwise ‘lopsided’ experiences in the realm of PISCES where the South Node of the Moon cruises these days and months (until next May), together with NEPTUNE, and CHIRON also in the area.

The Conception in VIRGO is ‘immaculate’, i.o.w., comes through our own alignment with the ‘Higher Self’, in wholeness and integrity.


4 R

Virgo and Mercury, by Johfra Bosschart


Maybe literally, a ‘New Home’ can be made, for Wellness and Wholeness in our Body Temple, for our Lifestyle, or for in the way how we can effectively do our Sacred Work.

Many friends and clients are moving these days.

Themes of good choices, matches, synergies are coming up (with VENUS now in LIBRA, and JUPITER to follow).
At the same time, low vibrational PISCES South Node / NEPTUNE themes are called to be breathed out as they may drain our energy: Overwhelm, chaos, a sense of loosing ourselves, addictions, sense of victimhood, martyrdom, abandonment, disappointments, illusion, co-dependency and entanglement of all sorts.

Perhaps the whole shadow of the PISCES Age comes up now (esp. with NEPTUNE in PI, 2012 – 2026) for release…

The last Solar Eclipse came together with the South Node and CHIRON in PISCES, on March 8, remember? That was a ‘Release’ Eclipse – and so much came up for so many of us, incl. myself, to let go of, forgive, and allow it to be ‘washed out’.


Now, we’re under the influence of the polar opposite Eclipse in VIR.

And I should say: We’re in Eclipse Season, since their effect extends at least one month before and after the exact event (Aug and Sept).
A RE-set, and Big Call (JUPITER and VENUS nearby) to RE-member our Natural Wholeness, and to RE-cover the Sacred Feminine!

With the T-Square from the Eclipse to SATURN / MARS in SAG, and the opposition to NEPTUNE in PI (see chart below): To move from the Heart and with Openness, on this sacred human journey.
And, with supported VIRGO energy: To bring Conscious Awareness, Sacred Alignment, and Service-in-Love back into our Lives!


All these are themes of the Sacred Feminine in ‘her Temple’ (which of course is not meant as gender specific, rather in all of us the ‘Inner Priestess’ / ‘Spiritual Practitioner’) and can ‘simply’ look like this:
Taking good care of ourselves health wise, and offering work and service that’s in alignment and integrity with our values, and with who we are.

Being discerning as to what and whom we engage in / with, whether it’s healthy, and whether it works for us and supports our highest work.

Healthy VIRGO practices and routines, diet, lifestyle, and doing the work we love, or even better: doing any work WITH love, help with what appears as overwhelm and chaos. Those practices and little rituals (taking care of the plants, cleaning up, doing space clearing, meditation, Yoga, going for regular walks, energetic hygiene, regular sleep…), those recipes and remedies that VIRGO enjoys are always beneficial, esp. in ‘chaotic’ times like these. We might have just forgotten, and ironically gotten ‘too busy’.

MERCURY retro in VIRGO (since yesterday Aug 30) opposite CHIRON in PISCES re-minds us of the balance of Being and Doing as well.

On that note: Check out the MERCURY retro Astro~News Blog here https://lichtsite.wordpress.com/2016/08/ (last 2 posts of August).


VIRGO is about Alignment (the Johfra Bosschart painting shows that so well), Refinement, and Discernment – being ‘picky’ in a healthy way. Which of course leads over to Choices (LIBRA). Often a fine line to being overly critical and perfectionist of course….


With the Balancing Effect of the Lunar Nodes (which will play an even bigger role at the Lunar Eclipse in PI – VIR – exact on Sept 16) we can RE-charge, and receive lots of healing energy and relaxation, literally from being by the Piscean Ocean (see the video I posted on fb yesterday) and in otherwise surrendered, regenerative ‘being modes’, to balance the often times nervous, anxious energy, or ‘simply’ busy ‘doing mode’ of VIR.

Very apropos Sacred Feminine also who attracts from a place of openness and natural alignment with her true nature.

Where early / mid VIRGO (the Eclipse point) is in your chart, that’s the area of life where a RE-set for Alignment and Refinement, and Being in your Temple come up for you nowadays:

1st House: How you show up – BE aligned and healthy!

2nd House: What you have and value – own your wellness practice and the work and lifestyle that you value!

3rd House: Your ‘relatives’ and environment – speak from integrity!

4th House: Your home – a Temple of wellness!

5th House: Your creativity – wholesome and fun!

6th House: Your work and health – you can help best if you’re in your wellness!

7th House: Your significant others – works best and is healthy and functional if you are both in your wholeness.

8th House: Your deep involvement and transformations – maybe through health or work ‘crisis’?

9th House: Your travels and worldviews – go on a wellness retreat, or combine work and travel!

10th House: Your calling – alignment with your highest purpose.

11th House: Your community and friends – a healthy bunch J

12th House: Your oneness with ALL – your temple is always available to step in…


(Not only) if you have VIRGO in your 11th or 12th house , come join our

Astro Medicine Parlour

* Seed Eclipse in VIRGO on Sept 1:

RE-Alignment & RE-finement, and RE-Birth of the Sacred Feminine

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/161401494267687/

Today THU Sept 1, 7:07 – 9:37 pm

Room for 2 – 3 more joiners. For all levels of Astrology background and practice.



* The New Moon / Eclipse Chart with Mutable T-Square *

A Fuller Picture… 

Voila – the chart for the exact VIRGO New Moon tomorrow Sept 1 at 2:03 am PDT, viewed from Victoria BC. The Solar Eclipse will be at 2:07 am PDT.

 VIR NM SolE 2016


Ahhh – what a pronounced picture, and so much mutable energy, all charged up…

Check out that Mutable T-Square, of SUN / MOON / North Node in VIR, opposite NEPTUNE / South Node in PI, and both ‘poles’ squaring SATURN / MARS (now ahead of SATURN!) in SAG.

The VIR – PI axis of organizing and lining things up vs., or rather, AND: having faith and allowing things to fall into place (“God helps those who help themselves”…) points to an ‘outlet’ in SAG, with MARS and SATURN marching ahead there (and gaining more momentum, as MARS is now in the lead).

‘Putting something out there’, as in: broadcasting, publishing, shooting high spirited and inspiring arrows from the Heart is charged now, and can reach many hearts if it’s not just well crafted and helpful (VIR) but also connective and loving (PI).

Same goes for literally going out on an intentional, timely, purposeful (SATURN) journey or new (ad)venture with passion and high energy (MARS). Maybe a test in trust (SATURN in SAG), and to show us what happens when we have our Heart at the right place and are loving, rather than wanting to be ‘right’ and falling into judgment.

SATURN in SAG can show up as Ganesh, the Elephant headed Hindu deity known as ‘Remover of Obstacles’.



Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known to be the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the path, and Guru that takes us from the darkness (of not seeing what the obstacles is / was) to the Light.


Ramana, a friend and spiritual teacher shared with us on his recent visit in Victoria that Ganesh actually replaces the obstacles with wisdom. Sums up our perceived idea of obstacles… and the ‘way out’. Shared this simple, deep teaching with friends and clients – everyone loved it.

The Eclipse T-square ties directly into the 3rd (out of 3) exact square of SATURN and NEPTUNE, on Sept 10. See special feature about it below…
The Journey in Life (SAG) is the Spiritual (NEPTUNE) Teacher (SATURN) – and if we’re on an intentional Path of Spiritual Teachings it brings up our ‘issues’ (VIR) and ‘mess’ (PI) but also to realize that we are not the ‘doers’ (VIR) yet practice IS perfect… 🙂

OH, and there’s more going on, in the VIR – PI dance!
JUPITER / MERCURY retro at the very end of VIR (they connect 3 times in this cycle, again on Sept 2 and on Oct 11, by then with both planets in LIBRA) show us Big Time the ‘operations of the mind’ – which is now, under MERCURY retro, also in RE-set mode, and can for the time being go on the back seat. ‘Old Stories’ come up, only to recognize how the mind works. The all-time favourite bumper sticker comes handy again: “I don’t believe everything I think!” Or in this case, with the VIRGO flavour: “I don’t do everything my mind wants me to do.” We’re in the early stages of MERCURY Retro where ‘old stories’ come to mind….

CHIRON retro in PI is opposite MERCURY (and was opposed by JUPITER earlier this month). There will be 2 more exact oppositions MERCURY will make from VIR to CHIRON: on Sept 10 (retro), and on Oct 1 (by then direct again). The ‘old wound’ of CHIRON brings (and even IS) the ‘Medicine’. For sur, practically doing something about issues (maybe literally health, ruled by VIR) is a good thing. But CHIRON in PI says, there’s more to it, energetically, and we are invited to surrender into taking in the Medicine and Messages of what seems ‘out of order’ (VIR).

MERCURY retro (going further back into VIR), JUPITER (going into LIBRA on Sept 9!), and VENUS (already in LIBRA) are on the ‘Perfect Balance’ cusp of VIR – LI. Are we in ‘perfect alignment’? Are things perfectly lined up? Or is that a frustrating issue? Where there are ‘planetary markers’ it’s not necessarily ‘all good’ but things come up in that energy field of experience.

Good to RE-member what might be helpful practice (VIR) that brings us back to mental (MERCURY) Equilibrium and Equanimity (LIBRA), to that ‘happy, harmonious, neutral place’  from which choices (LIBRA) are so much easier to make. What’s your practice? Meditation, Yoga, and walks are great ‘neutralizers’ for me. Oh, and also: drinking enough water, and the occasional afternoon nap if nightly sleep wasn’t enough… Good to keep them going…

Lastly: URANUS in ARIES is nowadays a ‘free agent’, without any aspects to another planet, except when it links up with the MOON every few days and esp. every weekend with the MOON in cardinal signs which always brings out the surprise and quickening factor. Next one: Sunday Sept 4, with the MOON in LIBRA opp. URANUS – how can we be together with another but also FREE, autonomous, and spontaneous?

The next significant aspect to URANUS is the opposition from VENUS in LIBRA on Sept 18: Being authentically, spontaneously YOU and related to another (can bring up independence themes in relationships).


* Sabian Symbol for the New Moon Degree *

The New Moon is at 9°21’ VIR.

10° VIR says:



YinYang Infinite

Keynote: The growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality.

The mind operates inevitably in this world of conflicts, oppositions, and duality. Yet, when the opposites realize that they are complementary aspects of the one Reality which sustains and encompasses all dualistic modes of existence, they are able then to look away from internal conflicts, and beyond the shadows these conflicts generate. They may come to realize the One Consciousness-Force, not in itself (for this is, if not an impossible, at least inexpressible experience), but as the Creative Unity, the New God, Ishvara, source of a new cycle of manifestation.

This… stage leads us to the new sequence which deals with the characteristic features of the steadily progressing consciousness in the most critical part along its arduous path toward transformation. In a deep philosophical sense we witness here the mind attempting to jump beyond the very shadow it inevitably casts upon all experiences, i.e. the SELF-TRANSCENDING ACTIVITY OF THE MIND.”


WOW – what an Eclipse degree… also directly linked to the present MERCURY retro, and to PISCES.

The ‘polarity’ of VIR – PI with planets and Nodes is ironically a paradox, since PISCES represents the unifying principle that contains everything – how can it then be in opposition with anything?

Well, again: It’s all good and all ONE, and still we’re ‘doing our work’ – reminds me of Yin-Yang, and of the ZEN quote: “Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment chop wood and carry water.” 🙂


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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