VENUS into LIBRA (Aug 29 – Sept 23) * The Beauty Way…

29 Aug
VENUS is now on the ‘Design Point’ / ‘Perfect Balance Point’ at the very end of VIRGO (where ‘she’ would have magnetized lots of ‘to do’s’ / diy’s, but also being in alignment with our sacred work), and will enter LIBRA this evening at 07:07 pm.
‘Vertical alignment’ with ‘Higher Self’ (VIRGO) turns into ‘horizontal alignment’ with a Partner and ‘good match’ in many ways.
VENUS loves LIBRA, and vice versa….
We are drawn to beauty and harmony, attraction and grace, the arts and culture.
Venus Birth Botticelli

Birth of Venus (La Nascenza di Venere) by Sandro Botticelli (the painting is in the Uffici in Firenze)

May we Walk in Beauty!
May we find Beauty in all daily things, big or small!
May we see Beauty in one another!
Beauty-full invocation:
VENUS will be in ‘her’ own sign LIBRA until Sept 23.
The world mirrors and we attract what we see and send out.
Let’s cultivate the fine art and dance of relatedness, reciprocity, synergy, and peace.
Oh – and we might be drawn to weigh and balance all these options we have attracted to ourselves – always a give and take…
Let’s cultivate inner Balance, choose, and dance with that.
VENUS will be in LIBRA until Sept 23, ushering JUPITER into LIBRA as well, on 09 / 09!
Johfra Bosschart: LIBRA

Johfra Bosschart: LIBRA

If we have SUN, MOON, Planets, Asteroids, and sensitive points (AC, DC, MC, IC, Nodes…) in LIBRA they’ll be a magnet for the next 3 1/2 weeks, via VENUS.
VENUS’s journey through LIBRA will have a few ‘dates’ with other planetary dancers:
  • On Sept 3, the (by then New) MOON will welcome VENUS more fully into LIBRA. Maybe we literally attract a New Home that is a good match, harmonious and beautiful. Good Family Relations is a nice way of expressing this energy also.
  • On Sept 7, VENUS will sextile SATURN (in SAG), and quincunx NEPTUNE (in PI – both in square with each other): Commitment on the Heart Path (SATURN in SAG) and Surrender into What-IS (NEPTUNE in PI where VENUS is exalted) attract naturally.
  • On Sept 11 (yes, also the 15th anniversary of Ground Zero in NYC), VENUS will square PLUTO (which is retro / stationary – going direct on Sept 26) in CAP: Love is beyond what dies and transforms…
  • On Sept 17 / 18, VENUS will go into quincunx with CHIRON retro in PI, and opposite URANUS retro in ARIES: Yes, we attract what makes us vulnerable – to find our ‘Medicine’ through that journey. And to set ourselves FREE.
  • On Sept 19, VENUS will sextile MARS in SAG: Let’s Walk the Beauty Way and the Heart Path!


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