* MERCURY’s Retro Journey Begins – Linked with JUPITER * Priestess Communication & Counsel

25 Aug

It’s coming… the next MERCURY Retro phase: Aug 30 – Sept 21, throughout the VIRGO season, and all IN VIRGO, one of MERCURY’s ‘home signs’.

MERCURY is this year very loooong in VIR: since July 30, and until Oct 8 – 10 weeks!

There must be an Initiation going on…

Plus, MERCURY in its stationary ‘storm’ (which started on Aug 22) is now sitting right next to JUPITER, both at the end of VIR.


JUPITER is an expansive ‘magnifier’ that ‘blows up’ and brings something to our awareness (which is both a JUPITER and a VIRGO theme) in a ‘BIG way’ – often also to the effect that we SEE that we have outgrown it, and why. We can see the situation that bothered us before like from an ‘eagle perspective’ and higher vantage point. Or we might need more space from it, rather than just more of it (happens often for JUPITER in the 7th house, re: relationships…) – again, maybe because we’ve outgrown it.

I made this introduction to show you a bit better the effect of JUPITER, since the cliché simply says: “It’s all getting better when JUPITER shows up”.
Not immediately, first it’s getting BIGGER, and perhaps from there better – if we are aware.

JUPITER magnifies MERCURY in VIR, and MERCURY gets a JUPITER boost in Aug / Sept.
Their closest connection has just started last week, and is on from Aug 16 – Sept 9 (the day when JUPITER goes into LIBRA, while MERCURY continues to go retro in VIR).

MERCURY meets JUPITER 3 times: happened this week, Aug 22, then freshly in retro on Sept 2, and finally, both in LIBRA by then, on Oct 11.

Seems like there is SOO much to organize and coordinate, simply to DO – and all of this with back-to-school activities. Like a harvest on steroids. Busy bee mentality.
Maybe lots to worry about too…

But that’s just one way of experiencing this energy…


Voyager II Priestess Crystals 1

Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card II – Priestess – photo by Melanie


Remember, VIRGO is the Inner Sacred Feminine and Priestess who helps us with tending to our Inner Temple, and doing our Spiritual Practice and Sacred Work.

And she helps us with awareness about who we really are. Not a busy bee, not a robotic, neurotic, highly functioning, problem & worry driven species… not even the DOER…


Often, VIRGO energy is being experienced as over-doing, in compensation for a sense of inadequacy. “I can / have to make up for not being (good) enough through doing, doing, doing.” Or also by making a mountain out of a mole hill, and sweating the ‘small stuff’.

JUPITER shows us that it’s important to check in on our motifs and the bigger picture of what’s going on. And maybe when we find ourselves in scenarios of ‘so much more to do’ we can’t ignore the deeper issue anymore….

What could a higher consciousness experience of MERCURY – JUPITER in VIR look like?

Maybe we can tune into it already, to save us from full-on going through the MERCURY retro loop.
Well, it actually IS the energy of the  Priestess / Goddess / Sacred Feminine.

  • How would the inner Priestess take care of the body – mind – spirit temple?
  • What could her wise counsel (JUP) say to this and that issue?


When MERCURY goes retro it’s an excellent time to go inward, watch the mind’s frantic tendencies but not run with them.


Since my own Temple Priestess is saying: Let’s wind down for today, time for rest, I shall follow that voice of reason, and get to a further MERCURY retro description in a separate (how VIR!) blog. 🙂


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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